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Spending time on Long Beach Island NJ this summer? Don’t miss the amazing free download from! From upcoming events to restaurant locations, this year’s LBI Vacation Guide has everything you need. Print a copy to keep in your beach bag, and you’ll be ready for a great vacation!

6 Reasons to Get the LBI Vacation Guide

Vacation Guide to Long Beach Island 2017Your Long Beach Island summer vacation should be planned on your own terms. Where will you stay, what will do you, and how much money are you spending? You should know what events are coming up and what types of activities there are – besides hanging out on the beach! If you do some homework in advance, things will be smooth sailing while you’re travelling.

The LBI Vacation Guide makes it so easy to plan your trip.

Download the complete LBI Vacation Guide to find all of the info you’ll need in one place.

1. LBI Hotels – Where are you staying?

If you’re spending the night, there are decisions to make before booking a room at the various LBI hotels. Which part of Long Beach Island is the best spot for your vacation? Which hotels are in your price range, and what amenities do they offer? You’ll find helpful info about hotel ratings, prices and discounts, and hotel room features on If you want to see five LBI hotels at a glance and compare the prices and features, click below to download the comparison chart for LBI hotels.

LBI Hotels: Book a room at one of the best Long Beach Island hotels

Download the LBI Hotel Guide to easily compare Long Beach Island hotel features & prices.

2. Restaurants – Where are the best places to eat?

Huge portions, kid portions, and vegetarian options, LBI’s restaurants cater to your hunger palate. Indulge in a seafood platter. Eat clean with local produce. Choose waffles for breakfast or dinner. Have steak made to order. Grab a slice of pizza at noon or late night. There’s no wrong decision when choosing where to eat in LBI, but some restaurants are especially worth the trip. Go out and experience the best of LBI’s food and dining!

LBI Restaurants: Find the best Long Beach Island restaurants

Download the LBI Dining Guide to find the best places to eat around Long Beach Island.

3. Coupons and Discounts – How much is this vacation going to cost?

The biggest expense to factor into your vacation budget is the cost of a hotel. Choose a hotel with middle tier pricing- not too high or too low. Find great deals during the off-season or using a coupon. Food is another expense to consider when you’re taking your family to LBI. Save on food by choosing a hotel package that includes a dining discount for the hotel restaurant. Also, coupons are great to have on hand to help you save money on vacation.

Coupons: Print some coupons to help you save money

Download the 2017 LBI Coupon Guide to save money on hotels and dining, watersports and art workshops.

4. LBI Beaches – How do you start planning a beach day on LBI?

The first step to planning for a beach day is to pick the right location. Some people prefer being on the beach nearest their hotel room or home. Others stick around the blocks with restrooms and cafes. Surfers choose
beaches with big waves, and seniors prefer quiet, less crowded sections. Before you spread out your beach blanket, make sure you’re in a nice, convenient area.

LBI Beaches: See which LBI beach is the best choice for you

Download the LBI Beaches Infographic to discover which LBI beach is the best choice for you.

5. LBI Things to Do – What else is there to do on Long Beach Island?

The LBI Vacation Guide includes tons of info and suggested things to do on your summer vacation. From local events, live music and theater to fishing and boating, there is plenty to do and see on LBI! The local art scene is also a huge attraction, and there are shopping districts downtown in Beach Haven. This beach town is a hub of activity. There’s plenty to keep you busy if and when you choose to skip a beach day.

Upcoming Events: Get a list of 2017 events scheduled for this summer

Get master list of LBI 2017 Events so you’ll know what’s going on during the dates of your trip.

Live Entertainment: See dates and times for live entertainment on LBI

Get details for upcoming concerts and plays. There’s a lot going with Surflight Theatre reopening on LBI!

Fishing/Boats: Discover LBI charter boats and water sports

Download the Guide to Fishing and Watersports on LBI to keep the places and phone numbers on hand.

Shopping: Find out the best places to go shopping on LBI

See a chart of all shops and cafes located in the shopping plazas at Bay Village and Schooners Wharf.

Art Studios: Explore the thriving LBI art scene
Get info on art studios, classes, and studio tours this summer and get creative on LBI!

6. LBI Weddings – Are you getting married on Long Beach Island?

Fairytale, nautical, or beach themed, LBI has the venue to compliment your wedding. Choose wedding venues from luxury ballroom style to barefoot on the beach. Even an indoor venue can offer waterfront views through large bay windows or French doors that open up to the ocean or the bay. There are excellent vendors and wedding planning services available since LBI is such a popular wedding destination.

LBI Weddings: Plan your one-of-a-kind dream wedding on Long Beach Island

Download a page of wedding planning resources brought to you by the romantics of!

Download the LBI Vacation Guide

Vacation Guide to Long Beach Island 2017Click to download the complete LBI Vacation Guide for current info and helpful resources. This guide is essential to planning a stress-free, fun-filled trip to Long Beach Island.’s free guide includes a list of events and things to do, comparison charts to help you pick a hotel, and printable coupons to save you money on summer vacation!