What does it take to be a Lifeguard in LBI?

Calling all Lifeguards for Long Beach Island

So, you want to become a lifeguard in LBI. Do you have what it takes? Learn about the requirements and how to try out for the lifeguard crew next summer!

Benefits of working the summer as a Lifeguard in LBI

Working as a lifeguard is a pretty decent job for a teen or young adult. The environment doesn’t get much better than the beach! You’ll be in great physical shape and the pay is
better than you’d make at local shops or casual dining restaurants. You will also enjoy building friendships with other young people in the LBI lifeguarding community.

• What does an LBI lifeguard salary look like? The hours and pay depend on which LBI boroughs you apply to. A beginner can make $400-450 per week full time in LBI. The pay goes up each year you work as a lifeguard.

• Does the LBI lifeguard community host group activities? Do you like the idea of having a new group of friends to hang out with this summer? The lifeguards in LBI get to know each other while guarding the beaches. There are groups that hang out after hours. LBI lifeguards enjoy surfing, volleyball, softball and barbecues.

• Are there housing options available for LBI lifeguards? If you’re looking for an LBI summer home, you’ll have great options as a lifeguard. Beach Haven lifeguards have the choice to stay at the Borough Lifeguard Quarters for a mere $25 per week.

• Is there a lifeguarding age requirement? The minimum age to become a lifeguard in LBI is sixteen. Working papers are required for applicants under eighteen. There are lifeguard prep programs for kids and young teens.

Check into Long Beach Island’s B-LIT (Beginner Lifeguard in Training) for kids. Consider Beach Haven’s Junior Lifeguard Program for young teens. Fourteen-year-olds and fifteen-year-olds can be employed as Beach Badge Checkers.

Lifeguard in LBI

What it takes to become an LBI Lifeguard

You’ll definitely want to train for a few weeks before taking the swim test. Physical ability, observation and medical certifications are what it takes to be an excellent lifeguard. It also helps to know how to spell Lifeguard. Hint: the “U” comes first.

• Swimming, strength and sight are required. Each of the six boroughs requires lifeguards to pass a swim test. If you want to become a lifeguard in LBI, you’ve got to be an experienced swimmer. You need to have the strength to pull a drowning victim from the water.

• You’ll need to be CPR/AED/AEO/PDT certified. There are certifications required in order to lifeguard on Long Beach Island. Emergency Medical Response classes are available. According to the Long Beach Island Beach Patrol, CPR class costs $35 and EMR class costs $85.

You will need to be certified in CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation), AED (Automated External Defibrillators) AEO (Application of Emergency Oxygen) and PDT (Preventing Disease Transmission). Certification must be valid through the end of September in order to keep working through the summer.

• The swim test will make or break your chances. The Long Beach Township Beach Patrol (LBTBP) requires applicants to swim 500 meters in under 10 minutes. Lifeguards will also be made to complete a 1,000-meter ocean swim and a half-mile paddleboard competition. Most also require the swimmer to “rescue” a submerged victim or a diving brick in a pool.

You may want to sign up for Long Beach Island Township’s Lifeguard in Training program (LIT) so you can be ready for the test!

Long Beach Island’s Lifeguard Tournament

Are you on the competitive side? You’re not alone. Each summer, the lifeguards in LBI compete in races. This lifeguard competition in LBI has been going on for over 50 years.

From swimming to rowing, there are lifeguard competitions held in July and August. Locals and summer guests gather to watch the competitions in LBI each summer. Each borough competes and racks up points to see who produced the most skilled lifeguards!

Lifeguarding in LBI is the perfect summer job for you

Do you like swimming, sun and sand? Working as a lifeguard in LBI this summer may be the perfect job for you. Get your lifeguard application in by May 1st to be safe. Make sure you take classes and train to strengthen your swimming skills and physical condition. Get certified through the American Red Cross so you will be qualified when you submit your lifeguard application.

If you’re sixteen or older, you’ll be eligible for a job offer. If you’re younger, consider taking a lifeguard preparation class. You can also work as a beach badge checker when you’re 14 and 15. Becoming part of the lifeguard community and getting training will improve your chances of getting a job as a lifeguard once you become of age.

Working as a lifeguard in LBI is a great opportunity! You’ll make new friends, stay in great shape and make a very competitive wage. Most of all, you will be keeping the beaches in LBI safe. You may even play a role in saving someone’s life one day. Becoming a lifeguard takes a lot of work, but it sure beats delivering pizzas. Go for it!




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    If I could go back…. I’d work as a lifeguard summers as a teenager. Love the beach. Get paid to get a tan. And the pay is awesome… All of you sixteen year old beach residents out there should get on that!

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