LBI For Beginners

We’ve been writing and managing this LBI vacation blog for many years now. It has been some time since we got really basic and introduced our beautiful town to people who have never visited us or who are just getting to know us. This is the. Continue reading

Best Websites in LBI

LBI is like a second home to me.  I love this town.  I am always online looking for information, photos, videos, etc.  Suddenly it hit me … I’ve been maintaining this website / blog for several years now, and I’ve never shared. Continue reading

LBI 2021 – Looking Ahead

Not too long from now, the weather will begin to warm again after a long, cold, gray New Jersey winter. For many NJ families and out-of-state visitors - we will begin thinking about how to make the most of 2021. Vacations and weekend getaways are. Continue reading

The Best of LBI: Local Secrets

Long Beach Island, nicknamed LBI by locals, is known for its sandy beaches and charming seaside towns. LBI is a top summer destination for New Jersey residents and out-of-state tourists alike. If you’re planning a vacation to LBI, it’s best to. Continue reading