8 Dreamy Photos of Long Beach Island

8 Dreamy Photos of Long Beach Island

This summer, you should be ankle-deep in the sand on Long Beach Island. But if you’re stuck somewhere else, you can at least imagine yourself basking in the warm, ocean breeze. Here are eight photos of Long Beach Island to propel you right into a happy summer daydream!

 Photos of Long Beach Island

1. Beachfront – Photo taken in Beach Haven, Long Beach Island

The rolling white waves. The perfect picket fence. The smooth sandy surface just waiting for footprints. The variations of blue and purple in a cloudless sky. This is going to be an amazing day for the beach. Pick a spot and dig your umbrella in to claim your territory.

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2. Easter Egg-Colored Beach Houses – Photo taken in Long Beach Island

Curbside eye candy. Colorful, whimsical beach town residences. Fresh coats of paint for a new summer season in Long Beach Island. Cheerful white picket fences with lamp posts lining the other side of the street. Imagine falling into crisp sheets for a nap inside.

Photos of Long Beach Island

3. Fantasy Island – Photo taken in Beach Haven, Long Beach Island

The smoldering sunlight on a hazy afternoon. The childhood nostalgia of an old-school carnival. The wildly spinning swings. The slow circling of the Ferris wheel and rides shaped like hot air balloons. This photo has the power to bring out the kid in you.

Spray Beach Hotel (25 of 59)

4. Crystal Clear Pool and Sundeck at Spray Beach Hotel, Long Beach Island

The crystal clear water. The spotless white stone walkway. The multi-level deck and hotel room front balconies. Pick a side for full sun or the shade of a palm tree, and the lounge chair will have you ready for a relaxing afternoon.

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5. Schooner’s Wharf. Photo taken at 9th Street & Bay Avenue, Long Beach Island

The open air shopping plaza. Schooner’s Wharf and Bay Village. The quaint shops and cafes and a locally-inspired brewery. Barrel-trash cans and nautical-style ramps. A ship converted into a shop full of unusual treasures. Spend some time in this old fish town.


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6. Vibrant Summer Blooms. Photo taken in Beach Haven, Long Beach Island

Unexpected bright petals in a mostly neutral setting. Green leaves and lush plant life to soften up the naturally beautiful landscape. Notice flowers growing wildly throughout the island, and the potted plants and manicured landscaping that glistens in the hot sun.

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7. Thundering Surf Water Park. Photo taken in Beach Haven, Long Beach Island

Turquoise wooden fences to guide visitors to the next ride. Winding, waving slides leading to a pool of refreshing water. Tiki huts and cabanas to shelter hungry park visitors. Adventure golf and boogie boarding for the ones who like to stay busy.

Spray Beach Hotel (59 of 59)

8. Ron Jon. Photo taken in Ship Bottom, Long Beach Island

Iconic beach gear headquarters set up like a palace. The first Ron Jon Surf Shop. Shelves holding piles of tee shirts. Board shorts and sundresses on hangers. Walls lined with surfboards and rentals. Everything you would need for a weekend at the beach.


How’d you like our top 8 photos of Long Beach Island?

For us, it is impossible to pick just ONE favorite photo. Great memories flood back every year. There is so much variety to a summer vacation in LBI.

What does it take to get you into a summertime state of mind? You can relax and rejuvenate on the beach or at the pool. You can explore the old fishing wharfs or peruse the town to see vibrant flowers surrounding shabby-chic beach houses. You can spend a thrilling afternoon at the waterpark or enjoy carnival rides at the amusement park at night.

 Whatever it takes, you’ll get a taste of it just by looking at the Long Beach Island photos we’ve collected. There are only three months of summer and time’s a-wasting! If you haven’t made plans for a trip to Long Beach Island this year, you’d better get a move on before the season closes without you.

 If you can’t visit LBI this summer, at least dig up your favorite summer photos and think back to when you felt the sunlight on your skin and the sand beneath your feet. Summer is short, but a summertime state of mind can last much longer.

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