Long Beach Island is Perfect, Weather or Not it Rains

Long Beach Island is a perfect family vacation destination- weather or not it rains. (See what I did there?) What exactly is the Plan B, just incase you get some bad weather in Long Beach Island during your stay? Find rainy day activities in LBI so you can enjoy every bit of vacation- rain or shine!

There are fun things to do in LBI, in all types of weather

We get it- when you’re planning a summer trip to Long Beach Island you’re not looking for indoor activities. Your itinerary includes enjoying sunny weather at the beach, dining al fresco at the best seafood restaurants, and ending the night in a comfy hotel bed. Not to burst your bubble, but once in awhile it rains in Long Beach Island. Like all beach towns on the east coast, rainy weather is usually over by May or early June. Still, there’s an outside chance you could get a rainy day during peak vacation season.

If you get some bad weather in Long Beach Island, there’s no need to miss out on having fun with your family. Your vacation time is precious, so go prepared for anything. Your LBI beach backup plan should include things to do in rainy weather, just incase.offerbox-vacationguide

LBI’s library resources are a lifesaver in rainy weather

Long Beach Island has two public libraries where tourists are welcome to utilize resources onsite without a library card. The libraries are open Monday through Saturday. Long Beach Island Library in Surf City has a great kids reading section and kid-friendly computer stations. On any given day, there is something to do at LBI Library, no matter the weather.

  • Friday afternoon movies
  • Tuesday afternoons creative writing sessions
  • Teen craft nights
  • Watercolor painting sessions
  • Music and dance celebrations for kids

Insider’s Tip: Summertime arts & crafts programs are offered by LBI’s Foundation of Arts & Sciences (LBIF). See their calendar of events for great LBI weather-related Plan B ideas.

Beach Haven Public Library & Museum is an independent library with an upstairs museum, accessible to the public at no cost. Browsing the museum will give you a lesson in the history of this favorite family beach town. The museum is open from 12-4pm during summer months.

Insider’s Tip: If you’re a history buff, check out Long Beach Island Historical Museum, NJ Maritime Museum, Barnegat Light Museum and Barnegat Lighthouse Interactive Center.

Weather in Long Beach Island

Spend a rainy weather day in LBI’s shopping district

If the weather in Long Beach Island doesn’t cooperate, exploring nearby shops is always an option. Book an appointment at Bella Donna Salon & Spa and enjoy some pampering and beautification. They have a great location downtown in Surf City where you can get a mani and pedi, a massage or facial, or a haircut and color.

You’ll find unique stores in LBI’s shopping district at Bay Village/ Schooners Wharf. These two open-air malls have connected awnings to provide dry walkways in wet weather.

Read more about the shops at Schooner’s Wharf

An afternoon at LBI’s fun arcade makes bad weather seem not so bad

If your summer vacation gets rained on, you can make family memories at the arcade. Fantasy Island is a popular LBI destination for any kind of weather. You can spend the afternoon playing hundreds of carnival-style games and videogames inside the arcade. There are thousands of prizes to win, and the prizes are marked down 20% before 3pm!

If weather keeps you inside, explore your LBI hotel

Choose a great hotel for your beach vacation because you might want to stick around for the day if weather is bad. Hotel accommodations vary so book a room at an LBI hotel with great features.

A pool and hot tub are a must! If the weather is cloudy, stay at your hotel and enjoy swimming and relaxing as long as you want. Some hotel rooms come equipped with a Jacuzzi- even better if you’d rather relax in privacy.

If your hotel room has a TV, maybe a family movie is the answer to beating bad weather blues. Rent a movie or see about borrowing one at the front desk. Some hotels even have board games for guests to borrow. Treat your LBI hotel suite like it’s your home away from home.

Mealtimes are necessary no matter the weather so find a hotel with a restaurant attached. Why drag your family into the weather if you don’t have to? Take a short elevator trip downstairs to eat while you wait out the rain. LBI’s best restaurants serve delicious seafood so if you’re a fan of fish, you will be well fed in your hotel dining room.

Enjoy your vacation, no matter what happens with the weather in Long Beach Island

Don’t let a little bad weather cause your vacation to be a washout! When you’re staying in Long Beach Island, there are great things to do even when it rains. You might want to venture out and enjoy some indoor activities Or, you may want to hang at your hotel for the day. Make sure your hotel offers things like on-site dining and a heated swimming pool.

You deserve a great time in Long Beach Island, making happy memories with your family. Thankfully, summertime weather in Long Beach Island is practically always beautiful, but it doesn’t hurt to have a Plan B. Make every minute of summer count – rain or shine!



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