Decisions, Decisions, Decisions: Planning Your LBI Event (Part 1)

If you have an event coming up in Long Beach Island, NJ and are starting the planning process, it can feel overwhelming. One great way to make it more manageable is to break it down into a checklist. Here are the first important items to checkoff as you create your dream LBI Event!

Figure out a Budget for Your LBI Event

Determining how much to spend on an event is not as easy as it sounds. There are many different methods and charts to help you decide how much to allot to different aspects. You can decide on a total budget and break it down from there or start with a few expenditures and work up to a total budget. Either way, it is important to be flexible. 

You may end up getting a steal of a deal in one area while another area ends up being double what you expected. It is important to recognize what budget you can handle and go from there.  Give yourself some wiggle room but try to make sure you are in the right ballpark. You may want to call around to a few vendors in your area and see what the rates are for some of the services you are considering.

What it can look like: A friend of mine got her wedding dress waaaay in advance of her wedding.  When her wedding came along, the cost of the dress had already been absorbed. This made it so she could allot some of her total budget to other expenses, and took some of the pressure off her day.

Choose a Venue & Date of your LBI Event

While these are two separate decisions, they often are dependent upon each other. If you have a venue in LBI that you are absolutely in love with, their availability will often determine your date. Vice versa, if you have to have a certain date, you may not be able to go with certain venues because they simply are not available then. Decide if the venue or date is the more important part to you.

What it can look like: My husband and I chose to get married on my great grandmother’s birthday and several of our preferred venues were not available on that day. For us, the date was more important and so we had to keep looking for a venue that fit our schedule. 

Decide on a Theme & Décor for your LBI Event

Whether you want a Mediterranean vibe or a tropical paradise theme for your event in Long Beach Island, NJ, this decision must be made early on. If you are dead set on a specific look, it is good to have an idea of what you want before securing a location. If the theme and colors are less vital, the venue may help you make this decision. A theme can affect your attire, the dress code for guests, the food, and everything else down the line. Even if you do not have it completely nailed down, it is good to at least have an idea of where you want to head before making other big decisions.

What it can look like: A friend decided to have an outdoor wedding in the winter. She had a faux-fur shawl over her beautiful white dress to keep warm and kept the ceremony short so guests did not get too cold.  Décor at the indoor reception focused on evergreen tree vibes with lots of contrasting white accents.

Choose the Attire for your LBI Event

For some LBI events, like a wedding, the clothes you wear will be a huge decision! For other affairs, your outfits could be a second-tier decision. Either way, your venue and theme will impact what style and colors you go with. It can be easy to jump the gun with your attire because this is one of the more exciting tasks, however you should make some other decisions, or at least consider the factors, first. This does not mean you should wait until the last minute to choose an outfit, as orders and rentals often require time to arrive. 

What it can look like: My cousin got married on the beach. She wore a tea length dress to the ceremony so it would not drag through the sand and snag on any shells.  She then changed into a floor length dress for the indoor reception. 

Next Steps for your LBI Event Planning!

These four initial decisions will affect most everything else in your LBI event, so take your time making your final decisions. Once these things are figured out, you will feel your stress level decrease and you can better enjoy getting to work on some other party planning specifics. 

Be sure to check out our favorite event vendors as you begin to plan your event, and then check back next month for more ideas and suggestions to help you plan your extravaganza!