Long Beach Island NJ Fishing Report

Going fishing? LBI has docks, piers, and charter boats on all corners of the island. Ocean on one side and bay on the other, LBI is a fisherman’s paradise. Find the info in this Long Beach Island NJ Fishing Report, and get your tackle box ready!

Long Beach Island NJ fishing report

Going fishing on Long Beach Island is a great way to spend your time. Give yourself the luxury of relaxing in the salt air and catching fish after fish. A summer trip to LBI is a fisherman’s dream. The waters surrounding this island are so plentiful that the fishing industry at old Viking Village is still active.

There are tournaments and other fishing events in Long Beach Island each year. There are many places to settle down among the docks, piers, and charter fishing boats. Stop by the bait and tackle shops any given day for some local fishing tips.

Best Weather

Mother Nature smiles down on Long Beach Island all year long. LBI locals enjoy great weather during peak season and for much of the off-season, too. The warm Atlantic Ocean keeps LBI insulated and the sun always glows, even when it’s chilly. During winter, Long Beach Island doesn’t get a lot of snow compared to the rest of New Jersey. The cold months are mild, and the warm months are just heavenly.

With the exception of a rare thunderstorm, you can expect warm sunshine and a refreshing ocean breeze from spring, through summer, and well into the fall and winter. Luckily, there are plenty of things to do while you’re waiting to go fishing in Long Beach Island if it rains for a bit.

Long Beach Island NJ Fishing Report

Fishing Season

There are set seasons for fishing in Long Beach Island, according to the types of marine fish. Several varieties have no closed season, such as Spanish Mackerel, Striped Bass, Tautog (Blackfish), Weakfish, Pollack, Cod, Cobia, Bluefish (Snapper), American Eel, and Black Drum.

As for the fish that have a set season, the state of New Jersey publishes a recreational fishing chart each year to show the minimum length and possession limits. These seasons and size limits serve to keep the surrounding waters plentiful and the fishing industry sustainable.

Here are the types of marine fish that have set seasons:

Blue Crab: Mid March- Late November

Summer Flounder/ Fluke: Late May – Late September Summer

Black Sea Bass: Late May – Late December

Porgy/Scup: Early July- Late December and Early January- Late February

Winter Flounder: Early March – Late December

River Herring: CLOSED


2017 Dates: Long Beach Island NJ Fishing Report

Fill up your calendar with a few fishing trips to Long Beach Island. See the following events, and browse through BestOfLBI.Buzz in future weeks for updated information and new events.


Here are a few key dates that you won’t want to miss!


Fisherman’s Flea Market

Southern Regional Middle School in Manahawkin

February 18th 2017


Governor’s Surf Fishing Tournament

Island Beach State Park

May 21st 2017


Hooked on Fishing, Not On Drugs Youth Tournament

Location TBA

June 10th 2017


LBI Surf Fishing Tournament

Spring 2017- Dates TBA

Check website for update


21st Annual Striped Bass Derby

Sea Shell Resort and Beach Club

October 27th – October 29th 2017


LBI Surf Fishing Tournament

Fall 2017- Dates TBA

Check website for update


Best Spots: Long Beach Island NJ Fishing Report

No Long Beach Island NJ Fishing Report would be complete without a helpful list of local fishing locations. Here is a cheat sheet of great places to go fishing and crabbing on Long Beach Island.

Long Beach Island NJ Fishing Report

Oceanfront: Long Beach Island NJ Fishing Report

Barnegat Light’s Town Beaches: Walk beyond the dunes and up to the waters edge

Wooden Jetty in Holgate: Edwin B Forsythe National Park Refuge in Holgate

Beach One in Holgate: Washington Avenue and Oceanside in Holgate, LBI

Bayside: Long Beach Island NJ Fishing Report

Surf City Bulkhead: 24th Street and the bay

Surf City Bulkhead: Shore Avenue at west end of N. 1st Street

Causeway Bridge: on Route 72- only way in or out of Long Beach Island

Ship Bottom Public Bulkhead: 3rd and 4th Street and the bay

Crab Cove Pier: 25th-26th Street on Central Ave on the bayside, Ship Bottom

Beach Haven Public Dock: 2nd Street and west end (large dock with parking lot)

Harvey Cedars Bayside Pier: Sunset Park at West Salem Avenue in Harvey Cedars

The Dike: High Bar Harbor in Barnegat Light, take W 20th Street to Sunset Blvd.

Charter Fishing Boats

Renting a captain and charter boat is an awesome way to spend a day. You can book an afternoon with your fishing buddies or your family, and enjoy a private party on the water. If you have a couple hundred to spare and at least three hours to kill, this is a great way to go- especially since you won’t have to deal with licenses and permits as a charter boat passenger.

Here are some of the most reputable captains of charter fishing boats:

  • Starfish (Beach Haven)
  • June Bug (Beach Haven)
  • Compass Rose (Beach Haven)
  • Spare Time (Beach Haven)
  • Insatiable (Beach Haven)
  • Reel Trouble (Barnegat Light)
  • William Knorr (Barnegat Light)
  • Super Chic (Barnegat Light)

A cheaper option is to go fishing on the big party boats for a small fee per person. The party boats in Long Beach Island can carry about 100 passengers. In Long Beach Island, there are three party boats to consider: Miss Beach Haven, Carolyn Ann III, and Miss Barnegat Light.

Miss Beach Haven is docked at the southern part of the island, closest to the causeway entrance. The cost is $30 per person and just $20 for kids.

Long Beach Island’s north end offers Miss Barnegat Light and Carolyn Ann III in Barnegat Light.

Get hooked on fishing in Long Beach Island!

There’s no better fishing destination at the Jersey Shore than Long Beach Island. Get yourself a rod and enjoy your summer like LBI locals do. Go fishing and get hooked in Long Beach Island!



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