LBI Fishing Guide- Charter Boats, Tournaments, and Water Sports

LBI Fishing Guide may be just the thing for you. You might be looking for the best places to go fishing in Long Beach Island’s oceans and bays. Get started by checking out the LBI Fishing Guide-related posts on and learn more about the great opportunities for fishermen, surfers, boaters, jet skiers, and wake boarders on Long Beach Island.

You can go fishing on the docks, rent a charter fishing boat, or even enter a competitive fishing tournament and some win prize money. Or, perhaps a relaxing cruise around the island is more your speed. If you’re looking for more excitement, you can rent water sports equipment and take a class or enter a race. Whatever your idea of fun is, LBI is a great destination for fishing and boating and watersports in the ocean and the bay!

To get a list of the top charter boats and captains, find the local bait shops, and see details about upcoming tournaments, Download the Guide to Fishing and Watersports on LBI. You can keep a copy saved on your cell phone or tablet, or print the guide so you will have the addresses, dates, and phone numbers on hand.

Public Docks and Piers- LBI Fishing Guide


There are many places to go fishing and crabbing in LBI- particularly in the areas of
Ship Bottom, Beach Haven, and Barnegat Light. You’ll find public docks and marinas all over the island. Bait & Tackle shops are plenty. Long Beach Island 2017 will be a great year for catching stripers, flounder, sea bass, bluefish and tautog. LBI doesn’t require a license for recreational fishing, but you will need one before going crabbing and clamming.

LBI Fishing Tournaments

If you’re feeling competitive, sign up to participate in one of the Long Beach Island 2017 fishing tournaments! There are trophies and impressive prizes to win! The Governor’s Surf Fishing Tournament is held in spring, the LBI Striped Bass Surf Fishing tournament is in summer, and the Fall Surf Fishing Classic is held at the end of the year. Whether it’s your first time or you’re an expert angler,
LBI is the place to catch the biggest fish you’ve ever seen!

Charter a Fishing Boat

Many local captains in LBI are for hire to take
you out in a boat for hours on end. Enjoy a private tour with a small group or pay for a spot on a large party boat. This is a fun experience for the whole family and it’s more affordable than you may think. In Beach Haven, a half-day tour on a party boat costs $30 for adults and $20 for kids. There are specific seasons for different types of fish on LBI. The local captains are a great source of information on this, and you can also read LBI fishing reports online or find a list of the dates on the NJ Division of Fish & Wildlife website.

Feel the Rush of Water Sports

There are many surf shops and local instructors
 offering wakeboarding, surfing, jet skiing, and
 Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) classes in Long Beach Island 2017. You can enjoy a variety of exciting watersports in LBI. Sign up for an afternoon in the water trying a new watersport and getting exercise while having fun in the sun!

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Vacation Guide to Long Beach Island 2017

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