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LBI Art Guide: Best resource for creatives and artists on Long Beach Island! The art scene on LBI is alive all year long. You’ll find a ton of galleries, studios, and classes all over the island.

Download the 2017 LBI Art Guide to get a list of creative workshops and events and learn where to go to explore the local art scene. You can also read more about Long Beach Island’s artists and local inspirations by browsing LBI Art Guide-related blog posts on

LBI Art Guide: Classes, Workshops, and Tours


Every summer, Long Beach Island’s diverse group of artists host an Open Studio Tour, welcoming locals and visitors to come and observe their works. This is a time to discover new workspaces and striking exhibits. Meet up-and-coming creatives and newly relocated artists. If you can’t attend the tour, stop by when you are in the area. Most studios and galleries in LBI keep long summer hours, so you are likely to catch the artists at work.

The Boulevard is a usual place to find artists showcasing their works. There are colorful spaces for painting and fine arts, crafts, dance, film and the performing arts all over the Island. You can take a one-time class and try your hand in watercolors, pottery, ceramics or paper clay. LBIF’s Canvas and Cocktails night is fun for a group of friends! There are comprehensive workshops available for residents or long-term visitors. You can even find yoga sessions specially hosted at the art galleries.

Art classes are available at various places in LBI, both for the young and young at heart. Take mosaic classes at SwellColors, go to Art Camp at LBI Creative Minds, try your hand at pottery at Paint A Pot, or try a new painting technique at LBIF. There are festivals and craft shows hosted each summer, so visitors can participate in something that fits into their vacation timeframe!

LBI is a natural source of inspiration

LBI Art Guide

If you are an artist, you will be in great company amongst the nautical beauty of Long Beach Island.

Successful artists have emerged from LBI
including the now famous Julie Goldstein.
Julie Goldstein is one of many artists who
attributes her style to the inspiration found on Long Beach Island. From ocean waves and sunsets to the sea life and casual beach culture, you’ll find inspiring nautical elements.

Don’t forget about the performing arts! The newly reopened Surflight Theater is brimming with talent. Actors, singers, dancers, and “triple-threat” performers can be found here and even more surprisingly at the attached ice cream parlor, Show Place.

The performing arts and film industry is also well represented at the annual Lighthouse International Film Festival hosted in conjunction with the Long Beach Island Foundation (LBIF).

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Vacation Guide to Long Beach Island 2017

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Discover the Art in Long Beach Island

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