What To Do in LBI: Useful Resources

So you’re coming to LBI and you’re not sure what to do, eh?

… Or perhaps you’re like my wife – a mega-planner who has every detail nailed down for the entire vacation before we ever leave the house. Well, either way, you need the latest and greatest LBI resources to help you plan your vacation. 

But first, a little special recognition is due for one of our writers, Alicia who published a related article last year that received over 21,000 responses!  From that one article?  Holy cow.  Anyway, it’s still relevant and still a good starting point:  

8 Great LBI Attractions to Plan For This Summer
This is a great place to start if you’re looking to understand the basic “landscape” of an LBI summer vacation.

The LBI Chamber of Commerce
This is a current list of local businesses in the THINGS TO DO in LBI category … it’s a good link to keep saved.

LBI Things to Do With Kids
If you have kids, this is a good resource to help you plan your LBI vacation.

LBI on Pinterest
For my Pinterest users out there, this is the most useful LBI Pinterest board we have found so far.

LBI Event Calendar
If anyone knows of a better one, I am all ears … I have yet to find a good event calendar that covers all the great stuff going on in LBI.  Sorry!

A Bit of Self-Promotion

Honestly, we think the most relevant and useful information about LBI can be found in our own Best of LBI blog.  Make sure to click through and read several of our other articles!