2021 on Long Beach Island

Today’s blog is a little different from the norm.  As another year comes to a close, we’d like to look back and appreciate the memories and lessons learned.  So, let’s take a walk through 2021 and hope for the coming year together!

Covid Precautions and Vaccines on LBI

Early in 2021, the first Covid vaccines were available and many lined up to safeguard themselves and their families.  This helped people feel a little more confident venturing out and heading to the beach! We are so glad that New Jersey was able to open up more this year than 2020.  With virtual events and takeout boxes galore, we took advantage of everything we could! We’re hoping next year only gets better! Check out VisitNJ for Covid precaution updates as we move into the new year. We can’t wait to see you back at the beach, the restaurants and hotels, whether it is your first time in 3 years or just a few months!

Snow on the Beach in LBI

One of the most beautiful things in the world is a snow-covered beach! The storm that came through in February was a doozy and it sure wreaked some havoc on New Jersey beaches.  Many businesses were already closed for the winter season and many that were planning to be open closed for a short period.  A small price to pay, for the serenity of snow. 

Opening up For Summer – Memorial Day on LBI

With limited capacity and outdoor seating, LBI kicked off the 2021 Beach season with a roar!  Check out the timeline of when each type of business could open their doors as the crowds slowly came back and took a deep breath of the salty ocean air.  We cannot wait for Summer 2022 as we look forward to that sweet 3-day weekend kicking off our summer at the shore!

Hurricanes coming up the Atlantic coast near LBI

Every summer and fall, the potential threat of a hurricane striking LBI exists.  This year was no different; and different storms caused different results. Hurricane Henri came up the coast in August and steered just close enough to cause some awesome surf on LBI.  Hurricane Ida on the other hand, caused massive amounts of rain and some property damage.  And as strong as the Hurricane season started, it finished on the opposite extreme with no significant fall storms.  As we look toward 2022, keep an eye on the weather as you plan your summer getaways!

Fall Events on LBI

Events in the fall started hopeful but Covid made itself known.  Some events only partially happened, Long Beach Haven’s Chowderfest and the International Kite Festival. With businesses figuring out the virtual event process as well as simply having to cancel, we are so grateful that we were able to see as many of you as possible!

Looking forward to Summer 2022 on LBI

As we move forward and plan our 2022 summer trips and events with as much hope and optimism as possible, we have our old faithful hotels and nightlife that we can’t wait to get back to! We hope we will see you under an umbrella, and a drink with an umbrella in hand!

We wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Prosperous and Healthy New Year to all!