Every local knows that the best month in Long Beach Island, NJ is the month of September. Truth be told, early to mid October can be amazing, as well.

That being said, 2020 was a strange year.  Covid dominated much of our daily lives and the upcoming election has dominated the news.

I can’t think of a better way to wind down the 2020 summer season than to spend a week in Long Beach Island at one of their amazing hotels.

Long Beach Island in September

Most years, Long Beach Island businesses are still open with very little difference in their hours of operation.  Weekends are still bustling with activity.  This year, it looks like things might be a little quieter, but there is still plenty to do in LBI.  Covid or no Covid, LBI is open for business.  The beaches are at their best in September and October.  If you have never visited LBI in September, you don’t know what you are missing!

Finding Great Deals on Hotels in LBI

If there was ever a time to find a great deal on an LBI hotel, this is definitely it!  That is good news for my fellow late-season vacationers.  We have done the hard work of comparing prices and packages so can spend less time scanning LBI hotel websites and more time enjoying your vacation!

Many people still don’t know this … so let me tell you a BIG SECRET.

It is cheaper to book with the hotels directly than to use online booking sites like Hotels.com, Orbitz, etc.  100% totally true story.

For this article, we chose a 4-day stay between Monday September 7th and Friday September 11th.  1 room, 2 adults, no children.  We believe this is the most common configuration for people coming to Long Beach Island in September.

Here is our list of the top 5 best choices for places to stay in LBI this month.

We based our choices on a combination of pricing, quality of hotel, and other factors.  In all, we are looking for the best value in an LBI hotel.

  1. Spray Beach Hotel
  2. Engleside Inn
  3. Daddy O
  4. Drifting Sands
  5. Hotel LBI

Best Hotel in LBI – September 2020

Our top Choice is Spray Beach Hotel.  No surprise here.  Spray Beach Hotel is an LBI favorite.  Despite being around (seemingly) forever, they do a great job of modernizing their facility every year so that the property stays modern and comfortable.  They have over 350 reviews with a rating of over 4.1 which is pretty common for all of our top choices.  

Our 4-Night stay (as described above) is listed for $520.


A Great Hotel in LBI

Our runner-up choice is The Engleside Inn.  The Engleside is another favorite of LBI visitors.  Our 4-Night stay (as described above) is listed for $656 which is over $100 more than our top choice, but still a solid value.  Their online reviews are similar to Spray and the other top contenders.  


Another Great Hotel in LBI (our 3rd Choice)

Daddy O takes up the 3rd spot.  Their online reviews mare similar to our top 2 choices but the stay is a whopping $1,167.  It’s a nice place but it’s not even on the beach like Spray Beach Hotel is.  We felt this was a little overpriced compared to our top 2 contenders.


Another Solid Hotel Choice In Long Beach Island

Drifting Sands pulls up our 4th spot.  Still a great option.  330 reviews with a 4.1 rating.  Almost identical to our top choice.  Their rate was only $778 which was competitive.  If you are looking for a great weekend in Long Beach Island, this is a viable choice as well.


Long Beach Islands Newest Hotel

Hotel LBI opened this year to much fanfare.  It is a beautiful facility.  They have positioned themselves as the luxury hotel option in LBI and I would agree, they really don’t have any competition for that specific market.  That being said, we were looking for a great VALUE for this article.  At a whopping $1,691.87 there was just no way we could recommend this at the top of our list.  It is literally twice as expensive as out top choice.


LBI In September is a Win, No Matter What You Choose

Wherever you choose to stay, LBI in September is amazing.  You cannot possibly lose.  Enjoy your stay and get ready for an amazing 2021 summer in Long Beach Island where Covid will be behind us and life will be back to normal.


Stay Salty!