Best Off-Season Hotel Deals in LBI [2020]

Based on the overwhelming response and feedback to our recent article September 2020 Hotel Comparison in LBI we decided to take it a step further and rate the TOP 10 best hotel options in Long Beach Island for 2020 off-season rates, deals etc.

Below are our findings and recommendations

Why Come to Long Beach Island in the Off-Season?

We should probably start with the “why”.  The truth is that LBI in October is a different experience than in the peak months.  In many ways, I think it is better.  Here are a few reasons why:

LBI Weather In October

The weather is crisp in the mornings but warm and comfortable (even beautiful) in the afternoons.  You will want to find reasons to be outside during this time … and LBI offers many great reasons!

The LBI Beaches in the Off-Season

Sitting on the beach in LBI in October is almost a religious experience.  The serenity is unlike anything you can imagine if you have never experienced it first-hand.  It is best enjoyed with a loved one.  It is very peaceful and romantic.  It’s a great way to celebrate and nurture the important relationships in your life.  However, it can also be amazing alone.  The beaches in Long Beach Island are quiet.  The sound of the waves and the cool breezes allow for self reflection and time for meditation.  However you choose to use your time … the beaches are amazing in Long Beach Island in the off-season.

LBI Events in the Off-Season

In most years, there are a few really fun events that make LBI a great place to visit in the off-season.  This year with Covid, it is not certain how all this is going to shake out.  That being said, you should check the latest status of LBI Events.  

Things to Do in LBI in the Off-Season

Many of the restaurants, bars, and attractions are still open through October, especially on the weekends.  There is plenty to do.  However, there is no question that the town does get a lot more quiet … which is EXACTLY why many people choose to come to Long Beach Island in the off-season.  Our expert tip is to speak to the front desk staff at the hotel you are staying at.  They are often privy to special promotions from local merchants who are eager to have you visit them.

Where to Stay in Long Beach Island in the Off-Season

This is the best time to find amazing hotel deals in LBI.  If there is a specific place you’ve always wanted to stay but it was maybe a bit too pricey … this might be the time to check them out again.  Prices for rooms in Long Beach Island can be reduced by 50% or more in the off-season weeks.  In addition, you can often negotiate room upgrades for no additional charge – making the stay even that much more of a value!

In order to save you valuable time and effort, our team did the hard work for you!  We searched all of the hotels in LBI to found the best rates and discounts for anyone wishing to stay in the second week of October.  The prices for most of the hotels were fairly consistent for the next few weeks – so we felt this was a great point of reference to help you make a decision on where to stay.

A quick note that we like to share in any article we write about getting prices on hotel rooms in Long Beach Island – it is ALWAYS cheaper to book the rooms directly with the hotel instead of going to online travel websites like Expedia or  I know this may come as a surprise to many people, but the hotels in LBI (and in many other locations) prefer to handle their own booking.  Those travel sites charge the hotels 10% or more to be listed on their site.  You can save that additional fee by booking directly with the hotel (online or by phone).

LBI Hotel

4 Night Stay
(October 12 – 16)

Spray Beach Hotel


Engleside Inn


Daddy O


Drifting Sands


Hotel LBI


The Sea Shell


Coral Seas




Here are the results of our search – applying all relevant discounts and attempting to keep everything as similar as possible.

Spray Beach Hotel was the clear winner on price which we found odd because they also sit right on the beach with beautiful views – a feature that is particularly attractive for this time of year since the beach is the main draw to LBI in October.

In any event, based on this research – we strongly recommend Spray Beach Hotel as our Top Pick for 2020.

The XXX in the final 3 spots was our way of showing dissatisfaction with the other hotels not listed here.  Their poor room quality or god-awful websites, confusing rate charts, or inability to book online caused us to not even be able to do a reasonable comparison.  We decided not to even try to include them in our list.

You Won’t Be Disappointed in LBI in the Offseason

So there it is.  Spray Beach Hotel is the clear winner according to our research … but YOU will be the winner if you choose to visit Long Beach Island in the off-season.

When you get home, be sure to reach out to us and share your experience!

Stay Salty!