LBI 2021 – Looking Ahead

Not too long from now, the weather will begin to warm again after a long, cold, gray New Jersey winter. For many NJ families and out-of-state visitors – we will begin thinking about how to make the most of 2021.  Vacations and weekend getaways are a big part of the plan.  And for good reason!  Summers at the jersey shore are an amazing blessing to millions of people each year.

A Quick Look Back to Long Beach Island 2020

Before we look ahead to what is in store for Long Beach Island in 2021, it is probably a good idea to reflect on the 2020 season.


Long Beach Island businesses and visitors were impacted by Covid.  No question about it.  Fortunately, LBI was (mostly) open for business in 2020.  In fact, we heard numerous vacationers say how pleasantly surprised they were that LBI was as “normal” as it was.  The LBI beaches and attractions were a welcomed vacation not only from normal life but also from abnormal Covid life.

Even so, many traditional events were cancelled and the summer 2020 season in Long Beach Island was not quite the same.

What to Expect in LBI in 2021

No one has a crystal ball of course.  That being said, it is pretty obvious to us that 2021 will be a return to normalcy in Long Beach Island.  Will things be 100% back to “normal”.  No.  We don’t think so.  However, hotels and restaurants in LBI will (most likely) be closer to normal.  Live music and events will return to a large degree.  Popular tourist attractions in LBI should be open without many restrictions.  Most importantly, the LBI beaches will probably be open with ZERO restrictions.  The beach sand, the waves, the sunshine, the seagulls, the salt air – will all be in full effect to the delight off LBI fans everywhere!

Several local officials and business owners have told us that their #1 priority is to reopen LBI with no restrictions while keeping people safe.  Knowing these people – I believe that is exactly what will happen.

An Opportunity?

We recommend contacting your favorite hotel ASAP.  Call them.  Book your 2021 vacation now.  They may be willing to negotiate with you.  You have your best chance at locking in unheard of rates now – while there are still questions about how 2021 will go.  Do it.  Take a chance, we believe you will be rewarded with the best LBI vacation of your lifetime.

See you on the beach in LBI in 2021.

Stay Salty!