Relationship Goals: Plan a Romantic Trip to Long Beach Island in 2020

Whether you’re honeymooners or it’s your anniversary, a romantic trip to Long Beach Island is the right idea! Add to your list of relationship goals for 2020: a couple nights with your partner at a beachfront hotel. The season is ending but it’s not too late for a weekend getaway.


4 Rules for a Romantic Trip to Long Beach Island

Love is in the ocean air all across Long Beach Island. We can help with the dos and don’ts as you’re planning a romantic trip to Long Beach Island.

Rule #1. Book the Right Hotel

You’re planning a romantic trip to Long Beach Island! The place where you’ll stay is a big part of getting the right ambiance. We recommend booking a room at Spray Beach Hotel, a win-win if you’re looking for a beachfront hotel in LBI. Being that peak season is over, you’re likely to catch some great end of the year deals on LBI hotels. Look at our guide to LBI Hotels for more on this.


Rule #2. Do Not Bring the Kids

While there are loads of Long Beach Island family attractions, this is not the time for that. This trip is about spending time with your partner, taking a load off and enjoying everything that LBI has to offer the big kids (aka adults). This romantic trip to Long Beach Island is your time. Without the kids, you don’t have to worry about coordinating activities between nap schedules or making early dinner reservations, or sneaking away for some much needed one on one time.


Rule #3. Indulge in Local Eats

Across the island, you’ll find a variety of shore favorite restaurants like Italian, burgers, and seafood. Sometimes the best restaurant is closer than you’d think, such as when you’re at the hotel mentioned above. Sand Dollar Restaurant is a fantastic date spot – and for a hotel restaurant, a surprisingly popular place to hang out among Beach Haven locals.

Long Beach Island has some of the best fresh seafood restaurants on the east coast. Most restaurants feature a catch of the day special that is not to be missed. LBI is also known for some legendary breakfast spots. For more on where to eat, get our free printable download of the LBI Restaurant Guide.

Rule #4. Don’t Over-plan

While you may want to coordinate a sweet surprise or two for your partner, take it easy and relax. There is lots to enjoy on the island that doesn’t require planning ahead of time like nature walks, watching the sunrise or sunset, eating out, window shopping, and seeing live music. Sleep in. Stay up late. Eat out. Do what you want on your own time.

Romantic Trip to Long Beach Island Dining Out

Romantic Trip to Long Beach Island Dining Out

Date Ideas for a Romantic Trip to Long Beach Island

Besides the obvious long walks on the beach, there’s a whole other list of romantic things to do in LBI for couples. Here’s a few to get you grooving.

– Experience fine dining with a waterfront view over candlelight.

– For a thrilling yet snuggle worthy time, take  a boat tour or a charter a luxury yacht for a private cruise.

–  If you’re up for a thrilling adventure, go parasailing! This is TripAdvisor top recommended activity for couples on Long Beach Island. Or, try these water sports: jet skiing, stand up paddle boarding, or surf.

– See a “Broadway at the Beach” production at Surflight Theatre, a local gem putting on professional theatre productions since 1950.

-Climb up the Barnegat Lighthouse and gawk at the view together.

Romantic Trip to Long Beach Island Date Ideas

Romantic Trip to Long Beach Island Date Ideas

5 Upcoming Events to Enjoy on Your 2020 LBI Trip

Long Beach Island is still buzzing after summer tourist season is over. LBI hosts several local events and even some international festivals that are sure to give you a sense of the celebrated community and send you home with great memories.


1. Clam Jam Surf Festival

If you’re a surfer or intrigued by the culture of it then you’ll want to check out the Clam Jam Surf Festival. It’s an annual surf competition and celebration of the island’s community held on a weekend with ideal surfing conditions and weather. The exact date is always confirmed just before because organizers have to track the waves and weather.


2. Chowderfest

If you’re a foodie chow down at Chowderfest on October 5th. Chowderfest is a world famous annual chowder cook-off where the participants are teams from local restaurants.

3. LBI FLY Kite Festival

If you’ve never been to a kite festival, LBI gives you that chance. The 5th Annual LBI FLY: International Kite Festival is the weekend of October 11th – 13th. There is something romantic about flying a kite. Don’t believe us, just try.


4. Oyster Shellabration

Party for a cause at the 2nd Annual Oyster Shellabration on October 12th. This festival raises money for the Oyster Recycling Program. Come to enjoy oysters, beer, wine, music, and other live demonstrations.


5. Long Beach Island Christmas Parade

Get on Santa’s Good List and see him at the 40th Annual Ship Bottom Christmas Parade on December 7th. It’s an LBI tradition in which the community comes together to see local businesses parade around on decorated floats set to a specific theme.

Plan a Last Minute Weekend Romantic Trip to Long Beach Island

Plan a Last Minute Weekend Romantic Trip to Long Beach Island

Get Away for a Romantic Trip to Long Beach Island

Imagine breathing in the fresh air, gazing up at stars over the waterfront, being soothed by the sound of the waves, and snuggling up with your loved one over a cool ocean breeze. That’s what a romantic trip to Long Beach Island is like. Take our advice on activities, lodging, and dining and treat yourself to a spontaneous weekend getaway with the one you love!

If you’re getting married on Long Beach Island, we have great guides for planning a wedding – check it out!