LBI Hotels – Your Guide to Booking the Perfect Hotel Room

When visiting Long Beach Island, your biggest decision is which one of the LBI hotels you should book. It’s important to find LBI hotels that are clean, affordable, and convenient! There are so many LBI hotels but the focus should be on location, price, amenities, and ratings – in that order.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about LBI Hotels before you make a reservation!



LBI Hotel Guide – Free Printable Download!

Click to Download the Complete LBI Hotels Guide for current info and helpful resources. This awesome resource is essential to planning a easy, fun-filled trip to Long Beach Island. This free guide, brought to you by, includes a list of events and things to do, comparison charts to help you pick a hotel, and printable coupons to save you money on summer vacation!

6 Must-Haves when deciding on LBI hotels

Our LBI Hotels Guide offers tips and info to help you choose the perfect hotel to spend vacation with your family and/or other travel partner. Keep these six things in mind, especially if you’re bringing young children!

  1. Easy access to the beach
  2.  Swimming pool & hot tub
  3.  Elevator access for added convenience
  4.  Deals & credits towards onsite dining
  5.  No extra charge for your kids
  6. Complimentary beach badges

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Best LBI Hotels for Families

Best LBI Hotels for Families

Best LBI Hotels for Families

There are so many great things to do on Long Beach Island! No matter the ages, your kids will have a blast this summer – especially if you book a fun, kid-friendly hotel right near the beach. Check out Spray Beach Hotel and others along the Boulevard where the LBI Shuttle makes it easy to get around.

Explore LBI Hotels for Kids

  • hotels with pools, preferably equipped with lifeguards
  • hotels on the beach block, especially oceanfront hotels
  • hotels close to amusements like Fantasy Island Amusement Park and the Black Pearl cruises
  • hotels with onsite restaurant with a kids menu

Find LBI Hotels that are Great for Teens

  • hotels close to surf shops and beaches
  • hotels with coupons and deals for water sports
  • hotels with nearby dining options

Relaxing LBI Hotels for Mom and Dad

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Oceanfront Hotels in LBI

An oceanfront hotel on Long Beach Island is a great place to relax and have fun in the summer. Oceanfront LBI hotels provide an incredibly soothing atmosphere with great views and the calming sound of the seashore. It’s especially convenient to stay at an oceanfront hotel if you plan to frequent the beach. The closer your hotel is to the sand, the more time you will spend soaking up the sun in all its glory.

Parent Tip: When you’re enjoying the beach and someone needs to use the bathroom, or someone is hungry, or someone forgot the sunscreen in the room, you will be glad you are staying at an oceanfront hotel. It’s totally worth it.

Click to read the full article on Oceanfront Hotels on LBI:

Best Deals on LBI Hotels

Best Deals on LBI Hotels

Top Rated & Affordable – Best Deals on LBI Hotels

Spray Beach Hotel

Spray Beach Hotel is just one of the best hotels in LBI to stay after Labor. They offer three amazing deals for the financially savvy off-season weekender.

  1. The Stay 2 deal offers weekenders a chance to save money by staying two nights with $10 each night. That’s a savings of $20. With that, you should treat to a pizza dinner!
  2. The Stay 3 deal is even better. This deal is exactly the same as the Stay 2 deal but with $15 off each night. That’s a total of $45 saved!
  3. The Stay 4 deal is the best deal of the bunch. If you are able to get away for a long weekend, this is the ultimate way to save. With the Stay 4, you save a total of $20 off each night. That is a grand total of $80 saved, plus an amazing long weekend!

These deals are only offered when you stay a Friday or Saturday during the off-season. The off-season occurs from April 15th to June 7th and after Labor Day. With their great accommodations and famous onsite restaurant, this is one hotel you won’t want to miss!

Mariner Motel

The Mariner Motel is an extension of the Spray Beach Hotel, and is still one the best hotels in LBI. The Mariner Motel is the budget friendly sister of the slightly more luxurious Spray Beach Hotel. The Mariner Motel offers the same off-season deals as Spray Beach Hotel. The Stay 2, Stay 3, and Stay 4 are exactly the same, but the motel’s general rates are even more budget friendly.

The Engleside Inn

The Engleside Inn is also considered to be one of the best hotels in LBI. This inn offers a number of deals after Labor Day during the fall. In peak season, this hotel tends to be very pricey so you should double check their dates and deals before you visit.

  • From the weeks of September 11th to October 3rd, the Engleside Inn offers a Fall Getaway deal. For this deal, if you check into a non-ocean view room Sunday, Monday or Tuesday for two nights, you will save $50 on a third night. This deal is only valid through December 31st.
  • Another fall getaway deal begins October 9th. This deal consists of checking into any room on any day for two consecutive nights and the third night is $50 off.
  • Don’t forget to check out Engleside Inn’s Extended Getaway where you check in for three consecutive nights and the fourth night is FREE!

Engleside Inn offers a Dining Package. This package is offered beginning October 5th. This package includes hotel accommodations and a $75 dining certificate. Please note, the dining accommodations are closed Monday and Tuesdays during the fall.

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Best Hotels in LBI After Labor Day

September is an ideal time for a weekend getaway at the quiet LBI hotels on the beach

  • Tourists and summer guests have gone home and students have returned to the classrooms. The beach is quiet and finally free of crowds, making way for shoreline walks and contemplative thoughts.
  • The restaurants and shops are less busy so customers can receive the best service and deals. Some business are wrapping up the season and preparing to close until next year. They’re focused on getting rid of leftover merchandise.
  • The weather is comfortable with warm sunshine and cool breezes that will energize and refresh you after the long, hot summer. Nobody can guarantee perfect temps and clear skies everyday, but LBI has a reputation for having really great weather most of the year.
  • Great hotels offer irresistible off-season rates combined with additional incentives. You feel encouraged to extend your stay a day or two with more affordable room rates.
  • It’s a chance for you and your spouse to finally draw a deep breath, hold hands and relax. After your busy summer ends, you have time to focus on each other.

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LBI Hotel Rentals Best Deals

LBI Hotel Rentals Best Deals

End of the Year Deals on LBI Hotels

Winter may not be a popular time of the year to take a beach trip on LBI but it’s a surprisingly beautiful place to visit off-season.

The Wintertime Perks at LBI Hotels

Even though it’s too cold to swim or feel the sand between your toes, you can enjoy some perks that you don’t get during peak season in LBI. Read some of our related posts to discover great things to do offseason – vacationing beachfront on a budget!

Here’s a sample of what to expect with deals on LBI hotels this time of year.

  • Rates much lower than peak season
  • Usually no minimum night stay
  • Occasional free room upgrades / lower cost upgrades
  • Dining vouchers & coupons
  • Local shop coupons
  • Flexible dates
  • Serene beachfront views
  • Calm hotel setting
LBI Hotel Rentals Best Deals

LBI Hotel Rentals Best Deals

LBI Hotel Rentals: Lowest Rates of The Year

Read full article to get more info:

1.  Spray Beach Hotel – LBI Hotel Rentals from September 11-October 9

  • 3rd Floor View: $159-$229 (peak season: $374- $344)
  • 1st Floor Ocean: $119-$195 (peak season: $329- $299)
  • Poolside Standard: $109-$164 (peak season: $339-$309)
  • Seaside Court: $90-$149    (peak season: $274- $254)


2. Sea Shell Resort – LBI Hotel Rentals from September 18-October 1

  • Deluxe: $110 (peak season: $320)
  • Oceanfront: $175 (peak season: $410)
  • Suite: $225 (peak season: $510)

There is a 3-night minimum policy on weekends for September and October reservations. The rates listed above are specifically for weekdays. For complete pricing info, click the link:


3. Engleside Inn – LBI Hotel Rentals from September 24-December 3

  • 2-adult Standard Room: $115 (peak season: $189)
  • 4-adult Efficiency Suite: $139 (peak season: $221)
  • 2-adult Oceanfront Suite: $159 (peak season: $259)
  • 4-adult Oceanfront Suite: $169 (peak season: $271)

For complete pricing info, click the link:

Find the LBI Hotel in the right spot, with the right stuff, for the right price.

It all boils down to which of the LBI hotels has the best location, amenities, and prices. Like most summertime visitors, you’ll probably stick with the same hotel every year once you find a great fit. Take time to read our articles about LBI Hotels and follow our guides. We publish a ton of resources on Best Of to help you navigate the many LBI hotels and find one that’s perfect for your Long Beach Island vacation!