How to Save for a Long Beach Island Hotel on the Beach

The natural beauty of Long Beach Island is always free, but the cost of eating, shopping, and staying at a hotel really adds up! The good news is that your vacation doesn’t have to break the bank. Follow these helpful tips to save money on your Long Beach Island Hotel on the Beach.

Best Deals: Long Beach Island Hotel on the Beach

The peak of summer season comes with peak season prices. The best way to save money on a Long Beach Island Hotel on the Beach is to reserve off-season dates. For the price of a weekend in the middle of summer, you could spend a full week in August or September.

Late summer is an amazing time to visit Long Beach Island. The weather is still hot and sunny, the ocean is still comfortably warm, and most shops and restaurants are still open. Best of all, there are less crowds and long lines to deal with, and there are great end-of-season deals to take advantage of. Enjoy a relaxing atmosphere with fewer tourists and more locals as the summer winds down.

If you want to treat your family to one last trip to LBI, stay at a Long Beach Island Hotel on the Beach, for cheap! The Spray Beach Hotel is giving visitors a 15% discount on reservations made for 8/27-8/31, and they have other great deals on beachfront hotel rooms running for Labor Day weekend. Why not celebrate the labor force by spending your day off from work at the beach, with a cool drink in your hand? Labor Day is usually the last beach-friendly holiday of the year. It’s a fantastic time to squeeze in one last bit of summertime luxury before school starts again!

See a list of the best deals on LBI Hotel Rentals so you can lock in the lowest rates for your trip. Most of the Long Beach Island Hotels on the Beach are open through October and November, so you will have another chance to take an off-season beach vacation this summer.

Long Beach Island Hotel on the Beach with kidsSave Up before Taking a Vacation to LBI

Saving money while traveling takes a little research and planning ahead, and that’s where the Internet comes in. You can find great deals and coupon codes and free events just by doing an online search. It’s easy to get lost in the many pages and websites, but local LBI authority sources help to filter though all of that info.

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Booking your Long Beach Island Hotel on the Beach pretty far in advance is a smart way to save. Check for weekday specials or book dates during the off-season months to get the best price.

Don’t let money interfere with that R&R

In need of rest and relaxation? Here is a helpful tip: Get everything prepared for vacation in advance so you can fully enjoy your time on Long Beach Island. Saving up money is the best thing you can do. You’ll be much more relaxed knowing that you vacation is already paid for, instead of thinking about all the work you’ll have to do to pay down the credit cards you’re using.

Here are some simple ways to save up extra money in the weeks leading up to vacation:

  • Skip ordering takeout or going to restaurants
  • Make your own coffee at home
  • Don’t buy new clothing for your trip (unless you need a bathing suit!)
  • Work extra hours in the weeks before your trip
  • Cut out the extras like entertainment and yoga – you’ll make up for it on LBI!

Long Beach Island Hotel on the Beach Lunch5 Areas to Save Money on Long Beach Island

  1. Save at Restaurants: Check early bird specials and visit BYOB establishments! Many of the restaurants in Beach Haven have specials running all summer, particularly during weekdays. Before making your dining plans, check the restaurant’s website for any specials. All restaurants have a significant markup on alcohol, wherever you travel. Going to a BYOB or a liquor store, like Murphy’s Market in Beach Haven, is a more cost effective option. Check out the daily specials at Sand Dollar Restaurant and you’ll get a deal on a delicious meal!
  2. Pack a Beach Picnic: Rather than ordering or dining out for every meal, pack snacks and lunch for beach days. If your Long Beach Island Hotel on the Beach has a mini fridge and a cooktop stove in the kitchenette, you’ll have a convenient way to prepare meals here and there.
  3. Look for Free Activities: Check the local Sandpaper for free events in the area, including free concerts at local parks that occur all summer long. The LBI Musical Entertainment is awesome!
  4. Fantasy Island Specials: One look at the giant Ferris wheel in Beach Haven and kids will be begging to go to Fantasy Island. Tickets cost $5 per ride, and it adds up fast. Savvy savers will opt to go on a Friday from 4-7, when Fantasy Island offers P.O.P., or “pay one price” deals. For $15, riders can purchase a wristband for unlimited rides. That’s definitely the way to go if you’re trying to save money.
  5. Look on Groupon: A simple search of “08008” for location on Groupon brings up multiple discounts for local activities, including kayak rentals, surf camps, yoga, and stand up paddle rentals. Check regularly when planning your vacation and keep a list of the activities that you and your family enjoy. You can also download the LBI Coupon Book for access to discounts.


Your Long Beach Island Hotel on the Beach Will Not Break the Bank!

Taking a vacation to the beach with your family is a way to escape the chaos of life and create lasting memories with friends and family. Plan ahead so you can stay at a beautiful Long Beach Island Hotel on the Beach, without adding stress to your family’s budget. Set yourself up with an affordable trip so you can get all of the R&R you need without breaking the bank!