Planning an Event in LBI?

LBI is a destination for many people and for many reasons.  Many folks plan events in September and October on Long Beach Island. It’s a great idea!  The weather is still beautiful, the crowds have (mostly) left, and you can get great rates while enjoying the LBI “vibe”.

In this article, we are going to spotlight one of the hidden treasures for events in LBI, The Spray Beach Hotel and Sand Dollar Restaurant.

Outstanding Events in LBI

The Sand Dollar Restaurant is located in Spray Beach Hotel and has everything you would need for a small to midsize event.  The beautiful beach views and the extraordinary menu are sure to please.  The staff at the Sand Dollar Restaurant does a great job running a smooth event – from facility issues, food, entertainment, and more – they are experts at running quality events.

With easy access to their outdoor pavilion and beach bar, the number of ways you can organize and experience an event are impressive.  I have been to several events at the Sand Dollar and they all have their own unique personality and flow.

There is plenty of room to include a DJ or live music.  A dance floor is no problem and there is plenty of seating.  Parking is a huge bonus at Spray Beach Hotel.  If you have ever attended events anywhere on LBI, you undoubtedly have had the “pleasure” of having to try to find a place to park that was actually within walking distance.  Not at Spray Beach Hotel.  There is ample parking for guests, even at the peak of the season!

Making Memories in LBI

Whatever the reason for your event, whether it is a wedding (who doesn’t love a great beach wedding?), a family reunion, or a small business event … holding your event in LBI is a great way to create life-long memories!  September and October are PERFECT months to hold events in LBI!