Long Beach Island 2021

It is pretty clear that 2020 sucked for everyone.  That’s it, that’s all I am saying about it.  

Let’s look ahead to the 2021 summer season in LBI.  Woo Hoo!

LBI Hotels – 2021 Outlook

According to several hotel managers in LBI, rooms are booking up fast.  There are still vacancies, but I wouldn’t mess around.  Book your room ASAP!  Excitement for the 2021 summer season in LBI has been building for a while now.  

The best deals we have seen that are still available are at Spray Beach Inn – especially if you are looking for a hotel in Long Beach Island that sits right on the beach.

LBI Restaurants – 2021 Outlook

We are going to be optimistic here.  There are rumors that more than one LBI restaurant will not be opening its doors this year (or ever again).  I could not get official confirmation on this yet … so I am choosing to stay positive and hopeful that everyone survived the Covid storm and we will have access to all the delicious food we always do.

If anyone has specific, verified information that I haven’t been able to secure yet, please let  us know!

LBI Music and Entertainment – 2021 Outlook

I  am a sucker for live music at a beach bar.  I wonder if everyone loves it as much as I do?  Well, if you do, you are in for a treat this season at the Sand Dollar Restaurant at Spray Beach Inn.  They have a full entertainment schedule already posted online here:  2021 Live Music Schedule in LBI 

Save me a seat while I grab my frozen drinks from the bar!

2021 LBI Is Going to Be Great

Things are still in flux.  In previous years, by this time we had much more concrete information about a lot of different things.  This does not concern me at all.  The enthusiasm is clear.  You can’t keep the Long Beach Island spirit down for long.  2021 in LBI is going to be great!