Can You Still Have Fun in LBI with Covid?

This year has been challenging for everyone. The onset of COVID-19 earlier this year has dramatically changed the way that we go about our daily lives. It has crippled the economy, left people without jobs, taken education to 100 percent online and has left many of us to work from home. Just one of the many industries that has been impacted by the Coronavirus is the tourism industry.

So many of us have been forced to stay at home and shelter in place in 2020. Thousands of businesses have been forced to close across the state, which has left many people asking if it still possible to go on vacation during the virus. You may be surprised to hear that many businesses on Long Beach Island in New Jersey have been taking the highest safety and health precautions to stay in business during this difficult time. With that, there are dozens of enjoyable and safe outdoor activities that you can take advantage of while visiting Long Beach Island during the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-Safe Beaches on Long Beach Island

With COVID cases decreasing in the area, the beaches are open at this time. Summer is not only the perfect time to visit one of the many beautiful beaches that Long Beach Island has to offer, but it is also one of the safest places you can be during the Coronavirus outbreak. The beaches are supporting social distancing guidelines that indicate groups should be at least six feet away from each other. They are also recommending that people wear masks when they are at the beach.

COVID-Safe Shopping on Long Beach Island

Another benefit of the numbers starting to go down in the area is that shopping centers are open as well. Back in June, Long Beach Island opened their indoor shopping malls and shops so visitors and tourists can enjoy shopping while they’re on vacation. Once again, they are advising social distancing. Many of these businesses are requiring that their customers wear masks while they are shopping.

COVID-Safe Dining on Long Beach Island

Eating out is a favorite activity for many who are on vacation. Restaurants around all of the beaches and towns on LBI have started to open as of June. With the beautiful summer weather already here, you and the family can enjoy eating outdoors at a variety of different restaurants throughout the region. The Sand Dollar Restaurant is just one of the many great restaurants that offer al fresco dining on Long Beach Island.

COVID-Safe Hotels on Long Beach Island

Hotels on LBI are starting to open up as well. You now have dozens of hotels where you can choose to stay on Long Beach Island. Hotels like the Spray Beach Hotel and others throughout the area are taking ample precautions in cleaning and safety to make sure that all of their guests feel safe during their stay.

More Information About Coronavirus and Long Beach Island

This time has been challenging for our area and our country. It has been especially challenging for the tourism industry and business owners related to that industry on Long Beach Island. With that, the community has been incredibly proactive and resilient in keeping their businesses open for their loyal customers and vacationers during this time. Everyone associated with tourism on LBI is taking as many health and safety precautions as possible to make sure that customers feel safe during these challenging times.

News and guidelines seem to be changing constantly during this time of the virus. That means you can’t always depend on online directories and listings for store hours and other information. Be proactive and call businesses ahead of time to confirm that they are open.