LBI Towns: The Six Different Sections of Long Beach Island

LBI Towns: 6 Sections of Long Beach Island. The eighteen-mile barrier island is home to six different towns. Each one has a unique set of offerings but each section is true to the beloved, laid-back LBI culture that wins the hearts of residents and tourists alike. Discover the cool different sections of LBI!

LBI Towns: 6 Different Ways to Enjoy the Jersey Shore

Vacation Guide to Long Beach Island 2017

1. Long Beach Township

Long Beach Township was officially incorporated in 1899. It consists of small sections that are spread out all over Long Beach Island. Long Beach Township, or LBT, is home to township sections such as Loveladies, Brant Beach, Spray Beach, High Bar Harbor, Holgate, and other beach portions of the island. Holgate is predominately a wildlife reserve.

If you’ve ever been to LBI, you’ve probably strolled through parts of LBT without even realizing. It’s hard to put a finger on exactly what to expect when you’re visiting Long Beach Township because there are so many cool little sections within this huge borough. One thing is true: there are beautifully manicured parks and beaches all through LBT and it’s easy to see the local tax dollars at work!

2. Beach Haven

Beach Haven, also known as the Queen City, is located on the southern end of the island. It was founded in 1874 and frequented by the upper echelon of Philadelphia, Tuckerton, and Mount Holly.

Beach Haven is the hub of activity on LBI. Today, this vast one square mile town is home to gorgeous beaches, amusement parks, an amazing theater and other exciting family attractions. Beach Haven also has some of the best LBI hotels and most popular bars and restaurants on the island.

LBI towns3. Barnegat Light

Barnegat Light first began in 1881 to ignite tourism and recreation. By 1904, the small town had grown and became an incorporated town known as Barnegat City. Barnegat Light is home to an amazing historical lighthouse, the Barnegat Lighthouse. It is also home to Viking Village, which is one of the largest working commercial fishing docks in the state.

If you’re looking for a quiet and calm place to get away, without a lot of tourists or noise, Barnegat Light could become your favorite part of LBI. People go to Barnegat Light for the hiking and natural beauty, and there are a few amazing inns and museums to check out at your leisure.

4. Ship Bottom

Ship Bottom is one of the oldest LBI towns, and this borough was established in 1817. The name came to being from a tragic ship wreck during the frigid late winter months. A young woman was saved by the perseverance of another ship’s captain and crew axing away at the bottom of the ship.

In more recent history, Ship Bottom has become known as the “Gateway to Long Beach Island” thanks to the Causeway Bridge leading to the Mainland. Ship Bottom is home to famous Ron Jon Surf Shop and many other famous shops and restaurants, including Ship Bottom Shellfish.

5. Harvey Cedars

In 1894, Harvey Cedars became incorporated long after its history began. Like many others sections on Long Beach Island, this borough has a rich history. The early days of Harvey Cedars involved the cattle farming and whaler industries. Sadly, the island’s past was riddled with devastating storms and wartime nightmares and these industries were not able to thrive.

This LBI town is mostly residential but there are small businesses that are frequented by the local residents. There are churches and parks and other recreational activities such as summer camp in Harvey Cedars. It’s a great place to go fishing or take a nighttime cruise because it has a serene and undisturbed environment unlike the bustling southern part of Long Beach Island.

6. Surf City

Originally called “Great Swamp,” Surf City was home to the first of the larger hotels/boarding houses of Long Beach Island. In 1875, the town found its independence and decided on the name of Long Beach City. However, the local postal service insisted that the name change due to the confusion of many other towns in the state with similar sounding names. The residents of the town decided on naming it Surf City, New Jersey.

Today, Surf City is a go-to for loyal beach lovers who like to surf the waves in groups. There are great places to eat and shop in this borough and it’s centrally located right between Ship Bottom and Beach Haven.

Popular Events and Things to Do

Long Beach Island and its small towns are packed with enjoyable summer activities and exciting beach town festivals. LBI towns like Harvey Cedars are perfect for rest and relaxation. Beach Haven is an action-packed, fun-filled place to take your family.

Beach Haven hosts the HopSauce Festival. This spicy smooth event brings the community together. Just as it sounds, HopSauce Fest features a unique mash-up of quality craft beers and artisan hot sauces. These paired up with amazing local cuisine and talented musical performances is a recipe for an amazing summer experience!

ChowderFest is the perfect ending to an incredible summer at Beach Haven. This long running annual event is held the weekend before Columbus Day, just as the summer heat fades and the crisp autumn air falls. It’s the perfect time for chowder! This event is accompanied with the Merchant Market the day before. Merchant Mart is a time when local vendors can take to the crowds and share their specialties. The main event will fill your bellies and warm your bones with the best-tasting chowders at the Jersey Shore!

The festivals of Long Beach Island should not outshine the many other exciting activities. Ship Bottom is home to car shows that celebrate the preservation of our auto industry history. Barnegat Light hosts the Viking Village Arts and Crafts Show. SwellColors accommodates Surf City’s visitors and residents for Summer Art Openers. These events encourage all artists, young and old, beginners and professional level artists, to get creative while trying new arts and techniques. Throughout the summer most of the small LBI towns gladly host live musical events for everyone to enjoy.

The best part of Long Beach Island and its small towns is the everyday summer activities. The prestigious and pristine beaches of LBI are perfect for relaxing in the sun and frolicking in the surf. Many of the LBI towns are speckled with fun parks for kids to expend that school-free energy. Long Beach Island offers beautiful sunrises along the Atlantic Ocean and glorious sunsets along the bay, giving loungers and hikers a scenic view at all times of the year.

Vacation Guide to Long Beach Island 2017

Online Resources for LBI Towns

All six of these LBI towns have official websites to help trip planners to learn more about what they offer.

Township of Long Beach-

Borough of Beach Haven-

Borough of Barnegat Light-

Borough of Ship Bottom-

Surf City-

Borough of Harvey Cedars-

Which of these LBI towns will you visit next?

Long Beach Island and its six small towns provide a perfect escape for virtually everyone. Whether you need a family getaway, a romantic weekend away, or a fun-filled family vacation with your best friends, LBI has just what you need! Long Beach Island is a no-brainer when you’re planning a trip to the Jersey Shore! Which LBI towns will you visit next?