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LBI Public Beaches Guide makes it easy and fun to narrow down your options to find your perfect beach on Long Beach Island. Even though most of the white sandy beaches on LBI are public, the borough requires beachgoers to purchase beach tags (Around $5 per person, per day) or borrow them from your beachfront hotel. Get started planning your perfect beach day by browsing the LBI Public Beaches Guide-related blog posts on

How do you start planning a beach day on LBI? The first step to planning for a beach day is to pick the right location. Some people prefer being on the beach nearest their hotel room or home. Others stick around the blocks with restrooms and cafes. Before you spread out your beach blanket, make sure you’re in a nice, convenient area.

Consider the proximity, the environment, and the safety of the beaches across Long Beach Island. Some are best for surfers and fishermen while others are best for families and young children. Find out which section of the beach has the perfect spot for you. Once you decide on the right beach, write your name in the sand and get comfortable!

To see a really cool one-pager that helps you “choose your own adventure” to identify the perfect beach for you, Download the LBI Public Beaches Guide. It’s free and easy to use infographic that leads you through a series of questions to choose a great location for a beach day.

LBI Public Beaches: Devoted beachgoers adopt a spot of their own!

LBI NJ BeachesIn LBI, beachgoers usually adopt an area of the beach as their own. Some people prefer being on the beach nearest their hotel room or home.
Others stick around the blocks with restrooms and cafes. Surfers can choose the
beaches with big waves, and seniors may prefer quiet, less crowded sections. Before you spread out your beach blanket, make sure you’re in a nice, convenient area.

Consider Each Section of LBI and Choose the Right One for You!

Long Bach Island is 18 miles long and there are beaches running down both sides of the island. If you’re new to LBI, you might not know where to start. The LBI Public Beaches offer a wide range of settings. The best thing to do before booking your hotel and settling on an area is to explore what each borough offers. There is a big difference between choosing a quiet, serene beach and choosing a bustling area with lots of tourist traffic. Consider the best section of the Island to fit the type of atmosphere that you really want on vacation.

Beach Haven is the center of town

Bustling with activity, covered in shops
and eateries, Beach Haven is in a central part of the island. The nice, oceanfront hotels are in Beach Haven, and everything you’ll need is within walking distance. Lifeguards supervise the swimmers. If your Long Beach Island 2017 vacation includes kids, you can’t go wrong choosing the beaches in the town of Beach Haven. Beach Haven/Spray Beach is by far the most popular place for beachgoers. 

Ship Bottom for fishing and Surf City for surfing

The beaches in Ship Bottom and Surf City are also popular among tourists. Designated beaches for water sports are in Surf City. There are marinas and fishing docks throughout Ship Bottom. There is so much excitement in this section of the Island. You can catch tournaments and races or spy on someone’s Stand-Up Paddle boarding lessons. It’s easy to get to these LBI Public Beaches if you’re coming in just for the day, because this is where the Causeway Bridge will drop you off.
Barnegat Light and Harvey Cedars for quiet and calm

If you’re looking for a more secluded area without a lot of people or attractions, head to Barnegat Light or Harvey Cedars. The beaches there are far from the action downtown, and mostly occupied by LBI residents. These towns are great for a quiet, hassle-free Long Beach Island 2017 vacation. You won’t likely see many lifeguards or public bathrooms, but you’ll be at one with nature there. The only pair of footprints in the sand may be your own, depending on the time of day and the season. If you’re searching for shells, sea glass, and other treasures on the beach, these LBI Public Beaches are your best bet!

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Click to Download the Complete LBI Vacation Guide for current info and helpful resources. This awesome free guide is essential to planning an easy, fun-filled trip to Long Beach Island.’s free guide includes a list of events and things to do, comparison charts to help you pick a great hotel, and printable coupons to save money on food and fun things to do on your summer vacation.

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