5 Deliciously Beachy Ideas for LBI Wedding Cakes

LBI is the perfect place for your LBI dream wedding to come true! From perfect venues to photographic landscapes and local bakeries with beautifully decorated LBI wedding cakes for your special day, Long Beach Island is the best place to tie the knot! If you’re shopping around for LBI Wedding Cakes for beach weddings, we have 5 styles to help you choose – and several local bakery recommendations!

1. LBI Wedding Cakes with Classic Seashells Design

If classic and elegant is your goal, then a simple white cake with seashells around the edge of each cake tier is a great choice. Your whole cake can be edible with shells made from fondant or chocolate. Using real shells is also an option for a more authentic look, just make sure they’re removed before anyone takes a bite. You can also tie in your wedding color to this classic white cake with fondant ribbons behind the shells. Following the classic theme here, the standard flavor is white cake with buttercream icing. For a fruity surprise, go with a strawberry or raspberry creme filling.

(Classic Seashells) This chic seashell white cake from Crust & Crumb Bakery in Beach Haven is sure to fit in with any seashore-themed LBI wedding.

LBI Wedding Cakes with Seashells

LBI Wedding Cakes with Seashells – Crust & Crumb Bakery


(Classic Seashells) This cake from Moester’s Bakery just across the bridge in Manahawkin is a great example of how to tie in your wedding color with a classic white seashell cake. The beach chairs for wedding toppers makes a fun touch for this elegant cake.

LBI Wedding Cakes by Moster's Bakery

LBI Wedding Cakes by Moster’s Bakery

(Classic Seashells) Another way to give LBI wedding cakes a hint of color is by using realistic pastel coloring on the seashells and a sandy beach brown sugar top. This lovely cake from Baked on the Beach in Surf City would make a great top tier for some bride and groom cake toppers.

LBI Wedding Cakes with Sandy Surface

LBI Wedding Cakes with a Sandy Surface – Baked on the Beach

2. Ombré LBI Wedding Cakes for Beach Weddings

This style of color fading and blending is trending across the board from hair, clothing, and even cake decorating. Ombré styled LBI Wedding Cakes are a great addition to beach themed weddings. Think of blues and greens like the ocean and/or coral pinks and reds like the sunset. Below are a few examples of this LBI wedding cakes trend. With alternating colors that give a pop, guests will be expecting some interesting flavors, too. A summery lemon cake or coconut creme would be an appropriate choice!

(Ombré Style) Not only does this cake use ombré coloring on the bottom in ocean blues, but it also has some other beach themed detailing like a few shells and starfish cake toppers. The branch like design gives it a bit of a classic wedding cake look. This cake comes from The Big Apple Bakery in Manahawkin, which is just over the bridge from LBI.

Ombre LBI Wedding Cakes by The Big Apple Bakery

Ombre LBI Wedding Cakes by The Big Apple Bakery


(Ombré Style) Here is a second ombre design from The Big Apple Bakery. This fun design is perfect for a casual beach themed LBI Wedding Cake. It uses two types of ombré color schemes to capture a beautiful scene with palm trees, the sunset, ocean and shore line. Textures and gradients are key in this cool confectionary design.

Ombre LBI Wedding Cake by The Big Apple Bakery

Ombre LBI Wedding Cake by The Big Apple Bakery

3. Floral LBI Wedding Cakes

While LBI is not a tropical island, the natural foliage and local scenery will make you think you’re visiting a foreign destination. Bright green leaves and colorful flowers cover the island every spring and summer. If you prefer the floral LBI Wedding Cakes, you’re in luck! Some of the local bakeries offer real edible flowers such as hibiscus, borage, honeysuckle, geranium, and fuchsia. Your cake topper can include other real decorative flowers like birds of paradise, lillies, or orchids, but these flowers are not edible. Or,  you could have your flowers made out of icing in any color or style that you like. Below are two examples of how to incorporate flowers into beach themed LBI wedding cakes. Whether you go with edible flowers or not, the flavor of the flowers will be faint, so be sure to have some flavor in your cake like a classic vanilla, strawberry, or chocolate.

(Floral Cake Design) This gorgeous floral wedding cake from Moester’s Bakery in Manahawkin uses a variety of edible flowers following a lavender wedding color scheme.  

Cakes by Moester's Bakery

Floral LBI Wedding Cakes by Moester’s Bakery


(Floral Cake Design) Here’s an elegant example of just how gorgeous a floral cake can be with fondant and icing made flowers. This cake also ties in the wedding color with a stripe of icing at the bottom of each tier. This floral example comes from The Big Apple Bakery in Manahawkin.

Floral LBI Wedding Cakes by The Big Apple Bakery

Floral LBI Wedding Cakes by The Big Apple Bakery


4. Nautical LBI Wedding Cakes

Since Long Beach Island is nestled between both the ocean and the bay, fishing, yachting, and sailing are popular activities on the island. Nautical themed weddings are always a win-win for a LBI bride.  Nautical LBI wedding cakes typically incorporate red, navy, and white as the color scheme. Stripes and anchors are a must while other details may include boats, ropes, or seagulls. These cakes are likely to have a clean and sleek look like the example below. A fun addition to a nautical themed wedding cake is having a flavor infused with some alcohol like champagne, a rosé, or amaretto liquor.

(Nautical LBI Wedding Cakes) This nautical wedding cake comes from Moester’s Bakery in Manahawkin. It features a strawberry shortcake for the top tier and fondant stripes on the bottom. They also incorporated some other beach favorites like cookie crumb “sand” and white chocolate “seashells.”

Nautical LBI Wedding Cakes for beach weddings

Nautical LBI Wedding Cakes by Moester’s Bakery


5. Cupcake Towers – LBI Wedding Cakes

A more convenient alternative to standard LBI wedding cakes is the cupcake tower. Cupcake towers can be fun and colorful or sleek and classy to go with whatever overall look you want at your reception. A small traditional cake
is usually placed at the top of a wedding cupcake tower for the bride and groom to cut. There you can set the tone for your wedding cake theme. Any of the LBI Wedding Cakes design ideas from above will work for your beach themed cupcake tower. The beautiful thing about a cupcake tower is that you’ll avoid needing to cut and serve the cake! 
If you’re going for a colorful fun beach themed wedding, try summertime flavors like key lime pie, strawberry daiquiri, and pina colada. If you want to keep something more traditional, then go for classic favorites like yellow cake, spiced cake, and perhaps a less common flavor such as almond.

(Cupcake Tower) Here’s a more traditional beach themed cupcake tower with sky blue colors, sprinkles of sand, and white seashells. This beauty comes from LBI cupcakery SmallCakes in Beach Haven.


LBI Wedding Cakes Cupcake Tower by Smallcakes LBI

LBI Wedding Cakes Cupcake Tower by Smallcakes LBI


(Cupcake Tower) This cupcake tower also from SmallCakes LLC boasts the bold ocean colors with white chocolate seashells on top of each cake with a nostalgic beach bum scene at the top of the cake.

Final Tips for Ordering LBI Wedding Cakes

While you’re planning your special day, be sure to use a variety of resources to gather LBI Wedding inspiration.  This can include checking out the downloadable LBI Wedding guide

When it comes to LBI wedding cakes, the best way to make your choice is to go in for a tasting and ask to meet with the cake designer to explain your unique vision. You should ask to see some kind of sketch of the cake before it’s made, too. Don’t be shy to ask around and look at reviews of the bakery on Facebook and Google. After you’ve shopped around and taste tested many samples, choose the bakery with the best LBI Wedding Cakes and watch your wedding cake design come to life!