Lights, Camera, Action: Lighthouse Film Festival in Long Beach Island

The Lighthouse Film Festival in Long Beach Island is weeks away! This annual event cultivates a love for art and culture at the Jersey Shore. Cinematography, quality acting, and good stories come together under a competitive lens for the film festival. Check the 2017 LBI entertainment guide to learn more about upcoming performing arts events.

Backstory: Lighthouse Film Festival in Long Beach Island

A shared passion for lights, cameras, and action motivated a group of locals to establish the Lighthouse Film Festival in Long Beach Island. In 2009, filmmakers, film critics, and other industry professionals teamed up to launch the first festival of its kind ever to be hosted on LBI.

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Since then, this Long Beach Island film festival has become an annual event. Each year, this event reaches new heights. The film festival has expanded tremendously to include the prestigious opening night gala and other related activities to compliment the main event.

Mission and purpose of the Lighthouse Film Festival in Long Beach Island

The festival is positioned to help new filmmakers make a name for themselves, and to showcase independent movies and short films that might not otherwise get the attention they deserve. Lighthouse Film Festival in Long Beach Island presents three consecutive days of film screenings, networking, Q&A sessions, panel discussion, celebrations and surfing. Whether you are an aspiring actor, an up-and-coming moviemaker, or just a supportive fan, this festival is ripe with great opportunities.

2017 Events Held During the Lighthouse Film Festival

Besides movie screenings and contests, the Lighthouse Film Festival in Long Beach Island also includes special events leading up to the main event. These activities serve to offer a preview of what’s ahead, to get patrons excited about the festival, and to raise funds to support this non-profit organization. The Lighthouse Film Festival venues are in Beach Haven, Long Beach Island Township, Surf City, and Ship Bottom. Among the films showcased are feature films, shorts, documentaries, and family films.

Over the years, Lighthouse Film Festival in Long Beach Island has grown. The most recent addition to the festival is the “write by the beach” segment that was specifically designed for female filmmakers and screenwriters.

Programs and Special Events for Lighthouse Film Festival in Long Beach Island

  • Pre-festival Events/ Fundraisers – A few different fundraisers are hosted in the weeks and months ahead of the Lighthouse Film Festival in Long Beach Island. There are opportunities to meet with the organizers, mingle with fellow film enthusiasts, and get a glimpse at what’s in store. This year’s pre-festival events included a wine tasting on May 4, a kickoff party on May 6, and a formal French dinner held back in March.
  • Movie Screenings – A full lineup of movie screenings is set for June 8th, 9th, 10th, & 11th. The screenings are held at LBI Foundation of the Arts & Sciences (LBIF), LBI Museum, and Surf City Firehouse.
  • Filmmaking Panels – There is a filmmaking panel and a casting director panel discussion, plus two opportunities to have breakfast with the filmmakers.
  • Evening Parties – Friday night and Saturday night will both have parties hosted at 9pm. On Sunday, the final day of the Lighthouse Film Festival, there is a closing ceremony and awards ceremony planned for at 6pm.
  • Offseason Fundraiser – On September 28, 2017, the Lighthouse Film Festival is hosting an after party of sorts called La Table Cannes. A special French dinner prepared by LBI’s only French executive chef, Chef Francis, is a served for $125 per person. Proceeds will be used to support the Lighthouse Film Festival, a 301 (c) nonprofit organization.

Reasons to get involved with Lighthouse Film Festival in LBI

The Lighthouse Film Festival in Long Beach Island draws filmmakers, fans, and critics from all over the world. This year’s festival showcases talent from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and even as far as Uganda and China.

From a filmmaker’s standpoint, this film festival offers major exposure and press, valuable networking opportunities, and the ability to “test” a new film on a live audience. From an attendee’s standpoint, the Lighthouse Film Festival in Long Beach Island offers entertainment, inspiration, and access to the artists.

New Jersey’s film competitions and local talent

Film festivals and competitions are gaining momentum across the state of New Jersey. Besides the Lighthouse Film Festival in Long Beach Island, there are a handful of other film festivals in the state of New Jersey, including:

Time-based film challenges are also a popular activity for filmmakers, screenwriters, and actors. Ten days film challenges at a high school and 24-hour film challenges like the Easterseals Disability Film Challenge generate tons of excitement and help to foster a spirit of friendly competition.

Speaking of competition, there are a number of video production companies cropping up across New Jersey. A few that we found online had really good reviews, including:

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Get more personal and interactive at a film festival

British novelist Kazuo Ishiguro tapped into the allure of the entertainment industry when he said, “There was another life that I might have had, but I am having this one.” While we have but so much time and some limits to what we experience in one lifetime, we can vicariously live out someone’s adventures by watching a film or live performance.

Instead of going to the movie theater or watching something on Redbox, kick it up a notch! At a film festival, you will be able to meet the moviemakers, learn the backstory firsthand, and attend a Q&A session. If you’re a true fan, you should be able to pick out the winners before judging takes plans.

Get dressed up for the parties and enjoy a more personal and interactive experience. You’ll be in good company. The screenings and surrounding events are reason enough to buy a ticket and make plans for the Lighthouse Film Festival in Long Beach Island.

Don’t Miss Out – Get Involved with the Lighthouse Film Festival!

Whether you are huge fan of movies or you have a passion for making movies, New Jersey is not a bad place to be! While people often associate the film and entertainment industry with New York City or Los Angeles, you’d be surprised by all of the lights, cameras, and action there is around LBI! Put the Lighthouse Film Festival in Long Beach Island at the top of your list of things to do this summer, and don’t you miss out!