Meet the Winners, based on Long Beach Island Hotel Reviews

The first thing you need for your LBI vacation is a great place to stay: a clean, spacious hotel room in a great location, at the RIGHT PRICE. There are many hotels to choose from, so your best bet is hearing from someone who’s been there. Check online for Long Beach Island hotel reviews to find out who the winners (and losers) are before settling on your hotel in LBI.

What to Look For in Long Beach Island Hotel Reviews

lbi hotelsThere are great hotels, there are crappy hotels, and there are those in the middle. Hotels at both ends of the spectrum claim to be the best around, but first-time visitors are smart enough to get a second opinion before booking a room. You don’t want to get stuck at a hotel that’s not accommodating, not clean, and not quiet enough for a restful night’s sleep. Do your research ahead of time and you can avoid having a disappointing situation.

A quick online search will point you to websites for browsing hotel reviews. You can look on Yelp, on Google Maps, on TripAdvisor, and others listing Long Beach Island hotel reviews. Beyond reading what guests have to say, you can see what features the hotel is rated for.

Specific features Long Beach Island hotels are rated for:

  •      Cleanliness –  Bath fixtures gleamed and carpets were vacuumed and stain-free.
  •     Great Condition – Furnishings and fixtures in room were in good shape. Elevators, pools, game room equipment, televisions, ice machines, and vending machines worked properly.
  •      Comfortable Bedding –  Mattress, sheets, blankets, and pillows were high quality,  like-new, and crisply clean.
  •      Hotel Staff – There was an adequate number of employees. The staff was friendly, timely, and helpful.
  •      Crowd/Noise Control – Room occupancy maximums and quiet hours were enforced so the hallways were reasonably quiet.
  •      Security – Exterior doors had working locks. No access to non-guests. Room locks were changed and new key cards issued for each new guest. Outdoor areas were well lit.
  •      Safety/Prevention – Fire extinguishers were in every hallway and elevator, and smoke detectors had working batteries in the hotel room. (Note, most LBI hotels do not have elevators, so pay extra close attention if that’s a necessary hotel feature for your family!)

Long Beach Island Hotel Reviews

Three Great Choices based on Long Beach Island Hotel Reviews

A bit of research and sifting through customer reviews is helpful in selecting the right hotel for your Long Beach Island vacation. We have listed three excellent choices  from the many possibilities of hotels in Long Beach Island.

  1.    Spray Beach Hotel has an overall positive rating in reviews on Trip Advisor from customers. The biggest draw is its location right on the beach with fantastic views. Guests also appreciate the onsite Sand Dollar Restaurant which includes fresh seafood on their menu. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is served for indoor dining or outside on the pavilion. They also liked relaxing and socializing around the open air bar during Happy Hour. Guest reviews praised the friendly staff and cleanliness of the hotel. Spray Beach Hotel is highly rated for family vacations. Besides the beach and heated pool, all the adventures and amusements of Beach Haven are nearby, even though the hotel environment is quiet and calm, thanks to the little alcove directly off of the main boulevard. Mariner Inn is a sister hotel to Spray Beach Hotel which provides guests of all of Spray Beach Hotel’s amenities. One guest who has returned every summer for 20 years sums it up: “Just relax and let this place roll over you. Place is on Island time.but isn’t that the point of LBI? Great crab cakes, juicy clams, beer is cold.”
  2.    Windward at The Beach is a highly rated experience that hints at what it was like a hundred years ago to spend summer vacations at the shore. Gentle sea breezes, outdoor dining, broad sitting porches from which to enjoy the sea breeze and service from an attentive staff. It’s all still there, located in the Historic District, with all the modern conveniences one expects today. Guests enjoy being able to walk to nearby shopping and entertainment venues just 200 feet from the beach. At the end of a long beach day, families enjoy the library room for relaxing, reading and children’s games. There are only 10 rooms, so plan to book well in advance. Reviews from guests show high appreciation for the location, cleanliness and the friendly attentiveness one would find in a B&B.
  3.    Jolly Roger Motel has earned wonderful reviews from their loyal guests. This hotel is  located at the Southern end of the Island. Guests feel at home in this family-owned and operated motel and they feel like they are staying with friends. Sparkling clean rooms and comfortable beds is an ideal combination for a relaxing beach vacation, sightseeing, fishing excursions and observing the wildlife. Guest enjoy the rooftop deck which is a great place to gaze at the sunrise and sunset, or just take a snooze in the fresh air. In reviews of the Jolly Roger, guests enthusiastically agree that they can’t wait to go back.

Who Writes Long Beach Island Hotel Reviews?

Whether you know someone who’s stayed there before, or you’ve searched online to see what others say, it’s smart to do your homework before booking a hotel. This idea of “social proof” is helpful when it comes to finding a new place to stay during your vacation. Who better to ask than someone who’s staying there before?

Previous Guests Write Long Beach Island Hotel Reviews

Long Beach Island hotel reviews give you a good idea of what to expect. If guests are happy, they’ll gladly write a review online to recommend their favorite hotel to others. On the flip side, if guests are not satisfied with their experience, they will tell everyone to avoid staying there.

Sorting through Good and Bad Hotel Reviews

The stars are a helpful guide, but they do not tell the whole story. Don’t be alarmed if the hotel you’re considering is only 3 of 4 stars. In some cases, just one or two bad reviews will take a major toll on the hotel’s overall rating. It’s better to read several reviews to get an accurate picture.

You might see a bad review for even the best Long Beach Island hotels. This shouldn’t be a deal breaker. Sometimes, even at the best hotels, things happen that are worthy of a bad review. Other times, it’s the guests themselves who are unpleasable. Another thing to be aware of is fabricated reviews left by competitors.

Long Beach Island Hotel Reviews

Prices Flexibility linked to Long Beach Island Hotel Reviews

Top rated hotels on Long Beach Island are usually the most expensive, because a stellar reputation supports charging higher rates on rooms. This is not always the case, but you should expect to pay more for the hotels with five stars rather than hotels with four. If you’re on a budget, zero in on the hotels with 3 or 4 ratings so you can get an affordable hotel room that meets your expectations.

Pick from the Winners, based on Long Beach Island Hotel Reviews

lbi hotelsWho gets the final say when rating hotels on Long Beach Island? Ultimately, the reputation is determined by the hotel’s previous guests. Read Long Beach Island hotel reviews before you make your reservations, and find the one in your budget that sounds like the best deal. Kick off your vacation the right way with a great Long Beach Island hotel!