Insider Secrets and Long Beach Island Restaurants Tips

Calling all seafood lovers and surf ”n’ turf seekers heading to the Jersey shore – we’ve got the scoop and we’re sharing our insider secrets and Long Beach Island restaurants tips. Read on for tips to help you decide where to go and what to choose for a delectable dining experience.

Long Beach Island Restaurants Tips

Long Beach Island Restaurants Tips


There’s nothing like being prepared with what to expect before you go somewhere new to eat. Next time you’re heading to dinner at the Jersey shore, remember these Long Beach Island restaurants tips!

Make Reservations at Long Beach Island Restaurants

While making a reservation may seem like obvious advice, in this tourist town, it’s not always an option. Many shore eateries cater to all of their vacationing guests and some take that to the extreme of not accepting call-ahead bookings. While sometimes you may be willing to take that risk, most people do not have two or three hours to sit and wait for a table to order their meal, no matter how tasty the venue promises it will be. The Sand Dollar Restaurant is one of the Long Beach Island restaurants that welcomes reservations by calling in, and if you show up a little early, you can grab a pre-dinner drink at their beach hut bar.

Dress for the Occasion

Long Beach Island Restaurants - Sand Dollar Restaurant Lunch Buffet

Long Beach Island Restaurants Tips – Sand Dollar Restaurant Lunch Buffet

Summer on the beach brings to mind images of swimsuits and flip flops, but you may want to take a second thought about bringing along a windbreaker or light sweater for your visit to Long Beach Island restaurants. Depending on the time of day and the weather, of course, you’ll want to dress for the occasion. Especially once the hot, summer sun goes down, the refreshing ocean breeze can become a bit chilly!

Time Your Visit to Long Beach Island Restaurants

If you aren’t set on an exact date for your visit, consider choosing one of the less busy days to be out and get your pick of seating fast. Especially during peak vacation season when rentals are constantly changing over on the weekend, try a day like a Wednesday or Thursday for your stopover. And don’t worry about missing out on some live entertainment because every night is a night for live music at the beach.

Browse the Menu Ahead of Time

Many Long Beach Island restaurants post their menus online either on Facebook or on their websites. Depending on which part of the island you are headed to, the choices are diverse. At the north end of the island, you will find options like the cash-only Mustache Bill’s Diner which serves a smattering of food for breakfast and lunch in a retro setting.  South of there, you can find the Shore Fire Grill which serves a menu full of build-your-own burgers, BBQ and sandwiches for lunch and dinner. If you’re looking for more sophisticated menu, go a little further down the island to The Sand Dollar Restaurant, where you can find something for any meal of the day from standard starters to fine dining.

Looking ahead at the menus of the Long Beach Island restaurants will give you less to worry about once you are out on the town and will free you to relax and enjoy your company. Make a list of your top three meal choices so when you get there you can decide what you’re in the mood for. Don’t forget to check specials for the day or week!  Ask about the catch of the day and enjoy some fresh, local Jersey produce and seafood which is found in abundance all season.


Long Beach Island Restaurants- Sand Dollar Restaurant LBI

Long Beach Island Restaurants Tips – Sand Dollar Restaurant LBI

“Picturesque” doesn’t cut it when describing the colorful views of ocean sunrises in the morning and wispy clouds in light blue skies as dusk settles in. When you’re looking for the whole package in a memorable dining experience, consider the atmosphere you’re looking for.  On Long Beach Island, it’ll be hard to miss a view across the water.

Bay Views

Waterfront dining is always a treat, especially when you’re out on the deck smelling the salt air and feeling the cool breeze.  While a view of the bay doesn’t boast the expansive outlook on the ocean, it’s a lovely way to see the wildlife, the calm of the boats resting at the docks and enjoy the sounds of the water.  One such restaurant is Kubel’ at Barnegat Light. While you can’t make reservations there for a small party, they do have an open air outdoor deck to take in the view. Look online to see what type of seating areas and views the restaurants on your list show, and don’t be afraid to ask the hostess for an open window seat.

Ocean Views

If you’re visiting a town on the ocean like Long Beach Island, what could be better than having a view of the whole ocean itself! Some of the best Long Beach Island restaurants, lay claim to beautiful ocean sights whether they be rooms inside with conditioned air or tables on an outdoor, open deck. Try a rooftop bar, like the one at Daddy O’s or an oceanfront pavilion and beach bar like you’ll find at The Sand Dollar Restaurant. No matter which Long Beach Island restaurants you visit, you’re almost sure to have a water view.  Still, do a little research to find out which restaurants have less obstructed views or even an upper deck seating area overlooking the landscape.


There’s nothing better than live music to enjoy when you’re out to dinner! On LBI, summertime entertainment is a priority, and it’s easy to find at the best Long Beach Island restaurants!

Restaurants with Live Music

Through the summer season, no matter which night of the week you go, you’ll find an assortment of places with live music.  Longer daylight hours and the vacation vibe lend to many families and groups taking advantage of the extra time on the sunny side. The restaurants on Long Beach Island that set themselves apart have great music lineups each night, so check out the schedules when they’re available online.

Outdoor Beach Bars

Many Long Beach Island Restaurants also have outdoor tiki bars or beach bars. On a beautiful summer night, you can enjoy the sounds of a seasoned singer while sipping a cocktail and hearing the waves crashing in. It is truly an island paradise!

Long Beach Restaurants with Live Music

Long Beach Restaurants with Live Music


Keep these tips with you and you’ll be set for a fantastic dining experience. Whatever the atmosphere and flavors you are looking for at Long Beach Island restaurants, take a look at this LBI restaurant guide that will list the best places to go and more Long Beach Island restaurants tips for you to remember!