Weekday Fun: Long Beach Island Things to Do

You don’t need to wait for a weekend to book your trip to LBI. There are tons of Long Beach Island things to do, even Monday through Friday. Check out these great activities that you can enjoy on a weekday!

Great Reasons to visit LBI NJ during the Week

Long Beach Island has a very unique vibe – rich in the arts, culture, and live music. There are plenty of great events held throughout the year. This New Jersey beach town is a second home to people in the northeast. While summertime and weekends draw the most attention, you can have a wonderful time during the week while LBI is less crowded.

Here are some benefits to visiting Long Beach Island during the weekdays:


  • Less traffic on the road is always a plus! You won’t have to deal with traffic jams or waste time hunting for parking spaces. If you visit Long Beach Island during the week, you will enjoy open roads and fewer pedestrians hustling through crosswalks.


    • Quieter nights can be expected when you’re vacationing in LBI on a weekday. Long Beach Island is a family-friendly beach town that is both safe and relaxing. The southern part of Beach Haven offers an exciting nightlife and party scene, but the rest of the island is relatively quiet- especially during the weekdays and offseason.


  • Cheaper rates on hotels are very easy to find during the week in Long Beach Island. Even the most appealing beachfront hotel rooms are very affordable when you visit at the right time!


  • Shorter lines will allow you to get to the good stuff quickly! Don’t stand around waiting for the rides and games. Don’t rush to the restaurant in hopes of beating the dinnertime crowds. Do yourself a favor- plan your trip during the week so you’ll be waited on faster.


Long Beach Island Things to Do on a Weekday

Treat yourself to a low-key vacation- or staycation, if you’re local. Visit LBI during the week while most others are at work or at school or at camp. You will love having the island virtually all for yourselves!

Enjoy the beach

Sunbathe if you’re there for relaxation, or learn to surf if you want an exciting new challenge. LBI offers beach goers miles and miles of beautiful beaches, and plenty of aquatic sports and activities to enjoy. You can even go fishing or crabbing. There are well-maintained beaches on the oceanfront and on the bayside of the island. The beaches are open all week long, and lifeguards are posted during peak season.

Surf life

LBI surf shops are the best places to find water sports experts. These pros know how to treat visitors, and they can teach you everything you need to know for a day of fun in the sun! If you’re really looking to score some gnarly surfer gear, you’ll find surfboard, sunglasses and apparel from the top surfer brands. The very first Ron Jon Surf Shop is in Ship Bottom, LBI. Most of these shops are open year-round with regular business hours during the week.

Museums and Walking Tours

Long Beach Island is a quaint place with a rich history. From fishing villages and lighthouses to an evolving art scene and an international film festival, there is much to learn about LBI. Local museums and libraries offer resources to those interested in learning the background of this popular tourist destination. Walking tours are held Tuesdays and Fridays during the summer.

LBI yoga

Crafts and Art and Yoga

Long Beach Island Foundation of the Arts & Sciences aka LBIF, is a hugely successful year-round organization. LBIF promotes art exploration and creative expression in people of all ages, and hosts a variety of classes and events. Their schedule is packed full of Long Beach Island things to do for seasoned artists and for dabblers in new crafts. Another great resource, the Community Arts Program (CAP), does its share of work to keep the art scene thriving in LBI. You can also participate in yoga classes any day of the week. Enjoy a yoga experience that you won’t forget on the beach- an especially rewarding experience at sunrise and sunset.

Water Parks, Rides, and Arcade Games

Fantasy Island is one of the best family attractions around. This amusement park houses a huge arcade, ice cream parlor, boardwalk-style games, amusement rides, a food court, and free entertainment. Thundering Surf Waterpark is another exciting place to take your family. Thundering Surf also has an adventure golf course that is open every day.

Don’t Waste those Vacation Days

Don’t waste your valuable time off! You should make the most out of your time by relaxing and having fun with your family in Long Beach Island. While there, you can explore various nearby destinations and treat yourself to the best seafood restaurants you’ve ever experienced. Take a trip during the week to avoid the traffic, enjoy extra space on the beach, and skip the long lines.

Enjoy an Easy Getaway to LBI on the Weekdays

You needn’t waste your time standing in line or waiting around. Even an afternoon at the airport is a waste of vacation time. If you live in the Northeast, take a short drive to Long Beach Island for an effortless and rewarding family vacation, any day of the week!



  • Darlene October 25, 2016 at 11:59 pm

    Yoga on the beach in LBI early morning is my favorite activity. LOVE watching the sunrise.