The Art Scene on Long Beach Island New Jersey

On your next visit to Long Beach Island, soak up a little culture by familiarizing yourself with the art scene on Long Beach Island. Check into artsy events anytime of year, for full fledged creatives and art dabblers, alike!

Fertile Ground for the Art Scene on Long Beach Island

LBI ArtThe vibrant art scene on Long Beach Island is a natural complement to the natural beauty found on the island. There is so much historical drama affiliated with this special island at the Jersey Shore. In addition to the romance and the success stories, there is also a fair share of tragedy remembered from war and hurricanes over the decades.

Yet, as you watch a peaceful sunrise or sunset from the beach, no one would imagine the scene ever looked or felt any differently. Some locals know the telltale signs left behind in the bent of a tree, a bit of architecture, or an artifact dislodged by the tide. No wonder the area draws artists from every medium. There are stories to tell through word, photography, paint, sculpture, ceramic and handcrafts.

The Long Beach Island Foundation (LBIF) plays an integral role in attracting and showcasing the arts on Long Beach Island. Their contribution to the enjoyment and education of the local community and tourists is unparalleled. In 1948, LBIF founder and art professor Boris Blai envisioned a facility on the Island that would support and promote artists and their works. While seasonal in the beginning, LBIF now serves residents and visitors all year long with a forum for art expression and appreciation. Through the decades, LBIF has fulfilled Blai’s vision by offering thousands of exhibitions, educational programs, workshops and classes that have enriched the community.

Long Beach Island’s Art Scene for Artists and Admirers

The Plein-Air Plus Island Life Exhibition is a glorious example of art on the beach. Thirty-five artists were invited to participate in the open-air event last summer. Plein-Air is French for painting outside. Their task was to paint anything they chose, so long as it depicted Long Beach Island life. During the several weeks of the competition,  visitors were treated to the sight of painters with easels, scattered about the island. All of the paintings were available for purchase from the individual artists.

2016 is the first year a Plein-Air Exhibition has been organized at Long Beach Island.
An extraordinary gallery of original oil paintings featuring the most breathtaking views of the island were represented.

The Art Scene on Long Beach Island is not limited to any one type of art form. Instead, artists and patrons alike will find an outlet for music, theatre, ceramics, sculpting, drawing, writing and handcrafts. Events showcasing many talented artists are scheduled throughout the year.

Works on Paper is another annual exhibit to be viewed at LBIF.

The Makeshift Union organizes Third Thursdays to showcase local artists, musicians and culinary delights. Long Beach Island celebrates their local talent from ten or more specialty shops and multiple crafter booths. It is a delightful way for tourists to spend a Thursday evening. You may find a special treasure to take back home. It is a particularly festive event during the holiday season filled with activities

Shop for wonderful handmade items for yourself or as a unique gift.

Include the Long Beach Island Art Scene in Your Next Visit

Long Beach Island is a favorite destination for family vacations. There are so many things to do in LBI, including hanging out on the beach only taking a break when it’s it’s time to eat again. The beach bum life is welcome here! If you have never discovered the Long Island Beach Art Scene, put it on your list for your next visit.

  • Check the local event calendar and choose an art exhibition. Of course, any time is a good time to visit the Long Beach Island Foundation for Arts and Science or catch a Third Thursday.
  • Enroll the kids in summer art or theatre art camp where they will create a variety of art projects. A visiting artist each week will offer instruction in various mediums.
  • Adults will find opportunities to investigate some activities they haven’t had time for before. Leisurely vacation days are the perfect time to try your hand at ceramics or painting. If you find you enjoy it, you will find it easier to continue classes once your return home.

Long Beach Island is a work of natural art. Therefore, it is not surprising that artists are drawn to the area to capture the captivating sights and tell the island stories in oil, clay, photography or pencil.

The beach changes in winter to reveal it’s calm, quiet side. Warmer Atlantic waters keep temperatures mild enough to enjoy a stroll along the shore after your visit the local artist boutiques, shops, and art exhibits. Feeling chilly? No worries, because our warm welcoming restaurants have a lovely meal waiting for you. Later you can watch the sea from the comfort of one of our cozy seaside rooms.

Art Scene on Long Beach Island

You will love the Art Scene on Long Beach Island

LBI ArtIf you have not experienced Long Beach Island’s Art Scene, make it a priority on your next visit. You will have the pleasure of viewing, creating, and maybe even purchasing works of fine art. It’s an opportunity to bring a bit of LBI home with you!