Long Beach Island Pet Friendly Hotels

Family vacation isn’t complete without those adorable four-legged, furry, family members! There are plenty of Long Beach Island pet friendly hotels to choose from. LBI is a great choice for your whole family, animals included!

Choosing Long Beach Island pet friendly hotels

lbi hotelsThere are a variety of places to stay on Long Beach Island that are pet friendly. You can choose from a handful of hotels, or scour the Internet for pet friendly beach rentals. When you’re researching Long Beach Island pet friendly hotels, there are a few important details to remember.

Pet friendly hotels

Keep in mind that many pet friendly hotels have a size limit as policy. In addition, for many pet friendly hotels, there are additional fees that are accompanied with providing lodging for your pet. There are also typically limited areas in which you and your pet may have access.

Long Beach Island Pet Friendly Hotels

Kennels local to Long Beach Island, NJ

If a pet friendly hotel is not an option, perhaps finding a local kennel is a better option for you. Although there are no kennels located on Long Beach Island itself, there are some wonderful, highly rated kennels just across the bay on the mainland. These kennels are great options if your family needs a well-deserved vacation but you want your pet nearby, instead of leaving them all the way back at home. If you are choosing to house your pet in a kennel, there are a few questions to ask yourself.

  • What are the costs of housing your pet?
  • Is the specific kennel licensed by the state of New Jersey?
  • Are the facilities well maintained and temperature controlled?
  • Are the canines provided with indoor and outdoor runs? What about scheduled exercise times?
  • Is there bedding provided apart from a hard floor?
  • Are vaccinations required to maintain the health of all pets?
  • Are felines securely housed separately from canines?
  • Is there ample room for a litter box and food dishes?
  • How often will your pet be fed?

These are just a few questions to keep in mind while you consider using a kennel during your family vacation. If your pet requires special attention for any special needs, make sure that the kennel is capable of caring for your pet accordingly.

Hiring a Pet Sitter

If you are planning an all-day excursion with the family, there are pet sitters available to care and love your fur baby. It is not easy to choose a random stranger to watch after your beloved four-legged baby. The sitters available on Long Beach Island are highly qualified and most importantly very caring. The Humane Society of the United States offers some great suggestions on how to best choose a pet sitter.

  • Can the sitter provide proof of insurance (protection against accidents or neglect) and bonding (protection in case of theft by sitter or employer)?
  • Has the sitter been trained to properly handle and best care for your furry family member?
  • Is the sitter associated with a local veterinarian?
  • Is the sitter willing to provide references from other clients?
  • Is the sitter able to professionally handle any special needs your pet may have?

Dog Regulations

New Jersey requires all dogs to be licensed. In addition, dogs need to be leashed unless otherwise posted. New Jersey also enforces the Pick Up After Your Dog policy. Adhering and following these simple regulations will help ensure you a stress-free vacation. Your Long Beach Island dog sitter should be familiar with these regulations too, but if you’re bringing your own sitter with you, be sure that he or she is aware of this pet friendly township’s rules.

long beach island pet friendly hotels

Pet friendly activities

The best time of year to bring your beloved pet on a family vacation to Long Beach Island, New Jersey is during the offseason. The months of October through April are the prime months to get away as a complete family. During these quieter months, most of the beaches of the eighteen miles of Long Beach Island, New Jersey are open to leashed dogs. For those who are looking for a warmer vacation, Barnegat Light, a town located at the northern end of the island, has a fun dog park that is open year-round. Get outside and take a walk with your entire family, to enjoy the beautiful scenery in Long Beach Island.

One of the best activities to participate in with your furry family member is the Long Beach Island Pet Parade. Each year, Beach Haven hosts this annual pet parade at their Bicentennial Park. It is most often held in mid-December- just in time to dress your fur baby in his or her holiday attire.

Plan your Pet Friendly Vacation in Long Beach Island

lbi hotelsThe key to enjoying a family vacation with your family and your fur baby is to remember to keep it fun. It will take some extra planning. You might need to make room for a couple extra pit stops to be sure that everyone remains comfortable while traveling. Be sure to plan some fun activities for everyone. Also, don’t forget to stop by Buddy’s in Beach Haven for a souvenir for your pet before you leave the island!