No Smoking allowed in Beach Haven NJ this summer!

Get ready for your beach vacation in LBI… just don’t pack a pack of cigarettes! A new outdoor smoking ban has sparked a flame in Beach Haven NJ. Many support the No Smoking policy, but others feel the law unfairly strips away their rights.

No Smoking policies take over the Jersey Shore

Starting in June, Beach Haven NJ will enforce a No Smoking policy banning smokers from public beaches, playgrounds and parks. According to this new law, smokers must be further than 15 feet from the beach entrance before lighting up.

Long Beach Island’s other boroughs passed their own No Smoking laws

Long Beach Township voted to ban smoking at their public recreational areas during the summer season. Harvey Cedars and Ship Bottom also passed a No Smoking ordinance for beaches, parks and playgrounds. Violators can be fined between $250 and $1,000 for having a lit cigarette or cigar in a No Smoking area.

No Smoking laws spreading like wildfire in NJ

No Smoking policies have been spreading across our state for years. In 2010, New Jersey passed a game changing law “prohibiting smoking in all enclosed indoor places of public access and workplaces.” (cf: P.L.2005, c.383, s.2)

Hotels, restaurants, and bars were forced to comply with the No Smoking law. Banning the act of smoking outdoors in public is going even further.

Half of NJ’s public recreation areas are now restricted or completely smoke-free. A statewide law is pending, which would enforce a No Smoking policy at all beaches, parks and playgrounds in NJ.

Beach Haven NJ businesses react to the No Smoking trends

Beach Haven businesses are realizing the need for designated smoking areas.

Hotel serves to accommodate guests- smokers and non-smokers alike

lbi hotelsSpray Beach Hotel has renovated their property to establish designated smoking areas, strategically placed to keep secondhand smoke away from other guests.
The hotel rooms, walkways and common areas are strictly No Smoking zones, but there are four newly designed areas where smoking is permitted.

Spray Beach Hotel provided us with a statement on the No Smoking policy:

To better provide for the comfort and convenience of all of our guests, all of our rooms, including the walkway areas in front of the rooms, are designated Non-Smoking on all floor levels.

Smoking is permitted in our Oceanfront Pavilion Dining area and Beach Bar, the upper level of the pool area, as well as under the overhang of the upper pool to the south of the pool at parking lot level where tables and chairs are provided for the convenience of our smoking guests.

We thank you for your continued patronage and cooperation.

Spray Beach Hotel Management

LBI’s No Smoking rules have mixed reviews

Beach Haven NJWhile tobacco products are still legal, local and state governments are moving to control and/or eliminate the ability for people to smoke. This is becoming a topic of controversy, especially among those at the Jersey Shore. Social media users are voicing their unfiltered opinions about Beach Haven’s No Smoking law.

Those in favor of No Smoking laws anticipate improved beach conditions

Residents and visitors alike have applauded LBI’s local governments for passing the No Smoking laws. Smoking is widely acknowledged as a health hazard, and secondhand smoke is considered to be a public safety issue.

Anti-smokers look forward to experiencing these benefits in LBI:

• Clean beaches, free of cigarette butts and ashes
• No more smoke blowing around
• Less exposure and influence on children
• Reducing the popularity and social acceptance of smoking

People who resent the ban say outdoor No Smoking laws are unreasonable

Many people are opposed to the outdoor ban on smoking, in defense of liberties and personal rights. These people say that the war on tobacco is less about public safety and health, and more about power and control.

No Smoking laws have been expanded to force even small businesses and pro-smoking establishments to comply.

Outdoor smoking laws may seem pretty unreasonable. It’s unknown whether or not secondhand smoke is a health concern outdoors?

The anti-smoking movement is still gaining momentum. Even chewing tobacco was recently banned from baseball fields in Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York City. While beer is still sold in these places, smokeless chewing tobacco is illegal. Is this No Smoking movement that’s evolved into a ban on chewing tobacco unfairly stripping away our rights? Some people think so.

Are you FOR or AGAINST the No Smoking policy in Beach Haven NJ?

If you are a non-smoker, you might appreciate the idea of smoke-free beaches and parks… OR you may think the local government is getting out of control.

If you are a smoker, you might feel like your rights are being taken away… OR you may prefer having designated smoking areas instead.

What is your take on the No Smoking policy for public beaches and parks?

Will the ban have an impact on your summer vacation in Long Beach Island?

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