Choosing the best Family Restaurant in LBI

Taking your family to the Jersey Shore this summer? Locate a family restaurant in LBI that will save you time and money!

Find a Family Restaurant in LBI

There is one thing you can count on when spending the day at the beach – having an enormous appetite. Something about the sun and salt air combination always causes beachgoers to feel hungry by late afternoon. Before you head down the shore, make a list of family restaurants in LBI so you know where to go when it’s time to eat.


Obviously a key factor in choosing a restaurant involves the menu. It can seem overwhelming though, because there are so many restaurants on Long Beach Island. The key to finding the best places to eat is simple! Is their menu heavy with fresh seafood and seasonal produce? Do they have a beach hut bar attached? If the answer is yes to both of these questions, you’ve probably found a winner!

There are some other things to consider if you’re looking for a place to feed your whole family. Does the menu offer a variety of options? Do they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner? Will your kids like any of the entrees listed on the menu? Children are usually selective eaters and the seafood options many restaurants offer may not be the answer. Do yourself a favor and skim the menu for chicken nuggets, cheeseburgers and personal pizzas to make sure everyone is happy. Speaking of pizza- a failsafe option for lunch or dinner and sometimes breakfast- locate a pizza place nearby where you will be staying and do this ahead of time. When hunger strikes, you can grab a quick bite at the pizza shop and continue on with the summer fun. One of the best choices for pizza in LBI is Panzone’s Pizza & Pasta. They have a location in Beach Haven and one in Surf City.

If you are a big fan of seafood, do not leave Long Beach Island until you’ve had some King Crab Legs and Great Bay Clams from a great restaurant. Put on the bib, crack them open and dig in!

Insider Tip: There is a vegetarian/vegan restaurant in Beach Haven called Living on the Veg – and they have a cute outdoor seating area!

Family restaurant in LBI


While most restaurants claim to be family-friendly, some are better than others. You will be comfortable in a casual dining environment where most guests are covered in sunscreen and wearing bathing suits, tee shirts and flip-flops. You should find out whether the inside space is stroller friendly, if you plan to bring one. Also make sure they have booster seats and high chairs on hand for beach towns. You’ll have a family friendly atmosphere if you plan your meals early enough to avoid the rush of nightclub goers and the occasional party bus.


Assuming the weather will be perfect as most summer nights in Long Beach Island are, restaurants with outdoor dining are very appealing for families. When your kids are excited and not likely to sit still, it’s especially nice to be in an environment that won’t make you feel boxed in. Restaurants that offer both indoor and outdoor seating usually will get you seated faster, because you can take the first available table if you’re okay with either option.

Sitting under a canopy on a sidewalk can be very enjoyable as you observe the people around and notice the stores across the street. Even better, choose a restaurant with a pavilion on the beach so you can watch the waves crashing around while you enjoy your tasty meal.

Go to and find a restaurant with the right food, setting, music and view. Use the search tool or browse through the menus that are listed, and you will easily see what your options are.

Hotel Restaurants

lbi hotelsIf you are staying the night in LBI, you should check into the dining options at your hotel. There are several nice hotels with restaurants attached, and some also serve breakfast. Don’t assume that the hotel restaurant in LBI is mediocre. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Even the locals make reservations at the oceanfront hotel restaurants in Long Beach Island because of the seafood and the scenery. For guests, this is a no brainer. What’s better than a one-stop shop while on summer vacation? The most popular hotel-run restaurant on LBI is Sand Dollar Restaurant, which is located at Spray Beach Hotel. There’s an indoor dining room, plus an outdoor pavilion and beach bar. You haven’t had a fresh meal at the beach until you’ve eaten dinner here!

Convenience can’t be beat

Hotel restaurants are the most convenient way to feed your family when staying on Long Beach Island. It’s great to go downstairs for a quick breakfast before you head over to the sandy shore. Eating dinner at your hotel is excellent because you will avoid the hassle of parking. Also, if the kids are getting tired it’s convenient to carry them to the elevator and get them tucked into bed easily.

Hotel discounts and credits

Most hotels will offer their guests special deals and discounts for eating in their restaurant. Chances are you can even buy a package up front that includes both your room and onsite dining perks. It’s something to consider before you book your hotel!

Prices and Deals

family restaurant in LBIThe cost of dining out can vary depending on your family size and the type of restaurant you like. If you are on a budget, take a more cost effective approach to family dining. Perhaps you will have breakfast at the hotel restaurant, pack a lunch for the beach, and then hit a pizza parlor and ice cream before bedtime. No matter where you decide to eat or how often you go out for food, find out what discounts they offer.

Early Bird Specials

Usually you can find a separate menu of early bird specials if you get seated before 6pm. By then, the kids will be starving after spending the day in the sun. Grab a table before six and take advantage of the cheaper dinner menu. At that rate, you’ll have time to let the kids swim in the hotel pool before it’s bath time and bedtime.

Insider Tip: Get seated before 6pm so you can avoid being put on a waiting list. Summertime is a busy time

Compare Prices and Ask About Discounts

Check the front desk at your hotel for a coupon book, or ask for information on a family restaurant in LBI. They may have menus to browse and see what the price range is for each restaurant. A good family restaurant in LBI will offer kids menus or sides, which are cheaper than adult entrees. You can also ask whether the restaurants offer discounts for veterans or for travel clubs, which may apply to you.

Rewards Programs

Last of all, take inventory of the debit and credit cards that you and your spouse have. Many of these have higher return rewards for vacation-related expenses like travel and food. If your credit card gives cash back for dining out, use your card for everything and pay the balance once you return from your vacation.

lbi restaurantsFamily Dining in LBI is Affordable

Choose a family restaurant in LBI that is convenient and affordable. The menu should include delicious, freshly sourced seafood but also needs to offer entrees that your children will want to eat. A restaurant attached to your hotel is ideal because you will save money and time. Research great deals that you can take advantage of, plus be prepared to pay with hotel credits or a rewards-earning card. You can indulge in delicious seasonal meals at great family restaurant in LBI knowing that the price is right!