Treat Your Family to an Oceanfront Hotel in LBI this Summer!

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Planning a family getaway to the Jersey Shore? Here are a few tips on how to find the best oceanfront hotel in LBI and Beach Haven!

Here Comes the Sun

It’s time to start thinking about your next summer vacation. Naturally, the perfect option would include sun, sand and water. Picture it: The kids playing until they’re happily exhausted. You and your “little Darling” soaking up the warm sun in reclining chairs. Each of you would enjoy some time away from home this summer.

Location is King

A charming beach town like Long Beach Island (LBI) offers exactly what you need. It’s just a drive away, and not too expensive. Long Beach Island is New Jersey’s best-kept secret. Like the name suggests, LBI is a real island stretching out across 18 miles of beautiful white sandy beaches. Head right over the causeway and you’ll feel like you’ve left the country. Despite the tropical-like environment, it’s almost close enough to consider it a “staycation.”

An oceanfront hotel in LBI is a great place to relax and have fun. Oceanfront hotels provide an incredibly soothing atmosphere with great views and the calming sound of the seashore. It’s especially convenient to stay at an oceanfront hotel if you plan to frequent the beach. The closer your hotel is to the sand, the more time you will spend soaking up the sun in all its glory.

Parent Tip: When you’re enjoying the beach and someone needs to use the bathroom, or someone is hungry, or someone forgot the sunscreen in the room, you will be glad you are staying at an oceanfront hotel. It’s totally worth it.

Beach Haven was made for families The best section of LBI is called Beach Haven also known as the “Queen City.” Beach Haven is great because it offers clean beaches, safe waters and lots of family-friendly things to do. getting your money’s worth?

When you’re choosing an oceanfront hotel in LBI, consider the amenities you will want to take advantage of. Make sure the hotel you’re looking at has great accommodations for entertaining the kids, eating on the go and especially an elevator to make your life easier.

Oceanfront Hotel in LBI Pool

Hotels with pools are favorable among travellers with kids. While the ocean is a no-brainer, sometimes you just want to float around the pool. There are a few hotels in Beach Haven with heated pools and hot tubs. Need I say more?

Dining Room

On-site dining is convenient. It’s nice to head downstairs for breakfast before leaving for the day. Staying at a hotel with an attached restaurant is also great at night, when the kids are sleepy. You can carry them right upstairs and put them to bed. Some oceanfront hotels in LBI even have outdoor dining areas.


Like most beach towns, LBI is covered in lots of low-rise and mid-rise buildings. Many of the hotels do not have an elevator. If you will be using a stroller or a beach wagon during your stay, it would be wise to book one of the oceanfront hotels in LBI with elevator service. Packing/unpacking and getting to/from your room will take less time and effort if you take the elevator.

Expenses to consider (and how to get around them)

lbi hotelsSure, a family vacation costs money, but it does not have to break the bank. You can take a budget friendly trip this summer and have the time of your life. Be prepared for the little costs that can start to add up and remember a few money-saving tips. Especially when visiting LBI, you can stretch a dollar far if you know what to look for.

Free or Inexpensive Offers

There are some things that you can do for free or cheap on LBI. Climb up inside of the Barnegat Lighthouse for just a few bucks. Dining out can be very affordable, too. There are many low-key places to eat in Beach Haven such as pizza shops and ice cream parlors.

Oceanfront Hotel in LBI

When you’re choosing a oceanfront hotel in LBI, ask if there is a cost for kids. Most rooms are charged for double adult occupancy so kids may be free or a $5 to $10 added cost. Another tip would be to stop by your hotel’s front desk. They might have coupons for local attractions or offer a discount or credit for the hotel restaurant. You should have a refrigerator in your room, too. Hit the grocery store for snacks and drinks before you check in, and fill up the fridge in your hotel room.

Cribs and Foldaway Beds

Your hotel should offer cribs and foldaway beds for a minimal cost. You can expect to pay $10 or so per night. If you bring a pack-and-play or a blow up mattress, you can keep the bill from going up.

Beach tags

Beach tags are required on most public beaches at the Jersey Shore. The great part about staying at a hotel is that your beach tags are usually included. There may be a refundable deposit required to use the beach tags, but it still beats paying $5 daily per person. Ask your hotel if they include free beach tags for guests before you hit the sand.

Enjoy your summer getaway from beginning to end

Make every minute of your summer vacation count. Choose an oceanfront hotel in LBI that provides everything your family needs and is located near a safe and beautiful beach. The ideal family-friendly oceanfront hotel in LBI has a restaurant, an elevator and pool. You can plan ahead and hunt for deals that will save you money. Plan your getaway carefully so you will have more time to create happy memories when you arrive!

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