Jet Ski Rentals and Watersports in Long Beach Island

Fun in the sun, relaxing sounds of the shore, and water adventures make for the perfect getaway experience. Long Beach Island, known as LBI, is a perfect destination for a jet ski rental and other watersports.

Best Places for a Jet Ski Rental in LBI

Vacation Guide to Long Beach Island 2017Long Beach Island is one of the best vacation destinations for watersports. On or off-season, you can try your hand at kayaking, jet skiing, or even Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP)!

If your flavor of activity is jet skiing, be prepared to have an exhilarating adventure. There are a variety of locations on Long Beach Island to rent jet skis. On average, the cost to rent a jet ski depends on the season, location and duration of rental. Many resorts rent by the hour and will cost between $55 to $85. However, if you choose to rent a jet ski for multiple hours the hourly rate will decrease with each additional hour.

  • Route 72 Wave Runner offers jet skis for a single driver and watercrafts that carry up to three people. No boating license is required and you must be 16 or older to operate the craft. A single form of ID is needed along with parental consent for minors. Route 72 Wave Runner will provide operating and riding instructions along with life preservers, which are required when using their watercrafts. For more information, call them at (609) 361-7147.
  • Holgate H2O Sports located in the Holgate Marina boasts of “the cleanest and clearest water in the Long Beach area.” Holgate H2O Sports does not require a boating license and you must be 16 years of age or older to operate the water crafts. They require an ID and parental consent for minors. Life preservers are provided and required, and the staff at Holgate H20 Sports will explain the rules for safe operation of their jet ski rentals. For more information, call them at (609) 492-1342.
  • Beach Haven Water Sports offers single, double, and tripleperson jet skis. They offer rentals for 30, 45, or 60-minute intervals. Life preservers are provided to help keep you safe. For more information, call them at 609-492-7500.

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Watersports goes beyond Jet Ski Rentals

After the exhilarating experience of jet skiing, slow down and try your hand at kayaking or stand up paddle boarding. All of the jet ski rental facilities in Long Beach Island also offer rental options for these relaxing sports. Kayaking provides the opportunity to slow down and take the sights in. You can paddle around the island, stop to have a picnic, and enjoy a day on the water, set your own pace.

Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is the newest trend in water sports. It feels a little like surfing and kayaking while standing. It is a great workout while breaking from the pace of life. Stand up paddle boarding allows you to connect with the ocean and experience the ebb and flow of the water. It’s often taught as an extension of beachfront yoga.

If you are still looking for an extreme water sports experience, parasailing might be the ticket! This is a great way to experience Long Beach Island from a whole different perspective. Some people would rather go big or go home. Rather than experiencing the island as an ocean creature, you will soar like a bird – on a parasail.

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Gear up for your jet ski rental in Long Beach Island

It is important to be prepared for each of these activities. Since all of these involve water, a bathing suit or wetsuit is obviously recommended. In addition, a tight fitting SPF shirt to help retain body heat while protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Athletic-style sunglasses should also be worn to help protect your eyes from the salty seawater and sunshine. If you are looking forward to a jet ski rental, be sure to wear tight fitting clothes and avoid wearing a hat or other items that would fly off easily. Be sure to pack a bottle of water so that you can replenish your body after all the fun activities found on Long Beach Island. You might even want to bring lunch. Jet skis have a cubby where you store a few items that you want to keep dry. Most importantly, always wear your life preserver to keep you while you’re having fun on the water.

Discover your love for watersports in LBI

Vacation Guide to Long Beach Island 2017Long Beach Island and its eighteen miles of sandy shore are calling your name! Don’t miss out on thrilling and relaxing shore activities that help to melt the stress of life away.



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