Kid-friendly LBI Restaurants on the Beach

A long day at the beach will work up the appetite! Long Beach Island is full of places to grab a bite, but some are better than others when travelling with the kids. Find out where to find the best kid-friendly LBI restaurants on the beach – before their bellies begin to growl.

Great LBI Restaurants on the Beach

lbi restaurantsAre you overdue for some great food? The Jersey Shore has some of the best food on the east coast. Locally caught seafood and fresh produce are readily available in beach towns throughout the Garden State.

Scenic Dining Atmosphere

Long Beach Island is a wonderful family destination because it offers the best of both worlds: the wild, natural beauty of the countryside and beaches, plus an exciting hub of shops, restaurants, and other attractions. The southern end of Long Beach Island is the most popular because you can find everything within a stone’s throw of the beach. Delicious family-friendly restaurants are within walking distance of the seaside. LBI restaurants on the beach provide atmosphere and a great view as you satisfy your appetite.

kid friendly restaurants in lbi

Convenience is Key

LBI restaurants on the beach are superbly convenient! These eateries are casual. If you’d rather not go back to the hotel to change, just shake off the sand and throw on a cover up before heading to the restaurant. When the kids are getting hungry, you can leave your blankets and towels behind and take a short walk for some food. Whether you’re craving a succulent platter from a seafood restaurant or you want some ice cream between meals, you’ll find what you want without much trouble.

Summer vacations in LBI are supposed to be easy and fun. LBI restaurants on the beach make it easy to find amazing food quickly, without sacrificing too much time.

Choose a Kid-Friendly Restaurant To Impress the Whole Family

When you’re spending money to eat out, you want to make the whole family happy. The menu should impress both the experimental samplers and the picky eaters in your group. Atmosphere is important, too. You’ll need a casual space where it’s okay to be a little noisy.

Not every “family restaurant” is kid-friendly. Here are some basic things to look for:

  • Minimal waiting time

Trying to get kids to stand still during a long wait for a table can dampen the fun of eating out. Don’t let strained nerves and tested tempers spoil your family meal. Check on Trip Advisor to get an idea of the waiting times for the restaurant you want to try.

  • Kids’ Menu

Not all restaurants offer a reasonably priced, well-rounded kids menu. Even if you plan to introduce new foods, have backup plan while dining out with kids- just in case they don’t fancy eating a crab or something else unusual. A kids’ menu ensures there are familiar foods, and that your kids will be content.

  • Cleanliness

If the restaurant looks dirty at first glance, there’s likely more germs and grime than just sand on the outside tables. Even LBI restaurants on the beach should be tidy and bathrooms should be clean. Don’t take your family to a restaurant that isn’t sanitary, especially with kids who put their hands in their mouths and often end up on the floor.

lbi restaurants on the beach

Gluten-Free and Vegan LBI Restaurants on the Beach

When families are traveling, trying to keep to a specific diet can become overwhelming. Easy meals usually override healthy choices on vacation. If you’re serious about sticking to your diet, or you have kids with certain food allergies or intolerances, keep a list of these three diet-friendly restaurants in Long Beach Island.

  1. The Chicken Or The Egg is a popular local eatery with great American food and gluten-free choices on the menu. Be sure to arrive early though, or call ahead, for faster service.
  2.  Carmen’s offers Italian and American cuisine with a stress on seafood, also with excellent gluten-free options. Carmen’s is located on the main strip in Beach Haven, LBI.
  3. Living on the Veg is a vegan restaurant with a great reputation for delicious healthy food. For those who think vegan means blah-and-boring, the scrumptiousness of these dishes will change your mind. Here, your whole family can all share dishes and no one feels left out!

The Convenience of Restaurants in Hotels

If you’re planning to stay in LBI for more than two or three days, it’s best to choose a hotel that also has an on-site restaurant. Although exploring local cuisine is fun and exciting, you’ll quickly come to appreciate the convenience of a restaurant right on-site – especially if you have young children or a busy schedule of planned activities.

Spray Beach Hotel is one local hotel with an on-site restaurant, a family-friendly ambience, and great-tasting food. Their restaurant is locally famous. It used to be simply called the Spray Beach Hotel Restaurant, but this dining experience has become so big that it deserved its own name: The Sand Dollar Restaurant. Check out a breakfast menu that will give you all the energy you need to tackle another fun day in LBI, a lunch menu that includes classic American favorites and seafood dishes, and an extensive dinner selection. There’s indoor and outdoor seating, and kids’ options are available also.

Beach Hut Bar & Oceanfront Pavilion

The Beach Hut Bar & Oceanfront Pavilion is located right on the beach! Steps away from the water, you can just go straight from the sea to a cool, refreshing drink (juice and soda options for kids, frozen cocktails and chilled beer for adults). Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served right there on the beach from the Oceanfront Pavilion.

Treat your Family to LBI Restaurants on the Beach!

lbi restaurantsWith a little bit of planning, you will enjoy every meal during your stay in LBI! Get ready to take full advantage of the best LBI restaurants on the beach and great eateries along the main strip. The food in Long Beach Island and the ambiance of the beach makes for a family-friendly summer vacation to remember.