Getting Around on Long Beach Island: The LBI Shuttle

One thing about vacation planning often goes overlooked: hassle-free transportation. Nobody wants to be bothered with expensive rental cars and finding the right parking spaces. The LBI Shuttle is one of Long Beach Island’s best-kept secrets. It’s convenient, it’s reliable, and it’s free!

What is the LBI Shuttle

Riding on the LBI shuttle is a safe, comfortable and eco-friendly way to cover the 18-mile island. However, the very best part about the LBI shuttle is that it’s absolutely free for the locals and the tourists. With quite a few easy to locate designated stop areas, all you need to do is signal a trolley and you will traveling effortlessly to your next destination. Catering to the young, the not so young, and the disabled, all LBI Shuttles are strollers and wheel chair accessible. There’s no better way to explore the many beach towns on Long Beach Island.

When does the LBI Shuttle Run?

The online Shuttle Schedule provides information on the availability of the shuttle during peak season. Shuttle operations begin around Memorial Day weekend and continue through early October. The LBI Shuttle starts out the year with weekends-only service but it goes full swing for peak season, from June 27th to September 5th.

Are you looking for hassle-free transportation that will serve you during the off-season? You can still rent a shuttle that holds fourteen people for the cost of $300, year round.

Here’s a look at the 2017 LBI Shuttle schedule:

Memorial Day Weekend

  • Friday May 27th from 3pm -11pm
  • Saturday May 28th from 10 am-11pm
  • Sunday May 29th from 10am-11pm
  • Monday May 30th 10am-10pm

June 3rd to June 26th

  • Fridays from 3pm -11pm
  • Saturdays 10am-11pm
  • Sundays 10am- 10pm

June 27th to September 5th

  • Sunday – Thursday 10am-10pm
  • Friday- Saturday 10am-11pm

September 9th to October 3rd

  • Friday 3pm-11pm
  • Saturday 10am-11pm
  • Sunday 10am-10pm


Take Advantage of the LBI Shuttle Features

Whether it’s just a weekend getaway or a full-blown summer vacation, you deserve to have a safe and carefree experience with your family. Here is how you can boost you LBI Shuttle experience and come into great deals while you ride around town.

There are two simple things to do before heading to Long Beach Island:

  1. Download the LBI Shuttle App

You can download the LBI Shuttle App to your smartphone so it’s even easier to use the shuttle when you’re getting around on Long Beach Island. This app will show you a map of the shuttle stop locations, and give you an estimated time of arrival so that you know exactly where and when to catch the next shuttle. This significantly reduces the time you will have to wait around.

  1. Get Coupons and Deals

Looking for great deals and coupons to use while on the island? As if the free LBI Shuttle rides were not enough, passengers also will receive free coupons and special offers from local businesses.

LBI ShuttleOther Ways to Travel on Long Beach Island

If you prefer to use an alternative method of transportation besides the LBI Shuttle, there are some other options available to you. These options will not be as convenient and it’s going to cost you, but here are some other ways to get around Long Beach Island:

Driving a Car

If your idea of fun involves riding around in the comfort of your own vehicle, you’re not alone. You can control the temperature and music and avoid having to share space with a stranger if you take your own car. Long Beach Island is a driver-friendly place with clearly marked streets and plenty of parking. If you’re staying at a conveniently located LBI hotel, your best option is to park your car in the hotel parking lot since the street parking fills up quickly in the summer. There are also parking lots scattered around the island but you should expect to spend between $10-20 each time you want to park your car in such a place.

Taking a Taxi

If you want to take a car but you don’t want to deal with driving or parking, a taxicab might be the right choice. Besides the convenience of going directly to your destination without making stops along the way, a taxi is better than the LBI shuttle because you don’t need to think about operating hours. The LBI shuttle stops runs by 11pm most nights, so you’ll need a different ride home if you’re staying out very late. There are several taxi services that you could call if you don’t find an empty cab on the street as you’re out and about.

Riding a Bicycle

Bike riding is a fantastic experience on Long Beach Island. It is a safe and convenient way to get around, especially since there is a bike riders lane on the main streets. Rental bikes are easy to find in Beach Haven and Ship Bottom, and they’re very affordable. You can rent bikes for your whole family for less money than a taxi would cost in most cases. There’s a popular bike loop and pedal-friendly trails all over the island.

The Free LBI Shuttle Makes Vacation Easy & Breezy

The free LBI Shuttle is a sweet bonus for visitors traveling to Long Beach Island. As big as the Island is, there are

amazing things to see in all

six beach towns, from the south end of Beach Haven and all the way up to the northern tip of Barnegat Light. Don’t limit yourself to once little place. Explore all that LBI has to offer and make good use of this easy breezy free transportation service!