LBIF truly is the Long Beach Island Foundation of Arts and Sciences!

For nearly 70 years, the Long Beach Island Foundation of Arts and Sciences (LBIF) has provided local residents and visitors with creative and inspiring activities. LBIF is the place to find amazing things to do for all ages, all year round.

Discover the Arts at Long Beach Island Foundation

For the Kids

There are various rich activities offered for Long Beach Island Foundation’s youth. Perhaps your child loves creating beautiful and unique pieces of art. LBIF is the perfect place to let your inner artist create. The Foundation offers Saturday classes for creating ceramic works of art. Or maybe your child likes to work with words. LBIF’s writing seminars help children to learn the entire writing process, from the brainstorming stage all the way through to publication.

Maybe science or outdoor adventures are more your child’s wheelhouse. Discover Natural Science at Long Beach Island Foundation on Discovery Wednesdays and Discovery Fridays. These weekly sessions focus on the natural habitats that are unique to Long Beach Island. Participants learn about the flora and fauna native to the Jersey Shore.

LBIF also offers fun Family Nights. These Family Nights encourage families to put the technology away and enjoy family time, participating in a variety of events. These events range from exploring the Atlantic City Aquarium to enjoying a show from the Bellarine Theatre Company. Family Nights are the perfect chance for your family to reconnect.

During the summer months, The Long Beach Island Foundation of Arts and Sciences offers summer camps. LBIF summer camps are available to children ages 3 to 16. Morning camp sessions are designed for the artists while the afternoon camp is focused on science. The morning camp sessions feature a unique artist each week, giving little creatives the opportunity to glean real life experience from Long Beach Island foundation artists.

For the Young at Heart

Never fear, the LBIF has an assortment of activities for those who are young at heart. Maybe you have always wanted to dabble in ceramics. Well, the LBIF offers classes for adults to learn and hone their skills in creative ceramics. If ceramics is not your cup of tea, let your inner artist explore the world of watercolors or drawing. Or, maybe you have always wished you could learn a foreign language. The LBIF has multiple opportunities for you to learn Italian, a classic romance language.

The LBIF believes in the preservation of all forms of art, which starts with education and appreciation. The Foundation is continually providing the community with lectures featuring guest artists and curators. If lectures are not for you, the Foundation hosts various film festivals, art exhibits, and workshops.

For a little extra fun, the LBIF hosts Adult Night Out. This is the perfect opportunity to gather a few friends, bring along some adult beverages, and have fun creating something unique.

Discover Science and Health at LBIF

Long Beach Island is the perfect place to explore the areas of ecology, biology, and environmental studies. The Long Beach Island Foundation of Arts and Sciences has recognized the special characteristics of the island. LBIF has created Science Saturdays and Discovery Days for kids and adults to enjoy. These science days often feature guest experts who educate residents and guests on the unique features of LBI and how best to preserve them. Preservation and sustainability are important subjects to this environment.

Knowing the unique features of the environment and ecosystem of Long Beach Island, LBIF began providing guided tours. These tours are approximately two hours long through the nature preservation. During the tour guests, will experience first-hand the bay, beach, marshland, and upland.

LBIF recognizes and understands the uniqueness of Long Beach Island’s salt marsh. This pushed them to provide a continual view of the ecosystem for everyone to observe throughout the year. The LBIF Marsh Cam has been the perfect addition to the science loving Foundation.

A unique feature to LBIF is the rain garden. This special area of the property features specific landscaping techniques that work best with the low lying environment. The landscaping features the best plants and layout for proper soil absorption, which is healthiest for ecosystem.

The perfect compliment to the environmental sciences is the focus on health and wellness at Long Beach Island Foundation. Hiking and exploring the LBI ecosystem is a great way to increase your health and wellness. LBIF offers adult yoga on the weekends. These yoga sessions are held on an LBIF deck that overlooks Barnegat Bay. It’s a great setting for meditation and rejuvenation. LBIF wants to make sure you are continually moving, too. They offer a variety of aerobics classes.

Special Events and Partnerships

Weddings and Parties

Long Beach Island Foundation is the perfect wedding venue for your Jersey Shore dream wedding. LBIF offers beach access for a waterfront ceremony, a perfect summer cocktail hour on the deck overlooking Barnegat Bay, and a cultured reception in the main gallery. Everyone will be talking about your wedding for years to come.

LBIF is a great place to host a party for any occasion! No matter the time of year, LBIF can provide the perfect setting for your celebration. Remember the Long Beach Island Foundation next time you’re planning a birthday party for a fun loving kid or even a business conference where creativity is key.

Annual Events

Each summer, LBIF offers special events for the residents and vacationers on LBI. These events range from film festivals to a fine arts festival. Additionally, LBIF hosts summer parties. These parties celebrate LBI and its unique ecosystem and culture. Don’t miss out on the fun!


LBIF’s amazing facilities and events are made possible through the amazing partnerships they have developed. A major supporter of LBIF is the New Jersey State Council on the Arts. Other partners include Home Depot, Servpro, Reynolds Landscaping, Bellarine Theatre Co., Ocean County New Jersey Board of Freeholders, and many others.

Long Beach Island Foundation of Arts and Science

If you want a break from the beach or you’re looking for a rainy day activity, Long Beach Island Foundation of Arts and Science is definitely the place to go. LBIF offers activities and events for everyone. Enjoy the wonders of the Long Beach Island Foundation of Arts of Science.