15 Long Beach Island Summer Vacation Must-Haves

A good old-fashioned Long Beach Island summer vacation is full of sun, sand, and laughter. It’s a chance to unplug, unwind, and create lasting memories with your family! Get ready to spend time at the beautiful beaches on LBI, but don’t forget to pack these 15 must-haves for your trip!

Get Ready for Your Long Beach Island Summer Vacation

Vacation Guide to Long Beach Island 2017All winter long, most of us dream about summer weather. No more bulky coats and frostbite. No more shivering as you change clothes and no more wet footprints in the house. Start making plans for your Long Beach Island summer vacation while it’s still ugly outside, and you’ll be ready by the time the gorgeous warm weather comes around. As you make your plans and book your hotel reservations, don’t forget to make a packing list of must-have items for your trip!

General Summer Essentials for Long Beach Island

Your packing list for summer vacation might include the usual, like bathing suits, lightweight clothing, and toiletries, but what about those extra items you’ll want once you’re settled in? Here are some things to pack for your Long Beach Island summer vacation:

  1. Camera:  You’ll want to make these moments last through photos! Take lots of pictures of you and your family on Long Beach Island, and snap a few of the scenery, too. There is a beautiful sunrise and sunset on full display in the sky over the ocean. Staying at a beachfront resort will give you a breathtaking view for sunrises every day of your vacation.
  2. Flip Flops:  The most convenient and versatile article in your summer vacation wardrobe will be a pair of flip flops. You and your loved ones can easily rinse off the sand from the beach, and slip them on and off within seconds. Don’t waste time your vacation time messing around with “real shoes,” and especially avoid lace-ups.
  3. A Great Book:  Whatever genre it is that you prefer, a beach day is always better with a book in your hand. Depending on the ages of your kids, you’ll need a pair of eyes on them to keep them safe, but you will still have an opportunity to make a dent in a book you’re waiting to read. Steal time away for yourself in those in-between moments.
  4. Water-Proof Phone Case:  All it takes is a slip or a splash, and a cell phone can be history. (A common nightmare for visitors and locals alike) A waterproof phone case is an worthwhile investment, especially if you’re snapping photos by the water. You’ll be glad you have it protected, just incase!
  5. Sun Protection:  From the beaches and bays to waterparks and outdoor shopping malls, expect to enjoy plenty of sunshine. Nothing will ruin a vacation quite like bad sunburn.  Bring sunscreen, hats, and cover ups with SPF to protect your skin from the sun. Also bring After-Sun or aloe gel so you can soothe your sun-kissed skin after a relaxing bath.

Long Beach Island Must-Haves for a Great Beach Day

Nothing compares to the beauty of Long Beach Island’s beaches, and summer vacation is the perfect time to fully enjoy them.  Here are some must-haves for planning a beach day on LBI:

  1. Beach Blanket:  Not only a place to rest on the beach during the day, but a beach blanket can be used wrap yourself up on cool summer nights while listening to the water hit the sand. Bring a beach blanket that’s large enough to cover your whole family, or give everyone a place to sit while enjoying a picnic lunch.
  2. A Bucket for Shells:  You’ll be amazed at the beautiful seashells and treasures that wash up on shore everyday.  Don’t forget to bring a bucket with you to collect some as a souvenir! Kids will absolutely love searching the sands for pieces of sea glass and beautiful shells. Adults will too, and you can use them to make a decoration for your house or something else if you’re crafty!
  3. Beach Games:  From the classic game of paddle ball (easy to pack and carry with you) to games like spike ball and kan jam, beach-friendly games are great fun with family and friends. Pack a new game to try out during your Long Beach Island summer vacation.
  4. Baby Powder:  Is there anything worse than snacking on the beach and feeling the grit of sand between your teeth as you chew? Yuck! The insider secret to avoiding sandy hands is to pack a bottle of baby powder. Rubbing a bit of baby powder onto sandy hands will make it easy to rub away the sticky grains before you eat. Plus, it will spare your car seats the mess when your kids are covered from head to toe.
  5. Insulated Cooler:  Nothing cools you down better on a hot summer beach day than a cold drink. Keep ice-filled coolers in the shade and cover them with a towel for extra insulation! Stock up with bottles of water and juice to keep everyone happy and hydrated.

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Long Beach Island Must-Haves for Trying Something New

You should plan to take at least a day off from the beach routine, and experience the other things that LBI offers. You might take a break from the beach by choice, or you may need a Plan B for rain during summer vacation, just in case. Give yourself a chance to try something new during your Long Beach Island summer vacation! Here are some things you’ll need to take:

  1. A Sense of Adventure:  Your Long Beach Island summer vacation is the perfect time to try something new, like parasailing or kite surfing.  Bring a sense of adventure with you and you’ll be ready to sign up and try your hand at an exciting activity.
  2. The SandPaper:  This free local newspaper features news and events happening all over Long Beach Island, including nightlife, restaurants, and free outdoor concerts that happen in towns all up and down the Island.  You can grab a copy of The SandPaper at many newsstands along the Boulevard (the main road) or at most stores and hotels.
  3. Back Up Plans:  Unfortunately, rain happens sometimes when we’re not expecting it.  Fortunately, summertime rain showers do not last very long, but rather than keeping indoors during rain, venture out and explore some different activities that Long Beach Island has to offer, like the Maritime Museum or the Arcade at Fantasy Island, both located in Beach Haven.
  4. Sea Legs:  A sunset cruise on the Black Pearl is a fantastic way to experience a sunset on the bay, so get ready to stretch your sea legs with the rhythm of the gentle waves over Barnegat Bay. This ship also hosts family-friendly pirate cruises where your kids will get to dress up like pirates and have an adventure of their own as you sit back and enjoy the ride.
  5. Your Appetite:  There are endless dining options to take advantage of during your Long Beach Island summer vacation!  From casual to fancy, from sushi to ice cream, you’ll need to have a big appetite if you want to get the most out the best LBI restaurants. The freshly caught seafood is to die for, and you’ll love sipping on fruity iced beverages in the fresh air with a beachfront view. This is without a doubt the way to spend summer at the Jersey Shore!

A Long Beach Island Summer Vacation Stays with You!

Vacation Guide to Long Beach Island 2017Being prepared is the best way to enjoy your Long Beach Island summer vacation, but even if you forget some of the essentials, there are plenty of shops and grocery stores around. If you’re staying in Beach Haven or the surrounding areas, you will have no problem finding a place to grab any items that you have forgotten.  The most important must-haves for an awesome, memorable Long Beach Island summer vacation are the people you love and treasure the most!