Date Night Romance: Waterfront Dining on Long Beach Island

When planning a romantic dinner, the most important thing to choose is the restaurant. Great ambiance and a delicious menu are crucial for your special date night. What’s better than waterfront dining on Long Beach Island? Download our LBI dining guide.

Reasons to Set a Date for Waterfront Dining on Long Beach Island

lbi restaurantsYou simply can’t go wrong making plans for waterfront dining on Long Beach Island. Here are a few reasons to reserve a table and go to dinner at one of the great restaurants along the oceanfront or on the bayside of LBI.

  • Waterfront dining appeals to all of the senses

There’s nothing as relaxing and rejuvenating as the kiss of the sea breeze. Dining al fresco or at a table in front of an open window is the best way to spend a midsummer night. As a matter of fact, waterfront dining provides a feeling of serenity. With the sounds of waves hitting the shore, the sights of the glistening water, the invigorating feeling of breezy salt air, and the savory tastes and aromas of brilliantly prepared food, what more can you ask for? Waterfront dining on Long Beach Island appeals to all of the senses, furnishing a memory that will last.

  • Scenic restaurants provide a romantic atmosphere

Whether it’s a simple date night or part of your plan to pop the question, your date should be bursting with romance. There is nothing that speaks the language of love better than the natural scenic views of the ocean and the bay. Long Beach Island has plenty of old fashioned beach town charm to go around. With such a romantic atmosphere, you’ll no doubt have a chance to lean in for a kiss before dessert is served.

  • Great waterfront restaurants on Long Beach Island

Waterfront dining is a no-brainer if you’re planning a dinner date on Long Beach Island. There are plenty of excellent restaurants along the oceanfront and bayside. Weather you’re looking to set a casual mood or a relish in an upscale setting, find the perfect place for waterfront dining on Long Beach Island. Additionally, there are oceanfront hotels with amazing restaurants on site, in case you are planning to stay over on Long Beach Island for the night or weekend. That’s the ideal scenario for a romantic night with your love.

  • Waterfront dining at your hotel is most convenient

On Long Beach Island, it’s hard to resist the easy, laid back vibes and the fun loving spirit of the community. You’ll have fun in the sun with your partner all day and feel yourselves falling in love all over again in the quiet of night. Staying at an oceanfront hotel is a no-fuss, convenient way to plan your trip. Have dinner at the hotel restaurant, and afterwards enjoy live entertainment and drinks at the beachfront pavilion, then head up to your room for a dip in the Jacuzzi tub before bed. Avoid the hassle of driving home and beating traffic. The night will be yours to enjoy.

Best Hotels to Book for Waterfront Dining on Long Beach Island

There are several oceanfront hotels to consider for a romantic LBI date night. Set your heart on enjoying freshly caught seafood and sipping fancy drinks in a scenic waterfront environment. This is the truest way to experience Long Beach Island dining!

If your vision for a date includes staying overnight and waterfront dining on Long Beach Island, the two most recommended oceanfront hotels are Spray Beach Hotel and Seashell Resort & Beach Club. Besides great lodging accommodations, these two have the best onsite restaurants.

1. Spray Beach Hotel & Restaurant

With beautiful views of beaches and a constant ocean breeze, Spray Beach Hotel is a great place for a romantic night or weekend. Stay in an oceanfront room with a private beach entrance or enjoy pampering yourself in a Jacuzzi suite. There are tiki bars and lounging areas around the pool and the beachfront pavilion. You will love what’s on the menu at Sand Dollar Restaurant.

2. Seashell Resort & Beach Club

One of the best Beach Haven hotels, Seashell Resort & Beach Club is a luxurious place to stay on Long Beach Island. Developed with the state of Florida in mind, this gem provides everything you’d want for a formal wedding or even a spring break getaway. This hotel boasts of 53 rooms that will help to make your beach vacation feel relaxing and comfortable. The Seashell Resort & Beach Club has an oceanfront restaurant that is well known among locals.

Tips for Making Waterfront Dining on Long Beach Island Memorable

Here are some tips to help make the most of waterfront dining on Long Beach Island. Plan ahead and know what to expect for a romantic dinner date that is smooth sailing!

  • Make reservations ahead of time

Though sometimes unnecessary, making reservations is always a wise move, especially around the peak of summer.

  • Think about what to order

According to “15 Sexy Foods to Order on a Date” published by Fox News, the food that you order will establish chemistry with the person sitting across from you. The items suggested for a romantic date include a glass of wine, pasta, salmon, salad, a burger, and steak.

  • Don’t skip the seafood

If you enjoy seafood, make sure you sample the king crab legs and other fresh catches whenever you’re waterfront dining on Long Beach Island. LBI has an active fishing industry in Viking Village on the northern end of the island, and the seafood served at oceanfront restaurants is as fresh as you can get! On the flip side, if you have seafood allergies you should make this very clear before you order to be safeguard against cross contamination. An allergy flare up is a sure way to ruin a romantic date night, so be aware that seafood is a huge part of waterfront dining on Long Beach Island.

  • Prepare for the environment

Waterfront dining in the evening can be a bit chilly, even in the summertime. Bring a light jacket with you or dress accordingly. You can also expect to brush shoulders with a ton of other vacationers and a good number of locals. LBI is busy in the summer, so expect to share space with other friendly people. If you want some privacy, be sure to ask for a table in a corner when booking a reservation.

Date Nights and Beyond: Waterfront Dining on Long Beach Island, NJ

lbi restaurantsWaterfront dining on Long Beach Island is a great choice for just about any occasion. Besides a romantic first date or a plan for a proposal, celebrate your other special occasions at the oceanfront restaurants on LBI. The ambiance is especially perfect for engagement parties and wedding rehearsal dinners, birthdays, anniversaries, or promotions. Celebrate a milestone or just treat yourself and someone you love, with waterfront dining on Long Beach Island!