The Free Shuttle on LBI

Get Around LBI with the FREE Shuttle Service!

Have you heard about the easiest mode of transportation on Long Beach Island? Thanks to the free shuttle on LBI, your next family vacation will be a breeze!

Ride the Shuttle on LBI for Free

A free shuttle on LBI was recently launched simply to give tourists and locals a lift. The LBI Chamber of Commerce keeps this service operating smoothly. The shuttles run on a frequent schedule all summer and there is no cost to ride. Each one is handicap accessible. Wait time is only 5 to 20 minutes maximum and you can board at any intersection along the route. It’s the best way to travel on the island!

Summer Schedule

LBI Shuttle AppThe shuttle on LBI gets warmed up over Memorial Day weekend and continues running through early October. Service is in full swing from June 29 – September 7, operating daily from 8am until 10 or 11pm. If your vacation is planned for late May/early June or towards the end of the season, you’ll be able to ride weekends only. Download the app to get the schedule. (Plus coupons for the local hot spots!)

The Route

The shuttle on LBI covers the full 18-mile long stretch of the island. Long Beach Blvd. (also known as “The Boulevard”) runs down the center of the island. LBI’s free shuttles travel up and down The Boulevard for the majority of the route. At certain points, the shuttle leaves the main strip to hit surrounding blocks, but shortly returns to the Boulevard. For specifics on the route, you can refer to the notes by LBI Chamber of Commerce.

Inside Tip: LBI’s shape is long and narrow which makes it convenient to get around. The Boulevard is walking distance to the ocean on one side, and the bay on the other. Even the widest point of the island is less than half of a mile across.

Safer Streets

LBI’s shuttle service actually makes the island a safer place to visit. This busing method reduces the number of vehicles on the road and helps to alleviate summer traffic jams. Another benefit to the LBI shuttle service is the availability of a safe ride home. It’s so easy to catch a shuttle on the Boulevard. Whether you’ve had a few drinks or are too exhausted to drive home, you can count on the shuttle to be as your designated driver.

If You Prefer to Drive, You Can

Are you someone who would rather drive your own car, even when it’s less convenient? Maybe you don’t like taking public transportation. That’s okay- LBI is a very driver friendly place! The street names are clearly marked and the grid layout makes it easy to find your way around.


You will find parking lots and spots on the street throughout the island, but there is no guarantee that parking will be easy. Thankfully, now that shuttles are available, less people are driving their cars around LBI. You may actually have an easier time finding a parking spot this summer. Also, remember to park your car in your hotel’s parking lot whenever it’s an option.

Taxi Cabs

You can also get around the island by taxi. Several cab companies service LBI, but unlike the shuttles, there is a cost and it does get expensive. The shuttles stop running by 11pm, so have a phone number for a taxi handy if you plan to stay out late. Sometimes cabs will circle around LBI looking for passengers, but you’re better off being prepared.

LBI is safe for cyclists and pedestrians

Pedaling around Long Beach Island is a great way to go. You’ll get fresh air, exercise and a suntan at the same time when you take a bicycle. Bicycle Lanes and Rentals There are bicycle lanes on the streets throughout LBI, and drivers are accustomed to watching out for bikes. You will be safe pedaling through these beach towns, but take precautions if you’re riding after dark. You can bring your own bike, or rent one from a shop after you check in. For prices and rental shop locations, see 5 Places to Rent a Bike on LBI.

shuttle on LBIGoing on Foot

The layout of downtown LBI is great for walking because there are sidewalks everywhere. Want to walk from the beach to the restaurant and then go shopping? Go straight to Beach Haven. This section is considered the heart of LBI and you’ll find everything within a short distance.

Walking Tours

If you like to walk around and learn a town’s history, you should go on a walking tour. Long Beach Island Museum gives tours of historical Beach Haven. This is a very affordable family activity. You could also explore the other areas of LBI and use the shuttle to get back and forth.

Take Advantage of the free shuttle on LBI

The LBI free shuttle makes it easier than ever to navigate all parts of the 18-mile long island. This is a convenient way to get around LBI even with a wheelchair or stroller, because the shuttles are handicap accessible. If you’re driving a car, it’s best to utilize your hotel’s parking lot and avoid summer traffic. The sights and attractions, especially in Beach Haven, are accessible by foot and the town’s layout is safe and convenient. If you’re planning to explore different areas of Long Beach Island, don’t waste the fuel and time in your car. Ride the LBI free Shuttle to get around safely and efficiently!

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