Fantasy Island Amusement Park in Beach Haven

One of the Best Family-Friendly Attractions on LBI.

If you’re taking a family trip to Long Beach Island this summer, don’t leave without having an evening at Fantasy Island Amusement Park in Beach Haven. Great fun for kids and equally enjoyable for grownups, Fantasy Island is a charming and famous attraction. It’s easy to spot the giant Ferris wheel from miles away, so you can leisurely head over to the park on Seventh Street in Beach Haven.

Things to Do at Fantasy Island

Rides and Games

There is no charge to enter the Fantasy Island amusement park in Beach Haven, so adults can essentially chaperone for free. The rides, games and concessions in the park are paid for individually. Practically all rides cost 3-5 tokens each, with the exception of MaxFlight, which costs 7 tokens to
ride. If a child doesn’t meet the height requirement for certain rides, a parent can accompany for an extra 2 tokens. All throughout Fantasy Island, you’ll see carnival-style games that are fun for the whole family!

Eats and Treats

Grab lunch at Gator’s Grill, a classic burger joint offering sandwiches, subs and sides.
The Island Kid Meals are served in a Fantasy Island Beach Pail, so they will have a
useful souvenir to take with them. You’ll also find all of the favorite carnival snacks like
pretzels, popcorn and cotton candy. Fantasy Delights, a gourmet ice cream parlor, is
also a worthwhile place to line up for a treat if you’re in the mood for a milkshake, a
funnel cake, or some good old-fashioned ice cream.

Special Entertainment

During the summer, Fantasy Island has a schedule of free events in the park. You may
catch a magic show or a presentation featuring exotic animals. On weekends, you’ll see
a deejay setting the stage for an island summer dance party. A party can be thrown for an individual person, too! Fantasy Island has a great event package available for groups to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion. The party package includes three hours of rides, and soda and ice cream. A party of 8 kids will cost $160 – a great deal compared to paying $3-5 per child, per ride.

Year-round Fun at the Arcade

Fantasy Island’s arcade is a popular hang out spot for Beach Haven residents. The
arcade opens every day at noon during the summer and operates on a weekends-only
schedule during the off-season. The biggest prizes (such as top-of-the-line electronics) are easier to win if you go early and redeem your tickets before 3pm, because there’s a discount on those big prizes. The arcade is a great place to go on a rainy day or when you are killing time before the rest of the park opens up.


Fantasy Island Amusement Park in Beach Haven… The best place at the Jersey Shore to make great memories!

You’re probably planning to spend most of your hours at the beach to swim, sunbathe
and relax. The great thing about Beach Haven is the convenient layout. Everything you’ll
want to do with your family is nearby and easy to get to. Whether you walk a few blocks
from the beach to ride on the carousel, or you take a free shuttle to another part of the
island – there is a lot to do with your family on Long Beach Island.

After a day filled with sun and sand, it’s mesmerizing to walk around the carnival at night. You’ll be delighted with the sights and special events, and your children’s laughter will eventually turn into sleepy yawns. There is no better way to end a summer trip than to ride the giant Ferris wheel and gaze at the calm ocean waters.

The amusement park is open evenings from 6pm until around midnight. Also, remember that the arcade opens at noon.

Consider adding Fantasy Island to the list of things to do while you’re in LBI!



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