Top Ten Things You Need on the Beach in LBI

Ten things you need on the beach in LBI.

Enjoy the sun and sand in Long Beach Island. Is your family in need of some long overdue summertime fun? Head to Long Beach Island for a vacation that will transform your mind and uplift your spirit! In LBI, you’ll have everything you need for relaxation, adventure and carefree family fun. Getting an evenly golden suntan is the icing on the cake.

Before packing your tote, remember these ten things you need on the beach in LBI:

1. Beach Badges

Don’t be caught off guard without a beach tag. All public beaches on Long Beach Island (and most others along the Jersey Shore) require beach tags. Taggers walk around the beaches checking for badges, and if you don’t have one you will need to purchase one from the tagger. The cost for a daily pass is $5 in Beach Haven, LBI Township, and Barnegat Light. It’s slightly more expensive Harvey Cedars ($6) Ship Bottom ($7) and Surf City ($8). If you’re staying in LBI more than 3 days, the best option is to buy weekly badges. Even better, ask if your hotel provides beach badges for guests! Most of them do. (And if they don’t, they should!)

2. SPF 30 or higher

We all know of the dangers of unprotected sun exposure. If you are visiting the beach for the first time this season, your skin won’t ready for long hours of direct sun exposure. Make sure the sunblock you’re packing is SPF 30 or higher so you can protect your skin and avoid the risk of getting burned. For kids, it’s ideal to find SPF 50 or higher since their skin is more susceptible to the UV rays. The knowledge of skin cancer and its causes is prevalent and you’re probably already stocked up with sunscreen products. Just make sure you have a good base tan before you resort to using tanning oils with SPF 4 or 8.

3. Waterproof Band-Aids and Disinfectant

Have a mini first aid kit handy just in case.

If there’s a way to get hurt, kids will find the way! Be prepared for little boo-boos that can happen when running across shells or digging for treasures. If your child gets a small abrasion, you’ll want to keep it clean and avoid sand getting in it. Bring a small bottle of peroxide or antibacterial cream, and some waterproof Band-Aids.

4. Baby Powder or a Jug of Water

Get the sand off when you’re done. When it’s time to leave the beach, you’ll want to de-sand yourselves. Especially children seem to be bothered when dry sand is on their skin and clothing. Even if they don’t mind it, you won’t want them dragging sand into your car. There are five public showers in LBI, and most have a cost to use them and it’s better to avoid the hassle. Dry sand is easy to remove by rinsing or applying baby powder.

5. A Lightweight Blanket

Save your towels for drying off. It’s a good idea to bring a blanket to sit on or to spread out and take a nap. Sandy beach towels are no fun to dry off with, so it’s best to keep towels rolled up in a tote bag until it’s time to dry off. Instead use a blanket to cover the sand so everyone can find nice place to sit when it’s time to have a snack.

6. Hydration

Ice-cold bottles of water are worth the weight. It can be annoying to lug a cooler full of heavy water bottles to the beach. Having plenty of drinking water is essential though, so at least pack a bag with a few bottles in it. A trick frequent beachgoers use is to put water bottles in the freezer the night before. If you take frozen water bottles to the beach, the sun will melt it gradually and you’ll have cold water to drink when you become thirsty.

ten things you need on the beach in LBI

7. Chairs and an Umbrella

For an ideal setup, bring folding chairs and a beach umbrella. While many families prefer to pack LESS, it may actually make you more comfortable to take more. If you’re planning to stay at the beach for more than two hours, definitely bring a folding chair for each adult, to provide back support. You will want to take an umbrella especially if you have children under two with you. Providing a refuge from the sun is important in order to keep your little ones happy and cool. You can find places to rent chairs and umbrellas at certain beaches, and at most beach town hotels.

8. Cash

Tuck some cash into a safe place. While there isn’t much to buy on the beach, you should bring a little cash with you anyway. You might want to buy ice cream from the vendors on the beach, or you may need cash to buy badges if you forgot them or to rent chairs and an umbrella. You can’t use a credit card for these things so visit the ATM before you head to the beach. Bring your credit card too if you want to grab lunch at one of the surrounding restaurants.

9. Shades or a Visor

Wear sunglasses or a hat with a brim so you won’t have to squint. One thing is true about the beach- no matter how sunny it is it always seems to be bright! The water and white sand reflect the light in the sky and literally casts sunlight everywhere. Bring sunglasses or wear a visor or hat so you can comfortably watch out for your kids without shielding your eyes constantly with your hand. Also, if you’re planning to do some reading, shades will keep you from having to squint.

10. Flotation Devices

Help your little ones to brave the ocean. (Even when you’re within reach) If your kids aren’t great swimmers or they are unfamiliar with the ocean, make sure you bring an appropriate flotation device. Ideally, strap on a lifejacket or puddlejumper, but at the very least bring a tube or water wings. Ocean waves can be hard to predict, so you’ll want to be nearby your little one at all times. It’s good to use a flotation device because your kids will feel more secure when you explain how they can float. They will probably want to hold your hand (unless you have a fearless type) but the added layer of protection will encourage them to be brave and have fun in the water. If they’re comfortable letting go, the flotation device will help them not to fall under if a wave knocks them down.

Parent Tip: Pick a beach where lifeguards are on duty and listen for their whistles and directions. They will let you know if you are nearing a dangerous area and they’ll keep an eye on the changing tides.

Pack the ten things you need on the beach in LBI, and Don’t Take Much Else

ten things you need on the beach in LBIIf possible, try to pack light. A bag of sand toys, a net and a volleyball or Frisbee would be great to take. You might want to fill up a wagon and easily pull your kids and gear behind you to the beach. Just don’t take anything that will get ruined by exposure to the sun, sand or sea. If you wear your bathing suit with a summer outfit on top, pack the ten things listed above and bring some snacks, you will be set for a long day at the beach. Thankfully, Long Beach Island has many places to shop and eat that are accessible to the beach. You can easily leave for lunch and come back, or pop into a nearby store if you forgot to bring something important. The most convenient scenario is to stay at an oceanfront hotel and use the beach right out the door. This way, you can easily go back and forth to use the restroom or to shower before dinner.

For an easy vacation that is truly relaxing, prepare ahead of time and make sure you’ve packed the ten things you need on the beach in LBI.




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