Spray Beach Yacht Club in Beach Haven LBI

Spray Beach Yacht Club has been an institution of Beach Haven since 1922. This charming old-world- style yacht club has humble beginnings but has expanded to encompass much more than just boating.

Spray Beach Yacht Club wants you to Go Fish!

Vacation Guide to Long Beach Island 2017Fishing has become an important sport at Spray Beach Yacht Club. The yacht club offers ten different tournaments on a yearly basis. These tournaments started with the original Jersey Blues Tournament. This tournament was established by Past Commodore Walter Pyle. This tournament features angling of Bluefish. Other tournaments available are for all members of families.

In addition to the prizes given for the individual tournaments, Spray Beach Yacht Club offers two fishing awards. The Robert M. Hudson Award is awarded to a club member for furthering the sport of fishing. It is named in honor of past commodore Robert M. Hudson. The Fishing Committee Award is given to a club member who exudes an unwavering passion for the sport of fishing and complete confidence of angling.

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Sailing is SBYC’s Biggest Draw

The Spray Beach Yacht Club has humble beginnings starting with sailing and gatherings of bay sailors. Today, the number one activity is still sailing. The Yacht Club offers a number of different fleets. The Catboat fleet has been the shining star of the Yacht Club since its founding. There are a number of activities for those involved in the Catboat fleet. This includes a few fun races.

The catamaran fleet has been around for nearly 40 years. Spray Beach Yacht Club hosts catamaran races every other Saturday. In addition, the Yacht Club has been a host to the Division 11 Hobie regatta. Division 11 Hobie has been Spray Beach Yacht Club’s longest running regatta.

Spray Beach Yacht Club’s sunfish fleet is perfect for all individuals. They offer classes for those beginners learning how to sail to racing for the experienced sailor. For those who are new to this sport, the SBYC has sunfish boats available to learn on.


Spray Beach Yacht Club offers its members a four-month golf club. The golf club provides matches, mixed scrambles, tournaments, and inter-club matches. The Spray Beach Yacht Club has proposed to start a program for its junior members.


Another great sport that Spray Beach Yacht Club has established within their club is bicycling. The Spray Beach Yacht Club bicycling team meets multiple times a week for a typical eight-mile trek. Occasionally, the bicycling team goes as far as to ride between 20-30 miles. They are very welcoming to new bicyclists who are interested in learning more about the sport.

Special Events

Members of Spray Beach Yacht Club are invited to participate in a wide variety of special events. The club offers events throughout the year. The events range from jacket-and-tie formal events to casual dress activities. They host events for the whole family. In addition, the Spray Beach Yacht Club Auxiliary promotes classic favorites such as book clubs, bridge competitions, mahjong, and movie nights.

Don’t Forget the Kids

It has been a long tradition to involve and teach the next generations of Spray Beach Yacht Club members the wonders of the sea. The Juniors program was established in the 1920s. The Juniors program consists of more than just sailing. The program includes many fun activities that involve water parks, bon fires, and good old-fashioned fun!

Children of all ages are welcome to get involved with the Juniors program. Spray Beach Yacht Club encourages participants from early elementary all the way high school graduation. Each stage of the Juniors program offers age appropriate activities.

For the younger children, the program consists of learning water safety, and building confidence in the water and on a boat. For older children, the program consists of learning the ins and outs of sailing, tennis lessons, swimming lessons, and other social events. The Juniors program is also involved in annual fundraising events such as Family Game Night, a spaghetti dinner, and pancake breakfast.

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Weddings at the Yacht Club

Have you ever dreamed of having a nautical themed wedding? Spray Beach Yacht Club is the perfect venue for your magical day. This charming old-school yacht club has a big party room, perfect for the ceremony and/or reception as you can see in these wedding photos. Picture sailboats dotting the horizon as they bob with the ebb and flow of the ocean. The sound of the waves crashing on the shore. You and your significant other will be the captains of the day. Spray Beach Yacht Club, with its rich history and rustic beauty, is an ideal location for a fairytale LBI wedding.

Make memories at Spray Beach Yacht Club

Vacation Guide to Long Beach Island 2017Make Spray Beach Yacht Club your annual summer destination for you and your family. Enjoy all of the summer activities that Long Beach Island has to offer with your fellow sailors. Spray Beach Yacht Club offers a season full of healthy activities and happy memories, encouraging friendly competition and lasting love of the sea.