Best Hotels in LBI After Labor Day

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Pumpkin Spice. Changing leaves. Empty beaches. These are a few of our favorite things at the Jersey shore during the fall. This is the best time to come to LBI for a cheap, peaceful end of the year vacation! Here is our list of the best hotels in LBI after Labor Day.

Best Hotels in LBI After Labor Day

lbi hotelsAfter Labor Day has come and gone, the crowds of visitors return to their regular school year and full time work schedules. This leaves the bustling island dotted mainly with locals and the occasional tourist, in search of sweet end-of-season deals. This time of year, LBI hotels are eager to draw in the bargain-hunting tourists. The best LBI hotels are known for offering pretty sweet deals during their off season.

Spray Beach Hotel

Spray Beach Hotel is just one of the best hotels in LBI to stay after Labor. They offer three amazing deals for the financially savvy off-season weekender.

  1. The Stay 2 deal offers weekenders a chance to save money by staying two nights with $10 each night. That’s a savings of $20. With that, you should treat to a pizza dinner!
  2. The Stay 3 deal is even better. This deal is exactly the same as the Stay 2 deal but with $15 off each night. That’s a total of $45 saved!
  3. The Stay 4 deal is the best deal of the bunch. If you are able to get away for a long weekend, this is the ultimate way to save. With the Stay 4, you save a total of $20 off each night. That is a grand total of $80 saved, plus an amazing long weekend!

These deals are only offered when you stay a Friday or Saturday during the off-season. The off-season occurs from April 15th to June 7th and after Labor Day. With their amazing accommodations and famous onsite restaurant, this is one hotel you won’t want to miss!

Best Hotels in LBI After Labor DayMariner Motel

The Mariner Motel is an extension of the Spray Beach Hotel, and is still one the best hotels in LBI. The Mariner Motel is the budget friendly sister of the slightly more luxurious Spray Beach Hotel. The Mariner Motel offers the same off-season deals as Spray Beach Hotel. The Stay 2, Stay 3, and Stay 4 are exactly the same, but the motel’s general rates are even more budget friendly.

The Engleside Inn

The Engleside Inn is also considered to be one of the best hotels in LBI. This inn offers a number of deals after Labor Day during the fall. In peak season, this hotel tends to be very pricey so you should double check their dates and deals before you visit.

  • From the weeks of September 11th to October 3rd, the Engleside Inn offers a Fall Getaway deal. For this deal, if you check into a non-ocean view room Sunday, Monday or Tuesday for two nights, you will save $50 on a third night. This deal is only valid through December 31st.
  • Another fall getaway deal begins October 9th. This deal consists of checking into any room on any day for two consecutive nights and the third night is $50 off.
  • Don’t forget to check out Engleside Inn’s Extended Getaway where you check in for three consecutive nights and the fourth night is FREE!

Engleside Inn also offers a Dining package. This package is offered beginning October 5th. This package includes hotel accommodations and a $75 dining certificate. Please note, the dining accommodations are closed Monday and Tuesdays during the fall.

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Off Season Adventures

Just because the summer has ended does not mean the fun is over! LBI has a variety of fun fall festivities to participate in after Labor Day.

  • Chowderfest is such a fun time, and locals have been enjoying this festival for the past 28 years. Here is the perfect festivity to stay at one of the best hotels in LBI. Those who acquire tickets have all access to amazing chowders, chowder voting rights, amazing off season shopping deals, and awesome live entertainment!
  • The LBI International Kite Festival is a fairly new addition to the line up of things to do in LBI. This four-day festival hosts an amazing rainbow of colorful high-flying kites. There a variety of activities for the guests to participate in from races to educational presentations. And don’t forget about the after party!
  • In September, the town of Ship Bottom hosts an Irish festival. This festival hosts a variety of vendors, live traditional music and a 5k race.

These fall festivities are popular activities for both locals and tourists. If you are choosing to join the LBI communities for the festivals, be sure to book your stay at one of the best hotels in LBI.


Hang with the Locals in LBI After Labor Day

LBI offers cheap hotel visits and awesome festivals in the fall. The general atmosphere is even different during the offseason. Rather than ray soaking sunbathers, the shores are dotted with tranquil peace seekers enjoy the fresh air before colder weather hits. Come to LBI and treat yourself to the tranquility and peace of the Jersey shore during the autumn season!



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