Staying Safe While Having a Great Time in LBI This Summer

Trips to the Jersey Shore each summer are a tradition in the northeastern United States for decades, and going “down the shore” by car is an attractive option for vacation in the era of COVID-19. Driving to your destination presents less risk to your personal health and the health of your loved ones, and the city of Long Beach Island is not a long drive from most of the tri-state area.

Vacation During a Pandemic
Practicing social distancing in public places is still critically important, but Long Beach Island offers some of the best beaches and attractions on the Eastern seaboard. Additionally, thanks to the social distancing and isolation efforts by residents, the city of Long Beach Island has begun the process of reopening outdoor shopping and dining since June 15th.

If you plan to visit Long Beach Island this summer (and we highly recommend you do), there are a few modifications you should make to your vacation plans and activities while you’re here. Here are some of the best ways to stay safe this summer and still have a great time on Long Beach Island.

Determine Which Attractions are Open
The beach is the highlight of any summer vacation. But, you should also check out the other offerings Long Beach Island and the surrounding area have. National parks, outdoor shopping on the boardwalk and other outdoor activities are all a great way to leave your hotel room behind and get the most out of your much-needed vacation.

Tips for Traveling
Making the trip by car presents the least amount of restrictions and risks for contracting or spreading COVID-19 on vacation. You still need to practice social distancing when you stop for fuel, food and bathroom breaks, but it isn’t any different from practicing social distancing at home. Wear your mask, wash hands thoroughly and use hand sanitizer after touching shared surfaces.

Research the Safety Precautions at Your Hotel
Don’t be afraid to ask the management and staff of your prospective hotel which protocols and procedures they have in place to protect guests from the spread of COVID-19. Additionally, ask how often rooms are cleaned and disinfected and what you can do to make these important cleaning tasks easier for the staff during your stay.

Go for a Ride
Taking a bicycle for a ride along the beach is a great way to practice social distancing, get some healthy exercise and enjoy the sunshine and sea. Renting or bringing your own bike also means you won’t have to worry about finding a parking spot during the busiest season of the year. You may also want to consider renting a bike cart you can pull behind to make transporting your beach or shopping treasures that much easier.

If you’re not into self-powered transportation, rent a motorbike, ATV or another adventure vehicle and take a ride through some wilder areas of the island and the surrounding area. Furthermore, renting a beach golf cart or a UTV (utility all-terrain vehicle) during your stay will allow you to travel to the perfect section of the beach with plenty of shade and no burning sand under your feet.

Boating, parasailing and riding jet skis are all great activities that will keep you away from large crowds while satisfying your craving for a summer adrenaline rush.

Outdoor Dining
Enjoying family meals or fine dining while visiting LBI makes every trip memorable. One way you can make your trip safer is to dine at restaurants with outdoor dining facilities so you can enjoy delicious meals while social distancing.

Cooking out on the grill at your hotel or public parks is also a great way to enjoy the summer while avoiding crowds and enclosed spaces. It is also more cost-effective to cook out than to dine in or at a restaurant, so if you are traveling on a budget, cooking out is a great option.

What to Take on Your Trip

To protect yourself and others from spreading COVID-19, here are some important items to pack on your trip:

  • Pocket-sized bottles of hand sanitizer to carry with you at all times (60 percent alcohol concentration is best).
  • A larger bottle of hand sanitizer in the car for everyone to share.
  • A cloth mask for everyone in the family over age two.
  • Disinfectant for cleaning surfaces in your car, hotel room or rental.
  • Food, water and snacks for the whole trip (stores may be closed along the way).
  • Sufficient medication supplies, including OTC medications to last you the entire trip.
  • Toilet paper in case you can’t find an open restroom.

Long Beach Island has so much to offer visitors searching for an escape from social isolation and quarantine at home. More importantly, the city offers plenty of ways you can enjoy your summer fun without risking your health or the health of the people you love. Come and stay with us this summer, and make your 2020 summer vacation the most memorable one yet for all the right reasons.