Vacation Guide to Long Beach Island 2017

Our new Vacation Guide to Long Beach Island 2017 has everything you’ll want to know about LBI! There are a hundred reasons to visit this summer. Great hotels and restaurants, awesome attractions, and fun things to do draw vacationers to the island- even brides planning to have an LBI wedding! The local art scene, fishing, watersports, and shopping plazas will keep you busy whenever you need a break from the beaches.

Long Beach Island NJ VacationDownload the guide to keep this helpful info on hand. Remember to print our money-saving coupons before you go. Get ready to spend a perfect Long Beach Island 2017 summer doing what you love- and nothing more!

Things to Do on Long Beach Island 2017

What’s your idea of the perfect summer?  Do you want a place to relax and soak up the sun? Would your rather experience the thrill of surfing or parasailing over the water? Do you prefer fishing and crabbing in the bay? Whether you choose to sleep late then stroll onto the beach, or you plan to be out on the water first thing in the morning, your perfect summer vacation is just a bridge away in Long Beach Island, NJ.

Watch the sunrise over the ocean

Imagine waking up in your hotel room and walking down to the beach. It’s still dark outside and the town is quiet. You see the ebb and flow of the waves and as you walk through glistening grains of warm sand. Settling down on a blanket, you observe the view as bright rays of sunshine pierce through the clouds, painting the sky in fiery red, indigo, and soft pink. As the sun rises fully to cast a warm glow over Long Beach Island, everything feels right with the world. What a great way to start the day on summer vacation!

Vacation Guide to Long Beach Island 2017

Set the pace for your vacation

When this beach town gets moving in the late morning, you’ll feel a rush of energy mixed with a peaceful calm. You are on vacation! You have absolutely nothing to do, unless you want to. If you like the idea of lying on the beach all day, walking down the road for some food when you’re hungry, and going back to the beach again for more sunbathing, that’s exactly what you should do!

If you like to be on the move, there are plenty of ways to spend your mornings, afternoons, and evenings on Long Beach Island. This summer vacation destination offers a small town vibe, but has no shortage of things to do. You can spend your time at the beach or cruising around town, having fun with your family or venturing off on your own. You can set the pace of your days and do as much or as little as you feel like doing. That’s the beauty of being on summer vacation at the beach!

Explore your daily options

If you decide to spend most of your time on Long Beach Island’s beaches, you can fish, surf, kayak, or try other types of watersports that are popular on the island. There are surf shops in every borough offering board rentals and lessons with seasoned instructors. You will also find docks on the oceanfront and bayside where you can go fishing or join a local captain for a ride on a charter fishing boat.

Yoga studios in LBI offer classes in the salt air where you can enjoy the ocean views as you practice. If you’re looking for something more exciting, Long Beach Island offers family-friendly activities like mini golf, a water park, and Fantasy Island Amusement Park in Beach Haven. You’ll definitely want to have dinner at one of the many kid-friendly restaurants, and don’t forget to sample some treats at the local candy shops. Before your trip comes to an end, you may want find souvenirs at Bay Village & Schooners Wharf shopping plazas downtown.

Special Long Beach Island 2017 Events

Are you planning your trip around a Long Beach Island 2017 special event? Maybe you’re getting married soon, or maybe you like to attend the big festivals on the island.

Here is a short list of special events that draw people to the island each summer:

Plan a 2017 LBI Wedding

Every year, brides start planning their weddings in LBI. Long Beach Island is such a lovely location for a wedding at the end of summer, or even in the winter and late spring. Local wedding venues range from casual to formal, from beachfront to bayside, and from indoor to outdoor. The layout of the island is very user friendly, with clean and affordable hotels all around, and a free shuttle that goes up and down the Boulevard all day and into the night. If you’re dreaming of a beach town wedding, LBI is one of the best places you could choose. Weddings are so popular in this charming small town at the Jersey Shore. You’ll have no trouble finding local vendors to help with your big day such as caters, florists, and wedding photographers.

Hop Sauce – Long Beach Island 2017

June 3, 2017

The Hop Sauce Festival is a crowd drawing event, where spicy food and brews and live music reign supreme. At HopSauce, everybody has a good time. Enjoy delicious food from local restaurants and over 20 different craft beers. The purpose of this festival is to welcome old friends back to the shore and give new visitors a great first impression of the island! Spice It Up and the Jetty Rock Foundation partner to host this annual event.

Lighthouse International Film Festival – Long Beach Island 2017

June 8-11, 2017

The Lighthouse International Film Festival is an event that presents feature films, short films, documentaries, and family films, as well as a panel discussion with leading film industry professionals. This growing film festival takes place on Long Beach Island and was founded by filmmakers, film critics, and film industry professionals from LBI. You can buy an all access pass or cherry pick the events and showings that you want to be a part of.

Chowderfest – Long Beach Island 2017

September 30 & October 1, 2017

Chowderfest is an annual cook-off in Beach Haven, Long Beach Island. Chowderfest is a local tradition where family and friends to come together to say goodbye to summer. Chowderfest is a rain or shine two-day event. The first day is for the Merchant Mart (free admission) where you’ll find clearance prices and great deals from vendors, and the second day is for the Chowder Cook Off Classic. It’s free to attend, but you’ll need a ticket if you want to sample bowls full of chowder and cast your vote for the best one!

LBI Fly Kite Festival – Long Beach Island 2017

October 6-9, 2017

The Long Beach Island International Kite Festival was organized to bring kite fliers together for an amazing beachfront show. This event started in 2015 with a group of 32 kite fliers, and it’s already one of the most popular events in Long Beach Island People come from all over the US and Canada to join in the kite flying festivities. There are various events scheduled through the three-day festival including kite making classes, demonstrations, and celebratory dinners.

If you’re competitive, you’ll love the LBI Fly contests and kite races. Prizes are awarded for design quality, craftsmanship, and flying ability. You’ll see fliers performing intricate routines that display amazing control of both four line and dual line sport kites, in sync with that music, just as a dancer or ice skater would be.

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