Hop Sauce Festival on Long Beach Island

The annual Hop Sauce Festival on Long Beach Island will be held on June 3, 2017 from 11am-7pm on Taylor Avenue and the Bay in Beach Haven, NJ.  This event celebrates all that defines Long Beach Island in its people, natural beauty, food, art, music, and community.

What is the Hop Sauce Festival on Long Beach Island?

In 2013, the concept of the Hop Sauce Festival was brought to reality by Jetty, a surf apparel company based out of the Long Beach Island region. Jetty’s mission is to grow through creating high quality products and investing in and serving the community.  By coordinating with local restaurants and businesses, the Hop Sauce Festival was born out of a love for the community, quality beer, hot sauce, and local cuisine.  Now in its 5th year, the Hop Sauce Festival on Long Beach Island has grown in size, featuring more breweries, hot sauce brands, restaurants, and musical performers than ever before.

Hot Sauce is popular on Long Beach Island

Let’s face it, beer and hot sauce are a magical combination.  With more and more creative ways to combine spice and heat, 20 different hot sauce artisans are representing their brands and offering samples and products for purchase. Spice It Up, a local spice and seasonings shop, plays a big role in the Hop Sauce Festival on Long Beach Island.

Beer puts the Hops in the Hop Sauce Festival

The quality, availability, and popularity of craft beer and breweries has grown tremendously in the U.S. in the past several years; and Long Beach Island is no exception. Ship Bottom Brewery and ManaFirkin Brewing Company are two LBI-based craft breweries that are participating in the Hop Sauce Festival on Long Beach Island. You will also find other local brands and nationally recognized breweries represented at the festival.

There are two types of tickets available for attending this event. You can pay for general admission ($20) or buy a craft beer ticket ($40), which includes a 5 oz mini-mug for sampling 2 oz pours from over 30 breweries. Get your taste buds ready!

Music Sets the Tone for the Hop Sauce Festival on Long Beach Island

This year, the headlining musical act is Lee Fields and the Expressions, with a soulful, R&B sound whose musical career has spanned over four decades.  Fields’ “Never Be Another You” was named as one of NPR’s Songs We Love in 2016 and his songs are described as being “about love won, fought over and lost; it’s a testament to his talent that each new one can feel like he’s singing his heart out for the first time.”  Other musical guests include indie rock band Susto, along with Elel, Hardwork Movement, and the Double Negatives.

Community Spirit is Strong on Long Beach Island

If there is one thing that Long Beach Island is known for (other than its beaches) it’s the love of community.  Whether it’s to come together to help a neighbor in need or to come together to celebrate, it’s the tight knit group of people that make Long Beach Island an incredibly special beach town community.

The Hop Sauce Festival supports The Jetty Rock Foundation

Formed after Hurricane Sandy in 2012, Jetty formed a nonprofit extension of their brand, the Jetty Rock Foundation. Jetty used their reach and fundraising abilities to support the Long Beach Island community following the devastation and destruction of the massive storm.  The work of the Jetty Rock Foundation is evident all over Long Beach Island. You’d be hardpressed to find a local resident who was not impacted in some way by their generosity and support of local schools, cancer charities, and efforts to rebuild following Sandy.

The Hop Sauce Festival on Long Beach Island is a way to bring the community together in celebration as well as a way to fundraise for the Jetty Rock Foundation, as proceeds from this event go directly towards Southern Regional x Jetty Future Leaders entrepreneurship program, Stafford 6th Grade Eco-trip, Beach Haven Park Beautification, St. Francis Gift of Warmth, and Southern Regional Food Bank.

Tune-Up Paddle Race

As if beer, music, and food were not reasons enough to go to the Hop Sauce Festival on Long Beach Island, there are a few other attractions tied to the festival on that same day. Mark your calendars for June 3, 2017, and get outside to enjoy the beautiful LBI community! The Tune-Up Paddle race, sponsored by South-End Surf and Paddle, will be held at 9am on the Bay and Taylor Ave to benefit ALO and the Jetty Rock Foundation.

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Partners:  Local artists, Makeshift Union

The Hop Sauce Festival goes beyond food, music, and beer to include local artists and feature their creative works. At the Hop Sauce Festival on Long Beach Island, you can see works of art displayed on Makeshift Row, curated through the local network of artists and business owners known as Makeshift Union. If you don’t already know, the local art scene is thriving on Long Beach Island.

Treat Yourself to a weekend trip for the Hop Sauce Festival

The season between Memorial Day and the start of summer break tends to be less crowded, but there’s a great mix of sunshine and cool breezes. Early June is a perfect time to take a trip to LBI for beautiful weather and enjoy Long Beach Island before the busy season hits.

Beach Haven, LBI: Prime Location and Easy Transportation

It’s no accident that the Hop Sauce Festival on Long Beach Island is hosted downtown in Beach Haven. You can’t beat the waterfront views and the local scenery. Being centrally located makes it a perfect spot to stay overnight at a hotel, and there are multiple methods of transportation to help you get to and from the festival, including the LBI Shuttle and also the Queen City transport, an eco-friendly golf cart shuttle service throughout Beach Haven.

Choose your own Adventure: Family Friendly or Party Time

Looking forward to some quality family time? The Hop Sauce Festival weekend is not just about drinking beer and testing out hot sauces. This town wide celebration includes live music, food, drinks, art, nature, paddle racing, and more. Bring your family to enjoy a beautiful day at the Hop Sauce Festival on Long Beach Island. It’s a great way to have fun and bond as a family in this casual beach town right at the Jersey Shore.

Are you ready to party? You could plan a weekend for just you and your buddies, if you’d rather run around with your friends for awhile. The Hop Sauce Festival on Long Beach Island wraps up at 7pm, but that doesn’t mean the fun stops. Tuckers Tavern is hosting the official after party, beginning at 8:30pm, featuring more craft beers and musical guest Killiam Shakespeare. Hit LBI with your friends and let loose to kick off the summer the right way!

Kick off the summer at the Hop Sauce Festival on Long Beach Island

The Hop Sauce Festival on Long Beach Island is a “can’t miss” event! Any time is a great time to visit LBI, but this festival is a tried and true crowd pleaser, packing as much fun and celebration into one weekend as possible. Hop Sauce brings people together through beer, local cuisine, art, music, and more! Have a great time at Hop Sauce on June 3, 2017!

(Remember – You can enjoy dinner and live music any night of the summer at Sand Dollar Restaurant, located in Spray Beach on LBI. If your vacation doesn’t fall during HopSauce Fest or another music festival, reserve a table at Sand Dollar and you won’t miss out!)