Waterfront Swimming Pool Included with Your Hotel

When planning your next beach vacation, find ways to get more for your money! To add value, beach town hotels are offering upscale features like a swimming pool on the waterfront. Before you go to the Jersey Shore this summer, research the beachfront hotels. Bonus luxuries like a waterfront swimming pool can now be found at the same affordable hotel rates.

Choose a hotel with a waterfront swimming pool

Families like to spend their summer days in the water. That’s what summer is all about-swimming in pools, jumping the waves and enjoying life on the waterfront.

Waterfront swimming pools and other hotel accommodations

The ocean is an obvious choice- but have you considered additional sources of water fun for your family? Kids love swimming in pools. When searching for waterfront hotels, choose one that has a great swimming pool. Even if your hotel is walking distance from the beach, I guarantee you will spend some time at the pool.

lbi hotelsAnother popular hotel accommodation to look for is a hot tub. Nothing relaxes you after a busy day quite like unwinding in a hot tub. When you take the kids for an after dinner swim, you can soak in the hot tub and relax while they play in the waterfront swimming pool.

Many affordable hotel rooms are now equipped with a Jacuzzi. This will give you an opportunity to relax in privacy. A Jacuzzi offers a spacious place to unwind, with warm water and calming jet streams. Parents deserve some time to themselves when the kids go to sleep, and a Jacuzzi in your hotel room is the best chance you’ll have for romance and undisturbed relaxation during your stay.

Packing for a hotel with a waterfront swimming pool

If you’re lucky to get a reservation at a waterfront hotel with a swimming pool, you’d better start packing! Remember supplies for the beach, the pool/hot tub and for the Jacuzzi. Here is a list of things you’ll need to have on your trip:

  • At least two bathing suits – one for beach, one for pool
  • Extra Towels
  • Sunscreen
  • Flotation Devices
  • Floating Toys
  • Diving Toys
  • Goggles
  • Nose Plugs
  • Water Shoes – protection for sensitive soles
  • Leave-in Conditioner & Comb

Swimming pool safety for your waterfront vacation

If your kids are not used to water play, you might want to spend a few hours at the waterfront swimming pool first. It’s easier to monitor new swimmers in controlled water. They can practice dunking their heads under with goggles on, since they can see the pool floor. If your child is skittish about sea creatures or the roughness of waves, you could help them first build their confidence in a waterfront swimming pool.

You’ll want to establish some rules for safety, whether you’re swimming in a pool or spending time at the beach. Of course the ages of your kids will determine what types of rules to implement. Teach them to walk carefully, and never run on slippery surfaces. Show them where the lifeguards sit and how to be mindful of the flags marking where the safe waters are. Prepare them for the unpredictability of the ocean waves.

waterfront swimming pool

It’s also important that your kids do not give false alarms. Sometimes, kids pretend to be drowning or scream for help when it’s not needed. This type of play is not well received by lifeguards and parents. If your kids often scream while playing, it’s possible that they’ll be tuned out. Teach them that crying wolf is dangerous in the water.

Here are some pool safety guidelines for safe swimming at your waterfront hotel, provided by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Parent Tip: Give your child a plastic whistle on a necklace to wear in the water, and tell them to only blow if they need help.

A waterfront swimming pool is an affordable hotel luxury

You can stay at an affordable beach town hotel without compromising much in terms of luxury. Many hotels come with waterfront swimming pools, hot tubs and Jacuzzis. While the beach is the main draw for visitors at the Jersey Shore, families can also have fun in the water without leaving their hotels.

Both kids and parents enjoy spending time in the water to play, exercise and relax. Remember to pack the items you will need at the beach and things you’ll want at the waterfront swimming pool.

Always put safety first and make sure your kids have the necessary flotation devices if they’re going swimming in the pool or the ocean. If you have older children, teach them rules to keep them safe and to make supervision more manageable.

Have fun in the water every day of your vacation at the Jersey Shore. Make the choice to stay at a waterfront hotel that has a swimming pool!



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