Take a Hassle-Free Vacation with a Baby in LBI

Finally, it’s that time of year again – when you start making plans for a nice summer getaway for your family. This time, you’ve got an extra little bundle to pack! Find out how to prepare for traveling and take steps to make your vacation with a baby in LBI hassle-free this summer.

Beach vacation with a baby in LBI can be relaxing.

Long Beach Island, New Jersey is a great vacation spot to visit with your baby. While most parts of the island are designed to accommodate families, there is one section specifically that excels in the baby department- Beach Haven.

Beach Haven in LBI offers safe beaches, great affordable hotels and it’s easy to navigate with a baby. Summer vacation wouldn’t be the same without a beach, so go have fun in the sun on vacation with your baby in LBI.

Strollers, wagons and beach carts make your vacation with a baby in LBI easier

You will need some wheels for a hassle-free vacation with your baby. Even if you prefer babywearing, you should have a stroller (or wagon for a balanced sitter) when you take a family beach vacation. The beach is really too hot to be covered up with a baby.

Vacation with a baby in LBIWhen you’re packing for vacation, bring your baby wrap or carrier anyway. You will probably want to wear your baby when you visit the shops or go out sightseeing in LBI.

A jogger stroller (or any stroller with large wheels) is best for a beach vacation. A stroller parked in the shade of an umbrella is the safest place for naptime. Beach umbrellas provide protection comparable to SPF 50.

Another reason to have your baby nap in a stroller is to keep them out of the sand. People walking by may accidentally kick up sand but your baby will be fine in a stroller.

If your summer vacation with a baby in LBI includes your older kids too, consider using a wagon or beach cart to make things easier. Their little legs will probably give out on the walk back from the beach. You could also pile sand toys and towels into a wagon for easy carrying.

Locate the beach access ramps whenever you vacation with baby

If your stroller doesn’t work well on sand, or the wagon is hard to pull, use the handicap access ramps to get onto the beach. There are over 70 different access ramps on Long Beach Island. Access ramps provide an easy, low-incline pathway to the beach. You can enter the beach from most cross streets, but be aware that some entrances have steps.

Rent baby gear for your beach vacation

offerbox-vacationguideThe good news is that you don’t have to pack your car up with bulky items like a stroller, wagon or beach cart. You can actually rent these things for a single day or for the whole week, and the costs are surprisingly affordable.

Taking a vacation with baby is more convenient thanks to Surf Buggy. Look into renting a double jogger stroller for a few days, and you can spend $25-45 for the luxury. Surf Buggy has two locations on LBI. If you’re staying in Beach Haven, pick up your jogger stroller at their Surf City location because it’s closer.

To make your time even more hassle-free, you can arrange for rental beach equipment to arrive at your hotel. A local concierge like Shore Solutions Group can deliver your rentals while you’re vacationing with your baby. There is a delivery charge of around $35, depending on what you decide to rent.

Insider Tip: Most reputable hotels on the island will offer beach chair and umbrella rentals.

LBI’s BeachWheel program makes beach vacations accessible to all

Something unique to LBI is the BeachWheel program, provided at no cost to beachgoers. A BeachWheel is a rolling chair specifically built to use on the sand and in the ocean. These rolling chairs can be reserved and used by anyone who needs them, including the elderly, the handicapped, or anyone who has trouble walking. Even a mom with an injured back or poor balance can safely enjoy the ocean with her baby or child. BeachWheels can make a family vacation with a baby in LBI much more enjoyable.

Vacation with baby in LBI overnight?

 Spend your vacation at a baby-friendly hotel

There are a few important things to think about when choosing a hotel for your summer vacation with baby. Make sure your hotel has an elevator. Most hotels in LBI are in low-rise buildings, but if you look for them you will find a few hotels with elevators. Especially if you’re bringing a stroller and a playpen, you’ll need access to an elevator. Your hotel should also have cribs available for rent. Why bring a playpen from home if you can rent a full size crib onsite? The rule of hassle-free vacationing with baby is to not bring anything that you don’t absolutely need to bring. If your hotel provides cribs for $5-10 extra, go for the glory.

Check out the hotel’s restaurant and make sure it’s a casual dining, family restaurant. You will like having the option to eat downstairs when you’re going to or from the beach with your baby. Ask if the restaurant has space to park a stroller. Make sure they have high chairs and booster seats. If your older children are with you, see if the restaurant menu includes options that appeal to kids. While these issues are relatively minor, they add up and ultimately may determine whether your vacation with a baby in LBI is hassle-free.

Hassle-free vacation means getting around easily with your baby

One of the best features about your vacation with your baby on LBI is the easy transportation. For one thing, taking vacation in Beach Haven means that everything you want or need is within walking distance. With your baby in a stroller or in a carrier, you could stroll around the beach town for hours. There is a shopping district nearby an amusement park, so there are plenty of things to do when taking a break from the beach.

If you want to venture further away and explore the rest of the island, you can easily hop aboard one of LBI’s free shuttle buses. This new shuttle service provides transportation up and down the island. The shuttles will pass by every 5-20 minutes. Simply flag them down and they will stop to pick you up. You’re going to love taking these shuttles on vacation with your baby in LBI. They are free, and they are stroller accessible.

Enjoy next summer vacation with your baby

LBI is a family-friendly summer destination. It’s a great place to vacation with a baby. Local businesses have made many accommodations for families visiting with baby. If you want to enjoy a beach getaway without much hassle, spend your summer vacation with a baby in LBI.



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