Get the Most Out of your LBI Vacation

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Excited to start planning your next LBI vacation? We’re here to help make the most of your time. Check this helpful guide as you plan where to go for food, fun, and sun!

Helpful tips for planning your LBI Vacation

It’s no doubt that when you take an LBI vacation you are hoping for the best return for your time and money. We have some surefire ways to help your LBI vacation to turn out as everything you’re hoping for!

Planning LBI Vacation

Planning LBI Vacation

Planning Ahead

Plan, plan, plan! Nobody wants to need a vacation from their vacation. One of the best ways to avoid that is to plan ahead. Once you have the details on paper, it’s easy!  First, gather information about what there is to do and the available places to eat on your LBI vacation. Read on – we’ve done some of the work for you! When you stay somewhere oceanside like the Spray Beach Hotel, you’ll be right by the beach, not to mention you’ll be within walking distance of many eateries and shops plus all the excursions you could want.

Spending Your Time

How do you want to spend your time while you’re on LBI vacation? You’ll have a lot of options to choose from, so make a list of your favorites. Sometimes less is more, so make your choices based on what you will enjoy most rather than what’s the most popular. When you plan your day out in advance, you save precious relaxation time and eliminate stress. It’s the best  chance to start getting excited about your trip and have little to figure out once you arrive. You can focus on having a memorable and relaxing LBI vacation with your family and friends.

Soaking in the Atmosphere

On LBI, there are many ways to connect with nature or just kick back and enjoy the company of everyone around you. Whether you’re relaxing by the hotel pool in the sunshine or parasailing over the bay, the best way to make good memories during your LBI vacation is to stay in the moment and unplug from all those work emails or even browsing social media. Embrace the special moments of your getaway in a new place, trying new things and savoring each experience.

LBI Vacation Activities

LBI Vacation Activities

The Top Things to Do During your LBI Vacation

It’s the Jersey shore, so we expect you’ll want to spend tons of time with the ocean waves and sunshine, but whatever activities you choose are better when you make plans ahead of time. Check out some of these options and tips for local favorites and make a short list of what interests you the most. This will make it easier to find the phone numbers and addresses when the time comes.

Water Activities on LBI

We already mentioned the beach, and of course, with miles and miles of ocean and and sand, there is no shortage of places to park your beach chair. When you’ve had your fill of the beach, you can take a load off at your hotel. Hopefully you’re staying at a hotel with a pool, a great outdoor lounging area, and a hot tub! It’s so worth it. You could realistically spend your LBI vacation by the water without going anywhere! But there is so much to see and do, including other water activities like the nearby ThunderingSurf Waterpark, parasailing on the bay, boat tours or even surfing on one of the many dedicated surfing beaches that line the coast.

LBI Vacation Perks on the Northern End

If you’re the kind of vacationer that enjoys seeing the local historic sites and landmarks, visiting LBI is a great fit!  The number one rated site to see in LBI is the Barnegat Lighthouse and its surrounding state forest. First used in 1859, this landmark is a beacon of New Jersey history just as it has been a beacon of light to ships at sea. Plan time during your LBI vacation to drive up to the northern end of the island for a visit to this spot. Birding, fishing and hiking are favorite activities here, and for a small fee you can climb the stairs to breathtaking views at the top of the light. Once you’re back on the ground, head over to the restored, old schoolhouse building turned museum to learn the story of “Old Barney”.  LBI has a couple of other museums that are favorites for locals and out-of-towners alike. Check out the Museum of NJ Maritime History and spend as long as you like browsing the marine artifacts and photographs gathered from shipwrecks over the years. The Long Beach Island Historical Museum is another gem full of history in the area. Check out all of their programs and activities for events like walking tours, ghost tours and kids’ make-and-take craft days that could be a fun addition to your vacation schedule.

Entertainment and Shopping on the South Side

In LBI, you don’t need a boardwalk to find great shopping and entertainment, and there’s plenty of it to be had. From movie nights and free concert series to car, antique and craft shows there are always events going on around town. If your family is into amusement rides, check out the Fantasy Island Park for their arcade in the afternoon (open daily) and then stay for some rides after 4 p.m. If you’re in the mood to stay in rather than go out, you’ll find live music every night which is sure to please during the summer season at the Spray Beach Hotel’s oceanfront pavilion.

The best shopping you will find during your LBI vacation is in Surf City and Beach Haven. There are various surf shops and the center of Bay Village with its specialty shops of all sorts, eateries and sweet things on the bayside of the island. Before you go, don’t forget to take in a game of mini golf at one of the local courses.

LBI Vacation Dining

LBI Vacation Dining

Where to Eat during your LBI Vacation

Planning ahead is wise for every part of your LBI vacation, including where you’d like to eat your meals. Take a look at some of these suggestions, and then make a list to keep with you while you’re here.

Dining In

Are you interested in dining in for breakfast, lunch, or dinner? That’s an option if your LBI hotel is connected to a great restaurant, like Sand Dollar Restaurant. Breakfast starts as early as 8 a.m. and is served up until noon, for those who prefer brunch. Lunch and dinner offer a wide variety of lite fair or hearty meals to be a perfect place for all ages and guests. View the menus in your room or online before you go and you can save time deciding what to order before you even get to your table. With your choice of eating inside the restaurant or at the oceanfront pavilion and beach bar in addition to the variety that the menu offers, the Sand Dollar Restaurant is a frequent stop among vacationers and locals alike.

Dining Out

There are so many local places to grab a bite of fresh food on LBI. It’s such a popular topic that we made a Dining Guide for LBI! Check it out to see the best places that are closest to where you are staying. A few blocks south of Fantasy Island Amusement Park, you’ll find The Chicken or the Egg with great food options all day and long hours, but be prepared to wait for a table. If you’re visiting Barnegat Lighthouse, eat in or take away some fresh, local seafood at the casual dining of Viking Fresh Off the Hook, or Kelly’s Old Barney Restaurant that serves up all the standard diner plates. No matter where you go during your LBI vacation, make sure to enjoy some fresh seafood straight off the boat.

Enjoy Your LBI Vacation

Enjoy Your LBI Vacation

Ready to Enjoy your LBI Vacation

Now that you have some tips and ideas for ensuring you have the best LBI vacation, remember the most important thing of all – enjoy every moment!