Tips for Long Beach Island Wedding Flowers

Flowers at your wedding are a must, but where do you start? Here are seven tips for choosing flowers for your picture perfect Long Beach Island wedding. From where to shop to picking combinations of Long Beach Island wedding flowers, let us help!

Tips for Ordering Long Beach Island Wedding Flowers

1. Find the Right Florist

Networking is a great tool. Ask around. Talk to your wedding planner, venue, friends, and surf the web for reviews. You’ll want to know what previous customers have to say about the quality, creativity, cost, communication, and delivery. It’s always better to go for a local florist as opposed to a mega corporation/brand, because you’ll get better service and you’ll have more customization abilities. The two main florist shops for Long Beach Island wedding flowers are Lily in the Valley Florist in Beach Haven and The Cedar Garden in Ship Bottom. Check into both of them and another local one of your choice to get a good idea of what LBI can offer in terms of arrangements and prices.

long beach island wedding flowers

2. Research Which Flowers are in Season

Once you have your wedding date set, start doing your research to learn what types of wedding flowers will be in bloom. Choosing Long Beach Island wedding flowers that are in season will maximize your budget. It’s helpful to know what you like and what’s in season before rushing off to the florist. For starters, check out this Flowers by Season Guide online. You might be surprised to discover some of the gorgeous, wedding appropriate flower varieties that bloom outside of springtime.

3. Wants vs. Needs, According to Budget

Make a list of the flower arrangements you absolutely need and an extended list of all the ones that you want. Needs might include bouquets and boutonnieres for the wedding party, corsages and boutonnieres for family members, floral crowns for you or the bridesmaids, and centerpieces. Wants may include petals for the flower girl, extras on chairs for the ceremony, and additional ceremony decor. Be aware of hidden charges like shipping and delivery costs. Ask questions so those charges won’t be catch you by surprise. With your partner (and whoever is paying for your wedding), discuss the highest possible cost you can afford for your Long Beach Island wedding flowers. Write it down but don’t flaunt or share that number when you go talking to florists. If you have a healthy wedding budget, check out some of these unexpected wedding flower ideas to add more to the atmosphere of your wedding venue.

4. Keep it Local

To give more of a Long Beach Island vibe to your wedding, try to incorporate local finds. Local wedding flowers that are in bloom will be more affordable, too. Ask around to see if there are any spots on the island where you can freely pick wildflowers. FYI: The New Jersey state flower is a Common Violet (the Viola Sororia). It comes in varying shades of purple and blue.

5. Upcycle for your Flower Arrangements

Consider upcycling objects to give your flowers an extra pop of color, sentiment, and togetherness. Upcycling adds a hint of personalization and vintage. Maybe some scraps from your grandmother’s wedding dress, a handkerchief, or parts of the dress you wore on your first date can be used to wrap your bouquet (and others). Laminate old love notes, maps, or ticket stubs to work into the table displays. Decorate clean plastic bottles, wine bottles, metal buckets, cans, and/or mason jars to use as vases. Your wedding upcycling options are endless! Show some of your chosen elements to your florist so you can collaborate.

6. Don’t Just Click and Buy

Looking at premade arrangements is a great starting point to gather ideas for your Long Beach Island wedding flowers and decor. It’s convenient to browse florists’ websites and look through a catalog from a local shop. However, don’t just settle for something you see in a photo. Communicate your wants and your color schemes in person. Yes, customization will be more expensive, but if you’re excited about bringing your vision to life, go for it! You’ll be happy to have had your hands/ideas in this. You might want to try mixing in cultural customs and traditions, too. Check out these symbolic wedding flower facts for more information.

7. Schedule a Preview

From the start, you should inquire about having a preview of your floral arrangements. Paying a visit and seeing a sample of what your final arrangements will look like can save a lot of trouble later. Maybe the flowers the florist ordered just don’t match your color scheme as well as the photos did. Take a whiff and make sure you like the smell of the flowers. Stick to mild scents if you’re not impressed with the smell of flowers. You certainly don’t want your flowers to take over the atmosphere. All of this will be figured out when you get a preview of your arrangements. This is your final chance to make any changes before pick up/ delivery for the big day.

No Regrets with Your Long Beach Island Wedding Flowers  

Wake up and smell the excitement of your wedding day! There is something special about having a Long Beach Island wedding, and your floral arrangements and décor should set the mood! Follow these tips for Long Beach Island wedding flowers and your flower displays will make you swoon. Have you had a great experience with a Long Beach Island florist? Share your comments below.